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Template:Hang on is used to challenge a speedy deletion by notifying the deleting Administrator that the nomination for speedy deletion is being challenged.


Place {{hang on}} on the page that is tagged for speedy deletion, and immediately give a reason on the associated talk page.

This template will categorize into Category:Candidates for speedy deletion, contested.


  • Do not remove the speedy tag when placing the {{hang on}} tag.
  • In almost every circumstance, {{hang on}} should not be placed on a talk page.
  • Do not use {{hang on}} on any page which does not have a speedy deletion tag.

Optional parameter

for inserting the speedy delete reason directly into the template.

See also

  • {{newpage}} for newly created pages still under construction
  • {{in use}} for articles actively undergoing a major edit for a short while to list them in Category:Pages actively undergoing a major edit
  • {{under construction}} for articles actively undergoing construction to list them in Category:Pages actively undergoing construction
  • Wikipedia:Deletion of newly created pages, an essay urging not to list pages having {{newpage}} for deletion unless they have been abandoned or contain serious infractions
  • {{Whydelete}} for speedy delete nominator's user talk page.

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