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Tayo the Little Bus is a South Korean 2010 TV show.


Main Characters

  • Tayo is a friendly, playful, and mischievous blue 120 bus who loves farting, and is Rogi's best friend/younger brother. Tayo has a slightly shorter stature than Rogi.
  • Rogi is a arrogant, cocky, but good-hearted green 1000 bus, and is Tayo's best friend/older brother. Rogi has a slighty taller stature than Tayo. Rogi is very mischievous, more so than Tayo. Rogi often wishes that he could be a detective.
  • Lani is a cute, happy, and kind little yellow bus, number 02 who CANNOT stand arguments, she is the little sister of the bus garage. Lani often wishes she could princess. out of all the little buses , Lani is the smallest in size, she also the youngest of the little buses.
  • Gani is a quiet, shy, but kind, hardworking and brave little bus who is very mature for his age. he is the eldest and largest of the little buses (excluding Citu). he is the big brother of the bus garage.
  • Peanut (Tayo The Little Bus)
  • Heart is a Pink Car who was originally dark Beige

Minor Characters

  • Citu is a Largest Double Decker Bus Who is in Charge of Younger Buses
  • Hana is a Mechanic Who Looks After Buses
  • Rookie is a Policeman Who Loves Catches a Thief
  • Nuri is a Taxi Who Met Tayo in the First Episode
  • Pat is a Police Car Who Helps the Trafic
  • Speedy is a Red Car Who Loves Going Fast
  • Shine is a Yellow Car Who Shows Off
  • Toto is a Tow Truck Who Helps the Cars
  • Toni is a Delivery Van Who Loves Traffic Rules
  • Alice is a Ambulance Who Helps the Peoples Get Hurt
  • Frank is a Fire Truck Who gets Rid off Fire
  • Big is a Container Truck Who Send the Goods to the Overseas
  • Billy is a Bulldozer Who Leads the Others
  • Poco is a Excavator Who Loves Digging Contest
  • Chris is a Cement Mixer Who Loves Concreate
  • Max is a Dump Truck Who Carries Dirt
  • Vroomy is a blue shy mini truck who loves taking the chickens to the farm. He never appeared in Season 2.
  • Kindy Bus is a Preschool Bus Who Breaks Down in the episode "Lani's Day Off".
  • Met is a subway train who knows everything about the city.
  • KTX is a hi-speed train who loves going fast.
  • Teetee is a Red Car Who Loves to be Busy on the Roads
  • Jeep is a Land Rover Who Loves to be Busy on the Roads
  • Vicky is a Pink car Who Likes to be busy
  • Suv is a Tan Suv Car Who Nearly Past the Stop Line
  • Linda is a Yellow and White Bus Whi Identical to Kindy Bus
  • Sedan is a White Car Who Loves Busy Roads
  • Rex is a Black Car Who Loves Shiny
  • Jet Plane They are seen at the end of the episode "Gani's Present".
  • Carry is a vehicle transporter who loves Bong Bong, She has a green car, mini truck and a taxi.
  • Bong Bong is a baby blue VW bus which Tayo had run into. He now learns about the safety rules.
  • Rubby is a street sweeper who loves to clean the dirty roads.
  • Nana is a White and Purple Who Got Lost in the City. She has now made friends with Tayo. She lives in the countryside with Coco, Champ and Larry.
  • Coco is a white and blue bus who lives in the countryside. He makes a fuss of the little buses in "Nana's Invitation".
  • CNG is a Gas Pump who refuels Buses
  • Windy is a white RV camper van and he is Rogi's special guest by saying he's very cool.
  • Bubba is a big green VW bus and he is Cito's boss. He always yells at Cito.
  • Air is a red fire & rescue helicopter who's favourite job to rescue people from fire.
  • Larry is a bright red tractor who lives in the countryside. He is the boss here, and is very kind. His friends are Coco, Champ & Nana.
  • Champ is a turquoise land rover who lives in the countryside with Nana, Coco & Larry.
  • Limousine It is unknown that it only appeared in "Lani the Princess".
  • Teach is a White and Purple Car Who Loves School Days
  • Dedan is a Silver Car and Hearts friends
  • Juv is Suvs Twin Brother
  • VWX is a Red VW Bus and one of Heart's Friends
  • Andy is a Painter Who Paint the Bus Stop
  • Conrad is a Preschool Bus and Kindy Bus,s Twin
  • Duri and His Mother They Appeared in Sing Along with Tayo
  • Bully Kid A Kid Who appears in Gani's Present
  • The Panda He seemed to appear in "Lani's Day Off".
  • The Grocrer A Grocrer Who Appears in the Perfect Duo Rookie and Pat
  • Gordon is a Blue Bus Who Identical to Gani
  • Mark is a Grumpy Steam Roller With a Human Face Like AGK
  • Monica is a Mobile Crane Who is Only female Member of Billys Team
  • Fred is a Yellow Forklift With Green Cap
  • Reo is a Blue Racing Car With Gold Wheels

Guest Characters

  • Fire Ball is a superhero Who is Nuri's guest. He appeared in "Nuri is a Superstar".
  • Joey is a magician who is late for Tayo. He even appeared in "Gani's Present"!
  • Bully is a spaceship pirate and the main villain of the show. He also appears in the movie.
  • Bully's Sidekicks are the enemies of Bully. They actually only appear in the "Tayo's Space Adventure" movie.
  • Woolly is a spaceship pirate and Bully's son. He only appears in the special movie "Tayo's Space Adventure".
  • Princess Ray is the only princess of the Planet Clover. She has grass students and is the assistant of Tayo. She also appeared in the movie "Tayo's Space Adventure".
  • Wondie is an old blue and white veteran bus who was scraped this year. He was friends with Hana.
  • Space Train is a train from Space.
  • Quick is a red space car who is Identical to Speedy, but he only appeared in "Tayo's Space Adventure".
  • Noah is an orange space car who is identical to Nuri, but she only appeared in the movie "Tayo's Space Adventure" (only Part 2).


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