To all our families impacted by DSRCT: while we are in the process of raising funds we have to understand how much we need to raise to support you. We, family of William Klopper, are also enduring hardship, but do you have the same challenges we have? What are your needs and how can we support you? Do you need money to pay for … 1) Medical Housing – Ronald McDonald House, Sharing House, Kiwanis Family House, e Etc? 2) Medication Co-pay? 3) Gas? 4) 2nd opinion reimbursement? 5) Cash Flow – Basic day to day expenses? 6) ChildCare? 7) Anything else? Please let us know what your needs are and include a $number if you could. It will help us to put a budget together and have a target for fund raising. Please let me know your thoughts on this talk page or if your want to have a one-to-one discussion feel free to contact us at and share your ideas with us - all discussion will be treated as confidential. We appreciate your support while we are growing and learning.

Gift ToCure 18:08, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

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