Super Mario Bros.

The Cover Art for the Stand-alone NES version of the game

Super Mario Bros.
Developer(s) Nintendo Co, Ltd.
Publisher(s) Nintendo Co, Ltd.
Designer(s) Shigeru Miyamoto
Release dates JP 09/13/85
US 10/01/85
EU 05/15/87
AU 87
JP 02/14/04
US 06/07/04
EU 07/09/04
Genre(s) Platform game
Rating(s) ESRB: E
Plaform(s) NES, GBA*
Medium 1x 320kb cartridge (NES)
1x 32Mb cartridge (GBA)
Playable characters Mario, Luigi
One-timers ???
Remakes VS. Super Mario Bros., All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros., Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
Domain Mario universe
Abbreviations SMB, SMB1

Super Mario Bros. is the third Mario game, first released for the NES.

Rise From the Ashes

In a time when video games were in the process of suffocating under the weight of the "amateur developer", Nintendo Co, Ltd. took more than a few risks with their marketing strategy in the early 1980s. After accidentally falling out of a deal with Atari (a move that could very well have killed the Video Game Revival before it started), Nintendo decided to go solo, and in 1983 released the Family Computer (or, as it is more often referred to, the Famicom). After two mildly successful years, Nintendo's own Shigeru Miyamoto presented Super Mario Bros., a platformer game starring the two characters from the Mario Bros. arcade game: Mario and Luigi. Never before and never since has a video game even come close to selling as well as Super Mario Bros. Even after over 20 years, "Mario" is still a household name, and all thanks to a red cap, a pair of suspenders, and a signature mustachio.

Basic Overview

The granddaddy of 8-bit platformers, Super Mario Bros. had players take control of Mario (Luigi for 2P) and guide him through eight Worlds of four stages each. Oftentimes, the second stage of a World took place either underwater or underground. The fourth stage of every World took place in one of Bowser's eight castles. At the culmination of a battle over a pit of lava, the hero would cross into a dungeon cell to find a Toad, who mutters the infamous phrase "THANK YOU MARIO! BUT OUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!"

Cast of Characters

Main Characters

Mario Mario - Main protagonist of the game
Luigi Mario - Main deuteragonist, player 2 must control him
Princess Peach Toadstool - Main tritagonist and the damsel in distress
Bowser - Main antagonist and the dark army commander
Toad - Peach's assistants

Fake Bowser - Bowser's Decoy

Koopa Troop- Common enemies

Koopa Troop

Lakitu A special "blend" of Koopa, Lakitus ride along on clouds instead of using wings to fly. Unlike their cousins, Lakitus lack the distinctive beak-like nose, wear glasses, and have a much smaller shell. Also unlike their cousins, Lakitus are known to hurl Spinies at passers-by.
HP: 1, Weak: Fire (KO), Jump (KO)
Hammer Bros. The elite of the Koopa Troop are enlisted into the Bros. rank. The Hammer Bros. are acrobatic masters with a knack for the hammerthrow. Often appearing in pairs to confuse the enemy, they are actually much weaker than Koopa Troopas due to their lack of defense.
HP: 1, Weak: Fire (KO), Jump (KO)
Buzzy Beetle Beetles with hard shells that seem to act just like most Koopa Troopas. A Buzzy Beetle Shell is, however, several times stronger than that of a Koopa Troopa.
HP: 2~, Strong: Fire (No Effect)
Spiny Relatives of the Buzzy Beetle, Spinies have a much softer shell than their obsidian brethren. They make up for this exoskeletal weakness with spikes all over their bodies.
HP: 1, Weak: Fire (KO), Strong: Jump (Parry)
Piranha Plant These pipe-dwelling parasites are a pain in a good plumber's butt. Literally. Piranha Plants hide out in pipes and jump out to attack from below. While they don't move beyond their height from the pipe, they can still get in the way.
HP: 1, Weak: Fire (KO), Strong: Jump (Parry)
Bullet Bill Bullet Bills have energy to spare and they certainly don't mind sharing it with everyone. Firing themselves out of cannons, Bullet Bills are effectively a mix between cannonball and bullet (despite their lack of real speed). They can still be knocked out of commission with a Matrix-worthy jump.
HP: 1, Weak: Jump (KO), Strong: Fire (No Effect)
Blooper In the universal game of Marco Polo, Bloopers are right up top. Appearing only underwater, they are notorious for chasing anything unusual in the waters. Interestingly enough, they seem to be incapable of seeing anything that reminas motionless. They do, however, have a headbutt worth avoiding.
HP: 1, Weak: Fire (KO), Strong: Jump (Parry)
Cheep-Cheep Where there's smoke, there's fire, and where there's a Blooper, there are usually a few dozen Cheep-Cheep behind. Following little more mental direction than "swim swim hungry", they tend to wander aimlessly underwater. At the surface, however, they can be deadly fast when jumping for a bite of some plumber boot.
HP: 1, Weak: Fire (KO), Jump (KO)
Podoboo Among the strangest of the Koopa Troop, Podoboo will simply leap out of lava pits in an effort to set trespassers ablaze. Podoboos are the only Koopa Troop troopers to find its preferred home in Bowser's Castle.
HP: Invincible


Mushroom - Turns Mario into Super Mario
Fire Flower - Turns Mario into Super Mario, and Super Mario into Fire Mario
Starman - Makes Mario invincible for ?? seconds
1-up Mushroom - Grants an extra life
Coin - Monetary unit of the Mushroom Kingdom, 100 Coins grants and extra life

Music Tracks

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(alt. Super Mario Bros.)
Overworld Variation

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Bowser's Castle

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Stage Clear

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World Clear

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Princess Peach

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Life Lost

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Game Over

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VS. Super Mario Bros.

All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario All-Stars

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Precursor to the Super Mario Advance remake series, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe simultaneously stayed true to the original look and feel of the original Super Mario Bros. game while adding new features and challenges.


Classic NES Series


Maps - maps of the Stages through the game.
Instruction Manuals - text (and some pictures) from the instruction manuals of the game.
Hacks - A listing of hacks of the game.
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