Stan Marsh as Jack Skellington

Wendy Testaburger as Sally

Randy Marsh as Mayor

Filmore as Lock

Fosse as Barrel

Shelly as Shock

Damien as Oogie Boogie

Ike as Zero

Butters as Corpse Kid

Clyde as Clown with the Tear-Away face

Dog Poo as Mr. Hyde

Jason as Corpse Dad

Red as Corpse Mom

Francis (Lockie) as Harlequinn Demon

Bradley as Werewolf

Chef as Hanging Tree

Jessie Dunskin as Undersea Gal

Josh Meyers as Monster under the stairs

Satan as Monster under the bed

Kyle, Eric, Craig and Bill as Vampires

Leroy as Melting Man

Kevin Stoley as Devil

Lola and Heidi as Witchs

Mr. Mackay as Dr. Finkelstein

Igor as Mr. Slave

Jimmy as Cyclops

Kenny as Mummy

Karen as Winged Demon

Kevin McCormick as Bass Player

Terrance Mephesto as Accordion Player

Gary Harrison as Sax Player

6th Grader Leader as Giant Snake (black and orange one)

6th Graders #3 and #2 as Scary Teddy and Evil Duck

6th Graders #4 as Evil Wreath

Davie (6th Graders) as Jack-in-the-box (also known of Pumpkin in the box)

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