sonic tails and the dragon by jeff chamberlain

Narraitor: Sonic and Tails Were Good freinds. But Sometimes Tails Teases Sonic About Being Frightend And He Dosent Like That At All One Evening He Was Dosing Happily But Tails Wanted to Talk.

Tails: Wake up Sonic Are You Dreaming About The Time You Though i was a Ghost?

Sonic: Certainly Not. Anyway I was Only Pretending To Be Scared I Knew It Was You really.

Naraitor But Tails Went On Teasing him

Tails: I Hope The Guard Leaves The Light On You Tonight

sonic: why? naraitor: Asked sonic

Sonic: i Quite Like The Dark

Tails: Oh Really?

narraitor: Exclaimed Tails

Tails: I'd lways Thought You Were Afraid Of The Dark. I Wonder Why?

nairaitor: Sonic decided to say nothing and went to sleep instead.

Next day Sally's Dad came to see him i would like you to go to the harbour tonight you have to collect some thing rather unusaul

Sonic: What sort of somthing? naraitor asked sonic.

Sally's dad: Wait and see nairator: replied sally's dad

Tails was moving robots into a siding Espio arived with his goods wagon the traficman turned the stop button and Tails waited on the siding Until espio had walked by

Then there was trouble the trafficman The light is jamed called the trafficman i cant fix it the workmen will have to mend them in the morning Its too late now.

tail's robot

hmmm: said tails's robot i'm sorry Tails but you will have to stay here for the night Where are you going? asked Tails. home for our tea replied the robot. nairator:

Tails was speechless. He watched as the other animals went home to bed night time came and tails begain to feel very lonely oh dear he murmerd it's very dark

sound of wind

tails: oh! ooh! what's that?

narrator: it was only an owl but Tails did'nt realise this

tails: oh i wish thomas was here too nairator: he sighed

Sonic was waiting for his mysterious load at the Harbour Suddenly there it was.

sonic: Cinders and ashes!

narattor: cried sonic.

Sonic: it's a dragon Wall.E: dont worry nairaitor: laughed his sidekick Wall.E this dragon is made of paper it's for the carnival tomorrow narrator: LGMS lifted the dragon onto sonic's low loader and put lights all around it for protection then Sonic set of into the misty night Tails was asleep on his siding and had no idea that sonic was approaching him. tails woke up with a start! Tails: Help! narrator: cired tails i'm not goning to open my eyes untill my other robot eve comes.

nairaitor: next morning the traffic is mended and tails walked back to the junction Knuckles was about to leave with the swattbots

Tails: you'll never guess what i saw last night!

nairator knuckles was in no mood for puzzles.

Knuckles: i'm a busy animal i have don't have time for your games.

Tails: i've seen a huge dragon it was coverd in lights!

narrator: knuckles snorted

Knuckles: you've been in the sun too long. your shoe has untied

narrator: when the other animals heard the news they laughted too

antoine: look out tails"" the nairator: chuckled antoine. or the dragon may gobble you up! tails: no one believes me the narattor moaned tails mabye i did imagine the dragon after all the narator: but tails soon found out that he hadn't tails help! save me! the narattor: cried tails.

Sonic: it's all right the narattor smiled sonic. and he explained about the carnival

Sonic: by the way. how was your night out? narattor: tails dicided to tell Sonic the truth

Sonic: well tails. the narrator: said sonic.

sonic: mayble we do get scared sometimes but if we're not afraid to tell each other then that means we're quite brave too