Song of the South/Barnyard (2006)

Cast lists

Version 1 (by Vinhchaule)

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  • Uncle Remus as Ben
  • Johnny as Otis
  • Ginny Favers as Mrs. Beady
  • Toby as Snotty Boy
  • Sally as Maddy
  • Grandmother as Daisy
  • Aunt Tempy as Etta
  • John as Peck
  • Mr. Favers as Pig
  • Mrs. Favers as Bessy
  • Jake Favers as Dag
  • Joe Favers as Eddy
  • Br'er Rabbit as Igg
  • Br'er Fox as Bud
  • Br'er Bear as Pip
  • Br'er Frog as Root
  • and more