Slobber Face is a fictional supervillain in the Belch Dimension Comics universe. He is a member of the Cobra Clan, the primary adversaries of the Treehouse Warriors .


Artist Jonathan M. Sweet based the character's physical look and voice on Leech, a minor baddie from She-Ra, Princess of Power. Leech had the power to such his enemies' life force from their bodies; indeed, his action figure could cling to walls and smooth surfaces (if only for a moment) if the suction-cup lips were properly moistened with spit or a bit of water. Slobber Face lacks this ability, though retains the green-hued complexion and red eyes, as well as the quavering slurpy voice.


Edward Vernon Sr., was overjoyed when his wife delivered their first son--but delight turned to horror when the boy was born with a Negroid complexion, as well as emerald-green skin and red eyes! He accused her of infidelity--wrongly--and they split a little over a month later. His distraught mother, nearly insane with grief, gave him away to an orphanage and then simply disappeared.

Growing up Eddie Vernon was a recidivist offender, in and out of juvenile hall all through his youth. He was tried as an adult for robbing a convenience store and shooting a clerk just a few weeks shy of his 18th birthday.

It was upon meeting with The Warriors that he recieved the name "Slobber Face". It comes from his habit to slurp and lisp audibly when he speaks, due to a pair of ill-fitting false teeth. A running gag in the series is having them knocked from his mouth, usually by a blow to the face, and having him comically injured while attempting to retrieve them. This is first seen in "Home Alien", where he and Noodle Nozzle broke into Jon's home and were pummeled by The Flungarian Triplets, who lay devious traps for them all about the house a la the movie Home Alone.

Slobber Face/Lips is often seen with Noodle Nozzle, frequently in panels with the two firing their pistols at Jon and his friends.


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