version 1 (made by harris hyatt, do not edit, add, or delete)

  • luke as peter pan
  • tinkerbell (from mr joj) as tinkerbell
  • millie as wendy
  • terence as john
  • trevor as michael
  • the foreman as george
  • miss jenny as mary
  • isla as slip
  • sailor john as captain hook
  • spiteful brakevan as mr. smee
  • slate trucks as pirate crew
  • gator as tick-tock
  • patrick as slightly
  • paxton as nibs
  • bill and ben as racoon twins
  • thumper as cubby
  • sidney as tootles
  • shankar as indian chief
  • ashima as tiger lily
  • edward thomas as edward
  • cleo as jane (do not edit)
  • raul as danny
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