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-- [[Network Devices]]
-- [[Network Devices]]
-- [[Test datasheet]]
-- [[Test datasheet]]
[[Category:ZX Spectrum technical information]]

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Sinclair Computer Edge-Connector Peripherals at Wikia

Welcome to the Sinclair Computer Edge-Connector Peripherals mini wiki at Scratchpad!

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The Sinclair Computer Edge-Connector Peripherals Wiki contains hardware information about devices designed to attach to any Sinclair related computer (e.g. ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Timex, QL and PC200). Most Sinclair computers have limited functionality on the motherboard, which may be expanded with extra boards connected at the rear of the computer.

There are several RAMpacks, printer interfaces, sound devices, storage devices (tape, disk, Microdrive, Waferdrive). This wiki exists to provide deeper information on these devices, so that this knowledge may be used to implement emulation of the devices, or to produce new hardware.

A computer's bus may be used by the processor for sending and receiving data to/from peripherals. Information regarding the ports over which data is sent and received is required to write new software for a peripheral or to emulate that peripheral.

Many peripherals contain a ROM which contains software for the peripheral — this ROM is often an essential part of the peripheral. We may also need schematics of an interface's boards and descriptions of the ICs that it uses. Often, an interface will place a large part of its logic in a ULA (gate array), GAL or PAL chip, in which case, it may be useful to have a detailed description of that logic.

-- Pointer Devices
-- Storage Devices
-- Sound Devices
-- Network Devices
-- Test datasheet
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