Shitoron/Clemont was Serena's boyfriend and Bonnie's older brother voiced by Michael Liscio Jr. (the voice of Yuya Sakaki from Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V). He's also Meyer's son and Gym Leader of Lumiose City. He ??? the future father of Madeline and Brendan ??? after he and Serena ??? married ??? Bruno Mars sensation ???


  • At 10 years old of age, he and Serena have made a likely love pair and lives with 7-year-old Bonnie and father Meyer. He has Bunnelby, Dedenne, Chespin and Luxray. He is sometimes humiliated and embarrassed when his sister acts the way Brock was, by offering a girl to marry him. He and Serena get dance partnered in Ash and Sakura's wedding, and in future, they own Madeline and Brendan as future children. He sometimes gets admired by Princess Allie and even bullied by Miette. He and Serena usually dance to Listen To Your Heart by Mona and Penny Crygor. He would spin Serena like a top before her hat fell. He would accuse Meilin for hitting Serena and Sakura with a paper fan, and for hammering Ash to his fall so that she can break the others's hearts, then pat his sobbing love interest by consoling her upon calling her a sweetheart, and ??? gives her a kiss on the cheek ???.


  • He has blonde hair and blue eyes with glasses on and usually wore his XY look based on a jumpsuit of a blue color.
  • In his wedding with Serena, he wore a wedding outfit from A Keeper For Keeps. He also wore it in Ash's wedding with Sakura.
  • At Party Dancecapades, he wears a prince outfit from this episode.

List of Pokemon

On Hand

  1. Bunnelby
  2. Dedenne
  3. Chespin
  4. Luxio > Luxray

At Lumiose Gym

  1. Magnemite
  2. Magneton
  3. Helioisk

Relative History


  1. Meyer (Father)
  2. Bonnie (Younger Sister)


  1. Grace (Mother-in-Law)
  2. Serena (Wife)
  3. Madeline (Daughter)
  4. Brendan (Son)
  5. Tate (Brother-in-Law)
  6. Lindy (Niece)
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