• Big Bird as Arthur Read
  • Rosita as Francine Frensky
  • Elmo as Buster Baxter
  • Telly Monster as The Brain
  • Zoe as Muffy Crosswire
  • Prairie Dawn as Fern Walters
  • Herry Monster as Binky Barnes
  • Betty Lou as Jenna
  • Snuffy as George
  • Abby Cadabby as Sue Ellen Armstrong
  • Roxie Marie as Jessica
  • Ernie as 3rd Grade Male Cat
  • Bert as 3rd Grade Male Rat
  • Merry Monster as 3rd Grade Female Aardvark
  • Baby Bear as Alex
  • Oscar the Grouch as Fred Rogers


Rosita: Oh Elwood City, so proud so bold,
Now you are 100 years old.
What was once dark forests, fogs and fens,
Is now called home by us children.
I lift my head and sing to thee,
Oh Elwood, Elwood, Elwood City...

Baby Bear: (spoken) Hey, you've told us what Elwood City was like in the past, but what's it like today?

Rosita: (spoken) Today? Today things are a little different.

Everyone: Watch out! Hey! Coming through! Do we have a math test Monday?

Big Bird: Hey, Elmo! Wanna get a snack?

Elmo: You have to ask?

Everyone: Slurping shakes at the Sugar Bowl, the crossing guard is on patrol.
Soccer games...

Rosita: Hey I scored a goal!

Everyone: That's Elwood City.
Reading books at the library,
Our club house is in a tree.

Elmo: Had a comet named after Elmo.

Everyone: That's Elwood City.

Rosita: When the ice storm blew in,
Our prospects was grim.
We were filled with hunger and fear...

Everyone: But we got together and now the weather,
with stories cocoa and cheer!

Rosita: Just like pioneers.

Everyone: Baseball games with Mighty Mountain,
Lost a lot, but we're not countin'.

Elmo: Hey, don't hog the water fountain!

Everyone: That's Elwood City.

Big Bird: Picnics for all sons and fathers.

Herry Monster: Hey, I just met Oscar the Grouch

Zoe: Crosswire Motors has super deals.

Telly Monster: The ice cream shop sells gummy eels.

Prairie Dawn: All clues point in one direction.

Telly Monster: Elwood City is perfection!

Everyone: Yes, this town has passed the test,
So much better than the rest.
Elwood City, you're the best!
Elwood City. Yeah!