Serena is a Pokemon character and Clemont's date voiced by Haven Paschall. She's also Ash's childhood friend and shares the same name as Tai Kamiya's crush.


  • At the same age as Clemont, she is a childhood friend of Ash who goes with him at Professor Samuel Oak's summer camp. She has a sole mother Grace. She befriends Shauna, Nini, and Aria and competes with Miette. She and Clemont wear their parents' wedding outfits with Miette, Shauna, Nini and Aria in colorful dressed bridesmaids. She and Clemont usually have their wedding cake with dancing figures of themselves in ballroom outfits (shown in Party Dancecapades) and a special dance as a pair to Roxette's Listen To Your Heart. She and Miette usually fight to Taylor Swift's Bad Blood. She is dance partnered with Clemont in Party Dancecapades. She defends Ash Ketchum from being diapered by Meilin Rae. She also bonds her black longstockings with Sandra Larson when she wears her Stronger outfit. She dislikes Miette calling her Rapunzel. She and all the others watch Ash's wedding with Sakura, with everyone else as wedding people. She and Clemont are dance partnered in Ash and Sakura's Roxette dance during the wedding they dance to. She, Shauna and Nini does know everything with the music like Alessia Cara. She, Shauna and Nini sing Scars To Your Beautiful, while in showcase clothing, as revealed in Battle of The Lip Syncs. She and Miette are used to arguments, much to the confusion of Shauna and Nini. She used a flower crown to use it in a meadow. At Halloween, she is disguised as Baby Bonnie Hood. She has the same name as Tai's love interest from the Sailor Moon anime. She and Clemont would share a kiss. In future after they got married, she and Clemont have Madeline and Brendan as children. She's starred in her own TV Show, with the same name on it. Her catchphrase should be Ta-Da!, but is also admired by Tierno (from Summer of Discovery). She is prone to crying after her first showcase loss in A Showcase Debut, despite Fennekin (now Braixen) and Pancham cheering her up desperately. In her room, she turns on the radio so that she and Clemont would dance to any other song like Dangerous, Joyride and It Must Have Been Love.


  • She is a girl with long beautiful honey blonde hair (later short as of A Showcase Debut) and blue eyes and wears different outfits during the saga, compared with black longstockings or black pantyhose.
  • In the XYZ episode Party Dancecapades, she wears a red strapless gown with a petticoat inside, a red bow on her head, white long gloves and red heels hidden.
  • In Ash's wedding with Sakura, she wears a dress used in A Showcase Debut and also wore it during Viola and Grant's wedding.
  • During her wedding with Clemont, she wears a gown resembling Kelly Westwood.
  • When attending Kalos Middle School (later Pokemon Tech upon graduating), she wears a school uniform with short sleeves. She later went to this University-like Tech in tights.
  • While in a Kalos Middle School dance night, she wears a red long dress, earrings and hidden heeled sandals.
  • As a cheerleader, she wears a cheerleader uniform worn by Sandra Larson.
  • At Halloween, her Baby Bonnie Hood outfit is composed of a red bonnet on her head, a red short sleeved dress and red dress shoes.

Pokemon She has on her team

  1. Fennekin - Braixen
  2. Pancham
  3. Eevee - Sylveon

Family Relatives

  1. Grace (Mother)
  2. Clemont (Boyfriend)
  3. Madeline/Setsuna (10 1/2 year old Future Daughter)
  4. Brendan/Takahiro (7-year-old Future Son)
  5. Shauna, Nini and Aria (Best Friends)
  6. Miette (Rival)
  7. Tierno (Worst Nightmare)
  8. Ash Ketchum (Childhood Friend)
  9. Braixen, Pancham and Sylveon (Pokemon Partners)

List of 5 Things that Tierno admired to her

  1. Dating her
  2. Flowering her
  3. Dancing with her
  4. Hanging out with her
  5. Kissing her
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