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The New York State Senate considered, but didn't vote on, pro- and anti- same-sex marriage bills in the 2005-2006 session.

Of the state's 62 senators, 32 are on record on this issue:

12 support same-sex marriage.

20 oppose same-sex marriage.

Members of the New York State Senate

DistrictSenatorParty First electedResidencePosition on Same-Sex Marriage
1 Kenneth LaValle Republican 1976Port Jefferson
2 John Flanagan Republican 2002East Northport
3 Caesar Trunzo Republican 1972BrentwoodAgainst (sponsor)
4 Owen H. Johnson Republican 1972West Babylon
5 Carl Marcellino Republican 1995Syosset
6 Kemp Hannon Republican 1989Garden City
7 Craig Johnson Democrat 2007Manhasset
8 Charles Fuschillo Republican 1998Merrick
9 Dean Skelos Republican 1984Rockville Centre
10 Ada Smith Democrat 1988Lindenwood
11 Frank Padavan Republican 1972BelleroseAgainst (sponsor)
12 George Onorato Democrat 1983Astoria
13 John Sabini Democrat 2002Jackson Heights For ([1] press report)
14 Malcolm Smith Democrat 2000 QueensFor
15 Serphin Maltese Republican 1988Middle VillageAgainst (prime sponsor)
16 Toby Stavisky Democrat 1999Flushing
17 Martin Malave Dilan Democrat 2002Bushwick
18 Velmanette Montgomery Democrat 1984BrooklynFor (sponsor S. 5156)
19 John Sampson Democrat 1996Brooklyn
20 Carl Andrews RUNNING FOR US HOUSE-11TH CD Democrat 2002BrooklynFor (sponsor S. 5156)
21 Kevin Parker Democrat 2002FlatbushFor (sponsor S. 5156)
22 Martin Golden Republican 2002Bay RidgeAgainst (sponsor)
23 Diane Savino Democrat 2004 Staten Island
24 John Marchi RETIRING Republican 1956Staten IslandAgainst (sponsor)
25 Martin Connor Democrat 1978Brooklyn Heights For ([2] press report)
26 Liz Krueger Democrat 2002New YorkFor (sponsor S. 5156)
27 Carl Kruger Democrat 1994Brooklyn
28 Jose M. Serrano Democrat 2004Bronx
29 Thomas Duane Democrat 1998New YorkFor (prime sponsor S. 5156)
30 David Paterson RUNNING FOR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR Democrat 1986 New York For (sponsor S. 5156)
31 Eric Schneiderman Democrat 1998 New YorkFor (sponsor S. 5156)
32 Ruben Diaz Democrat 2002 BronxAgainst (sponsor)
33 Efrain Gonzalez Democrat 1989 Bronx
34 Jeffrey Klein Democrat 2004 Bronx
35 Nicholas Spano Republican 1986 Yonkers
36 Ruth Hassell-Thompson Democrat 2000 Bronx
37 Suzi Oppenheimer Democrat 1984 MamaroneckFor (sponsor S. 5156)
38 Thomas Morahan Republican 1999 Clarkstown
39 William Larkin Republican 1990 New WindsorAgainst (sponsor)
40 Vincent Leibell Republican 1994 PattersonAgainst ([3]news report)
41 Stephen Saland Republican 1990 Poughkeepsie
42 John Bonacic Republican 1998 Mount HopeAgainst (sponsor)
43 Joseph Bruno Republican 1976 BrunswickAgainst (emailed statement to Jim de Seve)
44 Hugh Farley Republican 1976 SchenectadyAgainst (sponsor)
45 Elizabeth O'C. Little Republican 2002 Queensbury
46 Neil Breslin Democrat 1996 AlbanyFor (public statement to Geri de Seve)
47 Raymond Meier RUNNING FOR US HOUSE-24TH CD Republican 1996 WesternAgainst (sponsor)
48 James W. Wright Republican 1992 WatertownAgainst (sponsor)
49 David Valesky Democrat 2004 Oneida
50John DeFrancisco Republican 1992 SyracuseAgainst (sponsor)
51 James Seward Republican 1986 MilfordAgainst (sponsor)
52 Thomas Libous Republican 1988 BinghamtonAgainst (sponsor)
53 George Winner Republican 2004 Elmira
54 Michael Nozzolio Republican 1992 FayetteAgainst (sponsor)
55 James Alesi Republican 1996 East RochesterAgainst (sponsor)
56 Joseph Robach Republican 2002 Greece
57Catharine YoungRepublican2005OleanAgainst (sponsor)
58 William Stachowski Democrat 1981 Buffalo
59 Dale Volker Republican 1975 DepewAgainst (sponsor)
60 Marc Coppola Democrat 2006 Buffalo
61 Mary Lou Rath Republican 1994 WilliamsvilleAgainst (sponsor)
62 George Maziarz Republican 1995 North TonawandaAgainst (sponsor)

2009 Official Senate Vote Count

Bill S66003

District Senator Party Vote on S66003[1] Residence
1 Kenneth LaValle Republican NAY Port Jefferson
2 John J. Flanagan Republican NAY East Northport
3 Brian X. Foley Democratic AYE Blue Point
4 Owen H. Johnson Republican NAY West Babylon
5 Carl Marcellino Republican NAY Syosset
6 Kemp Hannon Republican NAY Garden City
7 Craig Johnson Democratic AYE Port Washington
8 Charles Fuschillo Republican NAY Merrick
9 Dean Skelos Republican NAY Rockville Centre
10 Shirley Huntley Democratic NAY Jamaica
11 Frank Padavan Republican NAY Bellerose
12 George Onorato Democratic NAY Astoria
13 Hiram Monserrate Democratic NAY Jackson Heights
14 Malcolm Smith Democratic AYE St. Albans
15 Joseph Addabbo, Jr. Democratic NAY Ozone Park
16 Toby Ann Stavisky Democratic AYE Flushing
17 Martin Malave Dilan Democratic AYE Bushwick
18 Velmanette Montgomery Democratic AYE Brooklyn
19 John Sampson Democratic AYE Brooklyn
20 Eric Adams Democratic AYE Brooklyn
21 Kevin Parker Democratic AYE Brooklyn
22 Martin Golden Republican NAY Bay Ridge
23 Diane Savino Democratic AYE Staten Island
24 Andrew Lanza Republican NAY Staten Island
25 Dan Squadron Democratic AYE Brooklyn
26 Liz Krueger Democratic AYE New York
27 Carl Kruger Democratic NAY Brooklyn
28 Jose M. Serrano Democratic AYE Spanish Harlem
29 Thomas Duane Democratic AYE New York
30 Bill Perkins Democratic AYE Harlem
31 Eric Schneiderman Democratic AYE Washington Heights
32 Rubén Díaz Democratic NAY Soundview
33 Pedro Espada Democratic AYE Mamaroneck
34 Jeffrey Klein Democratic AYE Throgs Neck
35 Andrea Stewart-Cousins Democratic AYE Yonkers
36 Ruth Hassell-Thompson Democratic AYE Williamsbridge
37 Suzi Oppenheimer Democratic AYE Mamaroneck
38 Thomas Morahan Republican NAY Clarkstown
39 Bill Larkin Republican NAY New Windsor
40 Vincent Leibell Republican NAY Patterson
41 Stephen Saland Republican NAY Poughkeepsie
42 John Bonacic Republican NAY Mount Hope
43 Roy McDonald Republican NAY Stillwater
44 Hugh Farley Republican NAY Schenectady
45 Betty Little Republican NAY Queensbury
46 Neil Breslin Democratic AYE Albany
47 Joseph Griffo Republican NAY Rome
48 Darrel Aubertine Democratic NAY Cape Vincent
49 David Valesky Democratic AYE Oneida
50 John DeFrancisco Republican NAY Syracuse
51 James Seward Republican NAY Milford
52 Thomas W. Libous Republican NAY Binghamton
53 George H. Winner, Jr. Republican NAY Elmira
54 Michael Nozzolio Republican NAY Fayette
55 James Alesi Republican NAY East Rochester
56 Joseph Robach Republican NAY Greece
57 Catharine Young Republican NAY Olean
58 William Stachowski Democratic NAY Lake View
59 Dale Volker Republican NAY Depew
60 Antoine Thompson Democratic AYE Buffalo
61 Michael Ranzenhofer Republican NAY Clarence
62 George D. Maziarz Republican NAY Newfane