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Given that editing from open proxies and/or zombie computers is equally prohibited on both Wikia and Wikimedia Foundation wikis, Administrators at Scratchpad will, from time to time and in order to comply with Wikia’s policy, have to block IP-only editors editing from proxies/zombies. To that end, the following procedure is to be followed.

Administrators & proxies/zombies

  • IP-only editors disruptively editing at Scratchpad, and subject to being blocked, must also be checked to determine if they are proxies/zombies. For that purpose, Wikipedia’s Guide to checking open proxies and Meta-Wiki’s category listing such addresses are to be consulted.
  • If this process determines that a given IP address is an open proxy and/or zombie, steps must be taken to notify the user of their violation of corresponding policy. The user must either stop editing from the proxy/zombie IP, or satisfactorily prove why they should be granted IP-block exemption from the rule. The onus is on the IP-only editor to establish their qualification for exemption.
    An IP block exemption cannot be granted without the approval of an Scratchpad Bureaucrat.
  • On very rare occasions, proxy/zombie IP addresses that have been deemed particularly dangerous (e.g., being blocked on all WMF wikis), may be blocked pre-emptively. The Meta-Wiki category listing such addresses must be consulted. Moreover, IPs confirmed as proxies by the English Wikipedia’s proxy/zombie WikiProject may also — again, on very rare occasions — be so blocked.
    For each and every pre-emptive proxy/zombie block an Administrator seeks to apply, consultation must be sought with another Administrator, and the pre-emptive rationale provided.
  • Range blocks may be issued if confirmation exists that all or most members of the range are open proxies. The Meta-Wiki’s aforementioned category shows nearby IPs next to each other, thereby facilitating this task.
    A range block for this purpose cannot be executed without consultation with another Administrator.

Bureaucrats & proxies/zombies

Blocks for proxies/zombies may be appealed to a Scratchpad Bureaucrat. Such appeal is subject to the following:

  • Bureaucrat decisions are final.
  • Bureaucrats may override Administrator action regarding proxies/zombies.
  • Bureaucrats may act unilaterally regarding proxies/zombies.

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