Blue Glass Arrow.svg This page lists individual editors who have been site-banned from the entirety of Scratchpad. For users subject to article, topic, or interaction bans, see Scratchpad:Editing restrictions.
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This is an incomplete list of banned Scratchpad users. Banned users are no longer welcome to edit at Scratchpad, until such time as the ban is lifted. Banned users who feel that their bans are unjust may appeal their case to the Administrators, or to the Scratchpad community. Bans may be enacted either by the Administrators or by community consensus.

Banning is different from blocking. A block is a technical measure to disable editing by a specific account or IP address, and is a restriction which may be temporary or indefinite. A ban is a social construct, and blocks may be used to enforce them. There are also different kinds of bans: Some are temporary, or focused on a specific article or topic. However, in the context of this page, banned user means someone who has been banned from the entire site.

Accounts which are reincarnations (i.e., sockpuppets) of banned users should be blocked as soon as it’s obvious who they are: Bans apply to the person and not the account.

For more information, see the blocking and the banning policies.

Banned by the Scratchpad Administrators

Bans of indefinite duration

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Bans of fixed duration (currently active)

Banned by the Scratchpad community

Bans of indefinite duration

Bans of fixed duration (currently active)

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