Copying from Wikipedia to this wiki is permissible because both use the same license. However, it is necessary to include the proper acknowledgment so that readers can refer to the original and discover its authors.

Whenever you do such copying from a page in the English-language (“en”) version of Wikipedia, please add Template:Wikipedia near the bottom of the page:

{{wikipedia|1=page name at Wikipedia}}

Note, before the final brackets and after the pipe (“|”), paste the name of the Wikipedia article. You need to add similar attribution for other-language Wikipedias, and for other GFDL/CC-BY-SA projects.

Note that Wikia sites are not intended to duplicate substantial portions of Wikipedia. You may copy all or part of an article (and its links and templates) to start off a page on the subject, but you are expected to adapt it so as to reflect this particular wiki’s slant on the subject.