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Welcome to the Scratchpad:Administrator requests page. This page is here to direct you to where you need to go to make various types of requests for actions that require either Administrator or Bureaucrat privileges.

What this page is not for:

What this page is for: Directing you to where you need to go to make the following requests:
(Do NOT make requests directly on this page.)

The Help Center.
The Help Center covers:
  • help requests;
  • noticeboard;
  • vandalism;
  • page protection + unprotection;
  • page deletes + undeletes;
  • policies + guidelines; and
  • help contents.
Help Center → Start there!!!
Moving/renaming protected pages.
Due to vandals’ misuse of the page-move tool, some pages are move protected and thus can only be renamed by an Administrator. If you can make a compelling case for a page move, or consensus has been reached on the page-to-be-moved’s associated talk page, then formal requests for the page move can be made at Scratchpad:Requests for page moves (shortcut → SP:RFM).
New and/or IP-only contributors wishing to rename an unprotected or semi-protected page, and having appropriate consensus, yet not having the page-move tool available to them, are also welcome to make such requests at Scratchpad:Requests for page moves
Deleting pages.
Go to Requests for page deletions (shortcut → SP:RFD) and carefully follow the instructions there.
Undeleting pages.
Unless you are an Administrator, you cannot undelete a page. You can however ask at Requests for undelete (shortcut → SP:RFU). Don’t forget to explain why you want the page undeleted.
Minor edits to protected pages.
This is mostly on protected templates that can have a substantial impact on the whole wiki if they are changed, so caution is urged when they are modified. To request a change to a locked template, place on the template’s associated talk page either {{edit protected}}, if the page is fully protected; or, {{edit semi-protected}} if the page is only semi-protected and you are either a new or anonymous user. Be sure to include the full details of the change you are suggesting and the rationale.
Announcements intended for the whole SP community.
Site-wide notices are input at Template:Wiki News, which can only be edited by an Administrator. If you have an announcement of interest to the entire SP community, please add it to the Template:Wiki News talkpage being sure to use {{edit protected}} to draw the attention of an Administrator.
Importing pages from another wiki.
While seldom used for content on this wiki, this is an option that is available for bringing in pages from another wiki and preserving their edit histories. However, the import tool is only fully available to those with Administrator privileges. If the system tells you that the tool is not available to you, please ask an Administrator to perform the importation.
In rare instances, page importation may involve some special actions on the part of Wikia Central to open this option between two MediaWiki projects, so be patient if you wish to make this sort of request. MediaWiki importing tools can sometimes be “buggy”, so be gentle on volunteer Administrators doing this task.

Ambox important IMPORTANT:  Unless otherwise specified above, all other requests requiring Administrator/Bureaucrat involvement should be made at the Noticeboard (shortcut → SP:N).