Salty's Lighthouse
Genre Children's
Running time 30 minutes
Creator(s) Sunbow Entertainment
Starring Rhys Huber
Kathleen Barr
Janyse Jaud
Terry Klassen
Lenore Zann
Ian James Corlett
Andrea Libman
Michael Donovan
Kirby Morrow
Long John Baldry
Country of origin United States
Original network/channel Sunbow Entertainment
Origional run May 15, 1998-
June 19, 1998
No. of episodes 25

Salty's Lighthouse was an Americanized version of the British television series TUGS, seen on the TLC network. The show consisted of a plot line, with an "episode" of TUGS (mostly stock footage). It was about an animated boy called Salty, who with his friends would go into a lighthouse (with a personified and animated light bulb), and look through the lighthouse windows to see the tugs of Bigg City Port (from TUGS).

The show introduced TUGS to the US however, none of the original series' plotlines were used; the new stories were rewritten and edited as morale based stories, rather than action based.

Another significant change is the characters featured in the TUGS segments: Big Mac was renamed to Big Stack; Zebedee was changed to Z.B.; Big Mickey as Big Basil; and O.J. as Otis. Also, the Bigg City Port became Snugboat Harbour. In some cases, even the characters' genders were changed, such as the case with TUGS' major characters, Captain Star, Sunshine, and Little Ditcher, who were now all females, instead of male.

Comparisons with TUGS

  • TUGS never had a cartoon plotline.
  • None of the TUGS segments used plotlines from the original 13 episodes; instead, various scenes were cut up into new, shorter episodes.
  • Most of the character's voices were different.
  • The stories were now set in the modern day (though the architecture was clearly still from the 1920s), and the tugs now had diesel engines (though you could still clearly see steam coming from their stacks).
  • Sunshine, Captain Star and Little Ditcher were all female instead of male. Sunshine was also referred to as Ten Cents's sister.
  • The tugs voices have all been changed to Bronx, New Jersey, and Brooklyn accents rather than the original Glaswegian, Cockney, and Liverpudlian accents.
  • Big Mac was called Big Stack and O.J. was called Otis. However, in the original series, the tugs' names were painted on them. As a workaround, censor bars were used to cover their TUGS names printed on them.
  • The Coast Guard and his messenger were merged and became one character called Cappy despite the fact that both vessels have different appearances.
  • Zebedee's name was always pronounced as "Z.B.". We can assume that they misinterprited his name on the producers part.
  • Burke and Blair became movie producers, and were changed to Mr. Boffo and Mr. Socko.
  • The Star Fleet and Z-Stacks became friends instead of rivals.
  • Puffa was called Stanley in one episode, and Chooch in another.
  • Big Mickey became Big Basil.
  • The Fire Tug was named Red Fin, Possibly a misinterpretation on the producers part from the episode "Munitions" in which Bluenose calls him "Red Thing" and his voice can be indistinguished at times.
  • Jack the Grappler became Scoop.
  • Boomer had two episodes, one in which he remains a tug and successfully guides the schooner to sea, and one in a flashback told by Ten Cents to Zug, in which Boomer has trouble with it and becomes a 'vacation boat'.
  • Boomer was still a houseboat unlike in TUGS.
  • All the Liners were renamed, The Duchess became the Queen Victoria, The Princess Alice became the Princess Anne and The S.S. Vienna had become the Martina (Name confused with the R.M.S. Mauretania).
  • Sea Rogue became evil instead of good.
  • Johnny Cuba was called "Steamer"; and instead of a smuggler, he was shy and bashful.
  • Bigg City Port became Snugboat Harbour.
  • Lucky's Yard became Dry Dock.
  • The Fultan Ferry became male and could talk. Grampus referred to him as 'Fultan'.
  • Izzy Gomez had an American accent instead of a Spanish one.
  • Salty's Lighthouse had one season; similar to TUGS. However, as the original series' episodes were edited and integrated into the new series, the new version had 25 episodes, instead of 13.

Issue on YouTube

There are not many episodes on YouTube in English. The YouTube partner TELEASTURIAS does have Salty's Lighthouse episodes but they are in a different language. Formerly, there only 3 episodes available on YouTube in English. TheBladezmanii has the episode, Steamer Feels Left Out, which introduces Steamer (Johnny Cuba) and shows how he feels left out cause he is too big. And Xillatem has two. The Race and Boomer the Jinxed Tug. But no more. Recently, skullzproductions has posted the audio for some of the episodes, inculding Otis the Movie Star, Top Hat, Grampus, and the Pirate, and Lord Stinker Saves the Day, as well as the audio for some of the Salty's Song Time music videos, and UnknownThomasFan17 has posted the episodes, Who Took My Crayons?/The Missing Barge, and Guilty Gull/Zug Gets Blamed. If somebody who did have more English episodes uploaded then it would be good.


  • Chris Tulloch voice of Zorran on TUGS and Art director also worked on Salty's Lighthouse though still didn't voice Zorran.
  • Kathleen Barr and Janyse Jaud of Ed, Edd n Eddy fame voiced characters in the Series.
  • Long John Baldry, known for doing the voice of Dr. Robotnik in The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, did the voice of Top Hat and Hercules.
  • Voices were provided by a voice acting agency known as 'The Ocean Group'. Among them was Canadian actor Ian Corlett, who provided the voice of Ten Cents and ZB and Scott McNeill, who provided the voice of Zorran and Zug. The group are known for their work on various NA dubbed anime.
  • Salty's Lighthouse is highly unpopular among Tugs fans, who believe it to be a crude and diluted adaptation of the original show. Many of the changes made to the show are regarded as highly implausible. For example, though many of the boat had undergone name changes, their original names could still clearly be seen painted on their hulls. Special venom is aimed at the fact that the footage had been spliced together with seemingly little regard for continuity; there are numerous scenes where the tugs' bargeloads or the settings around them change from shot to shot, and in one episode the locomotive pulling the train also changes (the original episode featured two trains, the locomotives at the head of which looked nothing like each other).
  • Zip sounded like Coconuts from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog ironically he was voiced by Ian James Corlett who voiced Coconuts.
  • Salty's Lighthouse has also been accused of being a rip-off of Shining Time Station, which was used to showcase Tugs's sister series Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. Similarities between the two can be picked up on; the characters are similar, both shows use footage from another show to provide morals, and in both shows each episode ends with a song (Or atleast the Mr. Conductors Thomas Tales for Shining Time Station.
  • Robert D. Cardona is known to have had a hand in the production of the show, though his exact role is unknown.
  • There was supposed to an actual USA version of TUGS nothing at all like Salty's Lighthouse. They used the actual storylines but brand new voices (to fit american audiences), but sadly when they showed it to Producers they weren't interested likely due to them finding it as a rip-off of Thomas, the sister show of TUGS
  • It's not known why the producers made such large changes to the TUGS segments, and the general consensus among fans is that the original TUGS episodes were much better.


Salty with Claude on his Head.

  • Salty - The main character who loves using his imagination to cosimerrate with human and animal friends alike, learning all sorts of lessons.
  • Ocho - Salty's octopus friend.
  • Claude - Salty's crab friend.
  • Sophie and Sadie - The two girl seagulls.
  • Aunt Chovie - Salty's overwieght aunt who owns the lighthouse.
  • Aroura - A talking lightbulb at the top of the lighthouse who narrates the TUGS segments.
  • The Clock - A yellow-faced clock that announces the "Salty's Song Time" segments.

Theme Song


The theme song is played to the Mister Softee Truck theme. The theme song is rather Childish unlike the TUGS theme and is sung by Children. The shows theme is more Musical and uses a Seaside tune which TUGS uses though the TUGS uses a Whistle tune where as Salty's Lighthouse uses a Seaside Tune. Also in TUGS Captain Star (Patrick Allen) would give the story about the Tugboat.

Episode List

Main:List of Saltys Lighthouse episodes

  • 1.Mixed Signals / Too Young to Be Included
  • 2.Who Took My Crayons / High Spirits
  • 3.Taking My Turn / Backward Day
  • 4.Banana Splits / Clear the Decks
  • 5.Claude in Charge / The Favourite
  • 6.Strike Up the Band / Blankety Blank
  • 7.Last of the Red Hot C Gulls / Farley Frog
  • 8.Some Guys Have all the Luck / Dream On
  • 9.Treasure Hunt / Big Birthday Bash
  • 10.Boss Man / Sophie Come Home
  • 11.Salty Come Lately / It's Magic
  • 12.No Strings Attached / Sound Off
  • 13.If the Clue Fits, Wear It / Let's Wing It
  • 14.Bivalve Music / Taking Off
  • 15.Blackout / Eight is Too Much
  • 16.One Bad Day / Hands Off!
  • 17.Colossal Crab / Who Turned Off the Lights?
  • 18.Let's Party / Guilty Gull
  • 19.Count on Me / Desperately Seeking Sadie

SL TUGS Episode Segments

  • Zero Signals (Featured in Mixed Signals, based on the episode Trapped)
  • Little Big Stacks (Featured in Too Young to Be Included, based on the episodes High Winds and Sunshine)
  • The Missing Barge (Featured in Who Took My Crayons, based on the episode Pirate)
  • The Earthquake (Featured in High Spirits, based on the episodes Warrior and High Winds)
  • Steamer Feels Left Out (Featured in Taking My Turn, based on the episode High Winds)
  • Backwards Day in Snugboat Harbor (Featured in Backwards Day)
  • Boomer the Jinxed Tug (Featured in Banana Splits, based on the episodes Trapped and Jinxed)
  • The Race (Featured in Clear the Decks)
  • Grampus' Song (Feautred in Strike Up the Band)
  • The Silly Day Parade (Featured in Farley Frog, based on the episode Regatta)
  • Boomer's Bad Luck (Featured in Some Guys Have All The Luck, based on the episode Jinxed)
  • Top Hat, Grampus, and the Pirate (Featured in Dream On, based on the episodes Pirate and Ghosts)
  • The Case of the Missing Ferry (Feautred in Treasure Hunt, based the the episode Quarantine)
  • Bluenose Buds In (Featured in Boss Man, based on the episode Munitions)
  • Sunshine Goes Missing (Featured in No Strings Attached, based on the episodes Sunshine and Up River)
  • Otis the Movie Star (Featured in Sound Off, based on the episode Quarantine)
  • Izzy Saves the Day (Feautured in Let's Wing It, based on the episode Sunshine)
  • Z.B.'s New Job (featured in Taking Off, based on the episode High Winds)
  • The Ghost Ships (Featured in Blackout, based on the episode Ghosts)
  • Lord Stinker Saves the Day (Featured in Eight is Too Much, based on the episode High Tide)
  • Warrior Saves the Day (Featured in Colossal Crab, based on the episode Up River)
  • Grampus' Party Rescue (feautred in Let's Party!, based on the episode Regatta)
  • Zug Gets Blamed (Featured in Guilty Gull, based on the episode Trapped)
  • Ten Cents & Otis' Ferry Rescue (Featured in Count on Me, based on the episode Quarantine)
  • Upset Ten Cents (Based on the episode Munitions)
  • More Coming Soon


"TUGS" Segments:

  • Ian James Corlett as Ten Cents, Z.B., Otis, Zip, Lord Stinker, Frank and Eddie
  • Scott McNeil as Zorran, Zug, Boomer and The Fultan Ferry
  • Paul Dobson as Big Stack, Sea Rogue and Red Fin
  • Venus Terzo as Lillie Lightship and Sally Seaplane
  • Long John Baldry as Top Hat, Hercules, Stanley/Chooch and Old Rusty
  • Terry Klassen as Zak
  • Garry Chalk as Bluenose
  • Michael Donovan as Warrior, Steamer, Scoop, Scuttlebutt Pete and Mighty Moe
  • Lenore Zann as Sunshine, Captain Star and Little Ditcher
  • French Tickner as Captain Zero, Izzy Gomez, Bigg Basil and the Garbage Corporation
  • Richard Newman as Mr. Boffo and Mr. Socko
  • Brad Swaile as Boomer, Billy Shoepack, Grampus and Cappy
  • Kirby Morrow as Zorran and Zug

Home Video Releases

In 1999, Salty's Lighthouse was released on the Video Buddy Interactive VHS format. There were three tapes and each tape had two episodes. The episodes on the releases consisted of the opening, the episode, questions, then a music video. There was a small black dot on the lower right-hand side of the image for the Video Buddy controller suction cup to be attached to. A VHS of 6 episodes was released in the UK.

Video Buddy Releases

  • Who Took My Crayons? and Gulty Gull
  • Blackout and High Spirits
  • Taking My Turn and Let's Wing It

In 2005, a UK DVD compilation entitled Toddler Time! Educational Fun For The Under Fives was released, and features an episode of Salty's Lighthouse.


  1. Salty's Lighthouse/Thomas
  2. Salty's Lighthouse/TUGS
  3. Salty's Lighthouse/Fanboy and Chum Chum
  4. Salty's Lighthouse/Codename: Kids Next Door
  5. Salty's Lighthouse/Shining Time Station
  6. Salty's Lighthouse/Superted
  7. Salty's Lighthouse/Noddy's Toyland adventures
  8. Salty's Lighthouse/The dreamstone
  9. Salty's Lighthouse/The Little Engine That Could
  10. Salty's Lighthouse/The Wiggles
  11. Salty's Lighthouse/Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  12. Salty's Lighthouse/Spongebob
  13. Salty's Lighthouse/South Park
  14. Salty's Lighthouse/Sonic
  15. Salty's Lighthouse/Theodore Tugboat
  16. Salty's Lighthouse/Toy Story
  17. Salty's Lighthouse/Tom and Jerry
  18. Salty's Lighthouse/South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
  19. Salty's Lighthouse/The Simpsons
  20. Salty's Lighthouse/Pinocchio
  21. Salty's Lighthouse/Postman Pat
  22. Salty's Lighthouse/Fireman Sam
  23. Salty's Lighthouse/Pingu
  24. Salty's Lighthouse/Oakie Doke
  25. Salty's Lighthouse/Teletubbies
  26. Salty's Lighthouse/Rosie and Jim
  27. Salty's Lighthouse/Brum
  28. Salty's Lighthouse/Barney
  29. Salty's Lighthouse/Despicable Me
  30. Salty's Lighthouse/Tots Tv
  31. Salty's Lighthouse/Playbox
  32. Salty's Lighthouse/Playdays
  33. Salty's Lighthouse/The Return of Jafar
  34. Salty's Lighthouse/Gordon (Sunshine/Warrior Version)
  35. Salty's Lighthouse/Dr. Seuss
  36. Salty's Lighthouse/Garfield
  37. Salty's Lighthouse/Shrek


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