If Paramount re-released Rubbadubbers DVDs and VHSs under the Nick Jr. label, then Finbar the Mighty Movie Star would've been re-released under the Nick Jr label in the US only on November 8th, 2005 along with Bathtime Surprises, and would've looked something like this.

This video idea is interconnected with What if Paramount Home Entertainment released HIT Entertainment videos from 2004-2008?.

VHS Opening

Same as in "Bathtime Surprises".

DVD Opening

Same as in "Bathtime Surprises".

DVD Menus

Main Menu

  • Play All
  • Episode Selection
  • Special Features
  • Set Up

Episode Selection

  • Finbar the Star
  • Princess Amelia
  • Tubb the Frog Prince
  • Terence the Shopkeeper
  • Sploshy the Stoneseeker

Special Features

  • Bonus Mini-Adventures
  • Character Bios
  • Find Finbar Game
  • Bonus Episodes
  • Photo Gallery
  • Previews

Bonus Mini-Adventures

  • Hide and Seek
  • What a Find
  • Can You Remember?

Bonus Episodes

  • Tubb the Pirate
  • Super Amelia
  • Finbar and the Green Hat Gang
  • Finbar's Important Part
  • Blue's Clues: Joe's Surprise Party


  • Bob the Builder: Build It and They Will Come
  • Rugrats: Tales from the Crib: Snow White
  • LazyTown VHSs/DVDs
  • Blue's Room VHSs/DVDs
  • Bob the Builder: Bob's Big Plan

Set Up

Audio Options

  • English
  • Spanish

Title Index


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