Rubbadubbers: Back in the Bathroom! is a revival to the 2003 original series, Rubbadubbers. This revival will be produced with CGI rather than stop-motion, since computer animation is cheaper to animate (though the Rubbadubbers Christmas Special will use stop-motion animation for the dream sequences as a tribute to most stop motion Christmas specials (including the likes of Rankin-Bass)). However, it will still keep the style and spirit of the original as close as possible. It will be produced by Sabella Dern Entertainment in collaboration with Mattel Television.


  • Maria Darling - Sploshy, Winona, Amelia
  • Chris O'Dowd - Finbar (replacing Sean Hughes)
  • John Gordon Sinclair - Tubb, Terence, Reg
  • ??? - Stephanie

Episode Guide

Rubbadubbers: Back in the Bathroom! Episode Guide

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  • As Sean Hughes, the original voice of Finbar, passed away back in 2017, he will be replaced by Chris O'Dowd for this revival.
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