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Railway engines (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) lists, and also profiles, the regular Engine characters of the Television Series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. It should be noted that, while many characters have appeared in both the TV series and The Railway Series by the Rev. Wilbert Awdry, only characters who have appeared in the TV series have been profiled on this page. Also, in the case where a character has appeared in both series, only the TV Series aspect has been covered.


Thomas The tank

Thomas the Tank Engine in Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Thomas Is a Blue Tank Engine. He initially worked as the station pilot at Knapford. After helping to rescue James from a nasty accident, Thomas was permanently assigned to the Ffarquhar Branch Line, and two faithful coaches, Annie and Clarabel.

Thomas is based on a LB&SCR E2 Class 0-6-0 Tank Engine in the 1920s-30s.

He is the title character in the franchise, even in the reboot "All Engines Go!" he is portrayed as a child.



Edward the Blue Engine in Edward, Gordon & Henry/Henry to the Rescue

Main article: Edward the Blue Engine

Edward was the first character to appear in The Railway Series by the Rev W. Awdry, and is part of the central group of characters in the TV Series. He is a blue 4-4-0 mixed-traffic tender engine, about the same size as James, and wears the number 2 on his tender.

Edward is the oldest, wisest, and maturest of the engines in the core fleet, and other engines often find themselves indebted to his knowledge and experience. He is now a background character, along with Henry in the reboot "All Engines Go!".

Edward is based on a 4-4-0 FR K2 "Larger Seagull".



Henry's old shape until the Season 1 story The Flying Kipper.

Main article: Henry the Green Engine

Henry is a green 4-6-0 mixed-traffic tender engine, one of the first engines to appear in The Railway Series books by the Rev. W. Awdry. Henry is engine number 3 on the railway. In the first season, Henry had an accident when pulling the Flying Kipper, after which he underwent extensive reconstruction, giving him a new shape, which he has had ever since.

Henry's character can be difficult to pinpoint. Sometimes, he is somewhat pompous like Gordon, at other times he is sensitive, others still he is somewhat depressed. Henry has also from time to time suffered from "illness". Since the third season, however, Henry has had a more consistent character trait added, being portrayed as having an admiration for nature, particularly trees. He is now a background character, along with Edward in the reboot "All Engines Go!". It is unkown that he will speak again due to his merchandise increasing.

Henry is based on a 4-6-0 LMS Stainer "Black 5".



Gordon the Big Engine in Edward, Gordon & Henry/Henry to the Rescue

Main article: Gordon the Big Engine

Gordon is a big blue 4-6-2 tender engine, the second engine to appear in The Railway Series written by the Rev. W. Awdry. He is train number 4, and was the largest and strongest engine in The Fat Controller's fleet.

Gordon has always viewed himself as the most important engine, mostly because of his size and strength, and that his main task is to pull the Express. At times, this can lead to him feeling superior, even to the point of uppity. However, he usually learns his lesson, realising that all engines have their place in the team. And his girlfriend is Rebecca. He now resigns the engine's jobs in the reboot "All Engines Go!".

Gordon is based on a 4-6-2 LNER Class A3 (with 6 wheels under his tender, rather than 8.)



James the Red Engine in Troublesome Trucks/Foolish Freight Cars.

Main article: James the Red Engine

James is a tender engine from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends who also featured in The Railway Series. James is engine number 5, coloured red with gold stripes & dome, and is a 2-6-0 mixed-traffic engine, which means he can pull both passenger coaches as well as trucks.

While James is one of "the big engines" (a trio with Gordon and Henry), he is certainly the most junior member of this clique, often resulting in him getting too big for his boots. He often brags about his red paint, as though this makes him superior to other engines (a notion which is usually dispelled quickly enough). And his girlfriend is Molly

James is based on a "Class 28" Hughes rebuild of the Lancashire and Yorkshire's Class 27 (with special added pony truck to balance the large footplate, making him a 2-6-0).



Percy the Small Engine in Calling All Engines!

Main article: Percy the Small Engine

Percy is a part of The Fat Controller's railway on the TV series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, and in the Railway Series books. He is a little green 0-4-0 saddle tank engine, and has been given the number 6.

He was first brought to Sodor to help run the railway while Gordon, James and Henry went on strike and is the youngest engine of the whole fleet, and in later seasons this youthful inexperience has been heavily portrayed. He is quite a cheeky engine, often looking to trick or tease other engines. Percy does, however, have utmost respect when it is needed, referring to The Fat Controller as "Sir" every few words when addressing him. His favourite job is pulling the Mail Train and he is Thomas' best friend as they both have many adventures together.



Toby the Tram Engine in Toby's Windmill

Main article: Toby the Tram Engine

Toby is a brown tram engine who works on the same branch line as Thomas. He is a funny-shaped engine with cowcatchers and sideplates covering his wheels. Some say that he doesn't look like a steam engine at all. He doesn't mind this, just so long as nobody asks him if he's electric! His main job is taking stone to and from the quarry with his coach Henrietta, but he also helps with other jobs. He is engine number 7.

Toby is old and wise, and is always willing to share his experience and knowledge with other engines. He is careful in everything he does, which means he very rarely has any accidents.

Toby is based on a GER Class C53 0-6-0 Tram.


Duck TTTE 1

Duck the Great Western Engine in Twin Trouble.

Main article: Duck the Great Western Engine

Duck is a character in The Railway Series by Rev. W. Awdry, as well as the TV Series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Although his real name is Montague, he was given the nickname "Duck", because some engines say he "waddles", but he doesn't really waddle. He is a pannier tank engine, who was given the number 8 on arrival, and works efficiently as part of The Fat Controller's fleet. He currently runs his own branch line.

Duck holds great pride in being Great Western, and this results in him having a strong work ethic. This can, however, be a cause for friction with his colleagues, when he insists that his way ("the Great Western way") is the only right way to do things, but other engines understand this, and by and large give Duck their full respect.

Duck hasn't appeared in any episodes since Season 7,but he appeared in a Season 10 music video,he returned in Season 12. He finally came back in series 17-24.

Duck is based on a GWR 5700 Class 0-6-0 Pannier Tank.

Donald & Douglas[]


Donald and Douglas in Twin Trouble.

Main article: Donald and Douglas

Donald and Douglas are twin 0-6-0 tender engines who feature in both the TV Series and the Railway Series books. They came from Scotland and, although The Fat Controller was only expecting one engine (not wanting to be separated they decided to travel together and hope for the best), he decided to keep both engines in his fleet, giving them the numbers 9 and 10 respectively, as well as nameplates. They are painted black, and have red name plates with gold writing. In Season 12, they are painted blue like from The Railway Series.

If not for coming to Sodor, Donald and Douglas would surely have been scrapped. Because of this, not only are they grateful to have a home, but they are always very sombre and serious when it comes to the topic of scrapping - a sensitive issue among the steam engine characters.

Donald & Douglas weren't seen since Season 7, but they made a return in Season 12.

Donald and Douglas are based on 0-6-0 Caldeonian Railway 812 Class engines.


Oliver TTTE 2

Oliver in Emily's New Coaches.

Main article: Oliver the Great Western Engine

Oliver is a green 0-4-2 tank engine who has appeared in both the TV Series Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends as well as The Railway Series books. In the TV Series, Oliver was introduced in Season 3, being saved from scrap by Douglas, along with his brake van, Toad.

On arrival at Sodor, Oliver was given the number 11. He was allocated to work with Duck on his branch line, The Little Western.

When Oliver arrived on Sodor, he was not used to handling trucks. While shunting his first ballast train, an incident resulted in Oliver landing bunker-down in a turntable well. On his return from the Works, Oliver learned how to deal with them (albeit after having pulled one truck apart! - see S.C.Ruffey for the full story)

Although Oliver has appeared with some regularity between Season 3 and Season 7, but he returned in the Season 12 episode Steady Eddie.

Oliver is based on a Great Western Railway GWR 1400 Class 0-4-2 tank locomotive. These engines were fitted with a mechanical system allowing the driver to control the locomotive remotely from the cab of an 'autocoach', such as Isabel.



Diesel in Calling All Engines!

Main article: Devious Diesel

Diesel, sometimes known as Devious Diesel, was the first diesel engine to arrive on the Island of Sodor. He is coloured black, has six wheels, and has a very distinctive appearance. He is the first member of the Diesel Team, giving him the number D1.

Diesel is a scheming, oily trickster who likes to cause trouble wherever he goes. He first came to Sodor in Season 2 to help Duck, but he spread mean-spirited rumours that caused the Fat Controller to send him away. Despite the Fat Controller telling him he would not be welcomed back to Sodor, Diesel has returned a number of times when the other engines need an extra hand and no other engine is available. At present, he appears to be living on Sodor.

Like many other major characters from this TV Series, Diesel first appeared as a character in the Railway Series book Duck and the Diesel Engine.he is now Thomas's friend in the reboot called "All Engines Go!".

Diesel is based on a British Rail Class 08 diesel-electric shunter.


Daisy TTTE 1

Daisy in Calling All Engines.

See also: Daisy (the Railway Series)

Daisy is a green diesel railcar, who was bought by the Fat Controller to help out on Thomas' branch line. She is very long and sleek in appearance. She carries the NWR number 'D1'.

Daisy arrived on Sodor after Thomas had an accident and needed major repairs. She refused to pull any freight for some time, telling lies and excuses, and being in such a bad mood because she was slacky and slothful because of her laziness, but after a scolding from the Fat Controller, she performed her duties as requested. She still, however, thinks she is better than any of her colleagues, and will use any opportunity to boast to them. She loves pulling passengers and hates pulling trucks, like Gordon.

Daisy is based on a Class 101 diesel multiple unit, but is unique as she is actually a rail-car - a single-carriage unit with a cab at either end.

Daisy is one of the engines who had been absent in recent series of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, having only been featured in three stories: "Daisy" and "Percy's Predicament" from Season 2, and "Bull's Eyes" from Season 4, although she did have a cameo in the feature-length special, Calling All Engines! In Season 2 of which Daisy appeared she used BoCo's faces but with make up and eyelashes. She has a crush on BoCo. She returned in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure and series 20, where she met Ryan in one episode.

Bill & Ben[]

Bill Ben TTTE 1

Bill & Ben in Bill, Ben and Fergus.

See also: Bill and Ben (Railway Series)

Bill & Ben are villainous yellow twin tank engines who work for the Sodor China Clay Company. They are painted yellow, have four wheels each and have their names attached to their sides on brown nameplates. Apart from their nameplates, they are absolutely identical – which can be confusing to engines who don't know them well. They are smaller than the other engines they work with.

They are young and cheeky and love playing jokes on the big engines, but are kept in order by Edward and BoCo. They work in the china clay quarry and at Brendam Docks, where they are kept busy shunting trucks. The Fat Controller sometimes allows them to carry out special jobs, like taking Boco's heavy goods train and running 'Brake Van Specials' for visitors, who sometimes come to the quarries to see the twins.

Bill & Ben are based on two 0-4-0 tank engines built by Bagnall's of Stafford that worked at Par in Cornwall named Alfred and Judy. They are unusually low, allowing them to fit under bridges that taller engines could not. The real examples are both preserved at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

Bill and Ben are the only engines depicted in the TV Series with steam whistles containing all of the working parts; the whistles on the other engines lack the lever and operating cable. They are also the only standard gauge steam engines with sealed cabs (you cannot see inside).

Bill & Ben were introduced in Season 2 and have appeared since on several occasions (except season 8).

Recently, pictures of the Bill/Ben models during the production of season 2 were found, in which they bore numbers above their faces in similar fashion to the Railway Series. For reasons unknown, they were removed and had not been seen in any episodes or canon photos. Bill and Ben bear their numbers 1 and 2 above their faces in similar fashion to the Railway Series.



Boco in Buzz Buzz/James Goes Buzz Buzz.

Also see: BoCo (Railway Series)

BoCo is a green mixed-traffic diesel engine who works mainly on Edward's Branch Line.

BoCo is a very kind engine, and is by and large considered the most sensible diesel engine on the Fat Controller's railway. Bill & Ben misunderstood him at first, going out of their way to trick him, but this was soon sorted out and good-natured BoCo even managed to laugh about it later.

While his name in The Railway Series has a capitalised C (ie. "BoCo"), this capitalisation is not present in the TV Series. BoCo made his first appearance in Series 2, but he has not been seen in the TV Series since Series 5.There is a rumour that he will return in Series 13

BoCo is based upon the British Rail Class 28 "Metrovick Co-Bo" Type 2 diesel electric engine, named after its unusual Co-Bo wheel arrangement. The bogie beneath the power plant carries three powered axles ('Co') and the other carries two ('Bo'). This arrangement was designed to maximise the routes over which the engine could work. Another unusual feature of the Metrovick Co-Bo is the use of a two stroke diesel power plant in favour of the more standard four stroke. Twenty of these engines were built by Metropolitan-Vickers in 1958 as part of British Railways' Modernisation Plan. One 'Metrovick' (D5705) has survived and is preserved at the East Lancashire Railway in Bury.

In the Railway Series, BoCo carries his NWR number 'D2', whereas in the TV series he carries the number 26 and later D2, which is in the range of numbers assigned to the real "Metrovick" locomotives by British Railways.



Mavis in Thomas to the Rescue.

Mavis is a diesel. Like Toby, her six wheels are concealed by side plates and a cowcatcher. She also has her name, and "The Ffarquhar Quarry Co." written on both sides. To begin with, she had a tomboyish, rebellious attitude. In later seasons, however, she became much more settled, and became a role model for Bill and Ben. She also became friends with both heroes and villains.

Mavis works at the quarry at the end of Thomas' Branch Line, where she mostly works with Toby. She is filled with youthful enthusiasm, and this often leads to her doing more work than is required of her and which wouldn't be so bad, if this didn't lead to incidents like endangering Toby. After the fifth television series, Mavis was transferred to the 'Centre Island Quarry', where she works with Bill and Ben (and the occasional visitor).

Mavis was the last of the Standard Gauge engines to make the transition from The Railway Series to the TV Series.

She is based on the British Rail Class 04 shunter (She is fitted with cowcatchers and sideplates so she can run on public lines). She has a crush on Toby.

'Arry & Bert[]


'Arry & Bert in Calling All Engines.

The brothers 'Arry & Bert are diesel engines who work at the "Sodor Ironworks", the scrapyards and smelters' sheds of Sodor. They love nothing more than breaking up steam engines, and when they can't do that (often because the Fat Controller stops them), they enjoy making other engines' lives difficult with spiteful tricks.

'Arry & Bert are British Rail Class 08 diesel-electric shunters. They are the second and third members of the Diesel Team. Hundreds of these engines and similar types were built for service in Britain and Europe. They were very successful, and many are still at work today.

'Arry & Bert were introduced in Season 5, and were the second and third engines to appear in the series without first appearing in the Railway Series. Along with Diesel and Other Thomas Characters, they served as the only real 'villains' in the TV series, most notably in the eighth, ninth and eleventh seasons.

In the toy lines, the twin diesels are known as Iron 'Arry & Iron Bert.



Derek in Double Teething Troubles

Derek is a large green Clayton Equipment Company diesel, who was brought to Sodor to help Bill and Ben in the quarry. Because he was new, he suffered from "teething troubles", which often resulted in his engine overheating due to a bad cooling system and breaking down. He considered this a setback, especially when his engine failed whilst helping Bill and Ben pull a train. Luckily, Bill and Ben prevailed, and Derek was mended. Upon discovering Derek's friendliness, Bill and Ben were happy when he returned from the Works.

Derek was only featured in one Season 5 story "Double Teething Troubles", in which his name was not even mentioned, instead referred to as "The Diesel" (not to be confused with another one-off character). He made a brief cameo in Calling All Engines, pulling a freight train up Gordon's Hill during a music video.

Derek is a British Rail Class 17 Bo-Bo diesel-electric locomotive. He carries the NWR number D5.

He was originaly going to have been called 'Paxman,' after the Paxman diesel engines fitted to this class of locomotive. However, producers were worried that, due to his tendency to overheat, they may be accused of slandering the Paxman brand. [1]



Salty in Calling All Engines.

Salty is a battered old red diesel With Buckteeth who works at Brendam Docks. He loves the sea more than anything, and has a fund of sea stories and shanties. Bill and Ben enjoy hearing these tales, but Cranky is not so fond of them.

Apart from the yellow-and-black "hazard" stripes, on his front and rear, Salty carries the number 70 and later the NWR number D7. He speaks with a West Country accent and, naturally enough, uses a lot of nautical slang. He even likes the smell of fish!

Salty works well with trucks, but how he manages to keep them in order is a closely-guarded secret. He is also one of the few diesels who has no quarrel whatsoever with steam engines. Therefore, he is a friend to all.

Salty is based on a British Rail Class 07 dock shunter. He first appeared in Season 6, and has appeared intermittently since.


Harvey TTTE 1

Harvey in a Rocky and Harvey Activity .

Harvey is a merlot tank engine with a crane mounted on top of his boiler, which makes him look rather unusual. The other engines teased him at first, but when he was able to rescue Percy after an accident they realised that his difference was what made him special. Since then, he has proved very useful, using his crane arm for maintenance, building and clearing up.

With perhaps the most distinctive appearance of any engine on the show, Harvey is painted dull red, with some gold. His name appears on both his sides, as well as the number 27 which, including the Narrow Gauge engines and excluding Diesel, accurately reflects him being the 27th addition to the fleet of engines working on Sodor.

Harvey is based on a real crane engine - No. 4101. He first appeared in Season 6.


Emily TTTE

Emily in Bulgy Rides Again

Main Article:Emily (Thomas the Tank Engine)

Emily is an emerald tender engine. She has a unique shape since she has only one pair of driving wheels. She speaks with a Scottish accent. She has a 'hot and cold' running temper. Emily is the fourth engine other than Thomas to pull Annie and Clarabel. She sometimes spends time with Thomas. She caused upset for Thomas when she accidentally "stole" Annie and Clarabel, but after saving Oliver from a nasty accident, she was rewarded a pair of coaches of her own. She sometimes acts as an older sister figure to the smaller engines -- Thomas and Percy in particular -- but other times she can get too big for her wheels (and her wheels are pretty big to start with). All in all, she's still a kind engine despite her overbearing aattitude.she also got a number 12 in series 24, And her Boyfriend is Thomas.

Emily first appeared in Season 7, and from Season 8 has been a part of the core group of characters, known as the Steam Team.

Emily is based on a GNR Stirling Single 4-2-2.


Fergus TTTE 1

Fergus in Bill, Ben and Fergus.

Fergus is a small railway traction engine who mainly works at the cement works and thus calls himself 'The Pride of the Cement Works". He is although he vaguely resembles Trevor, Fergus runs on rails, unlike Trevor.

Fergus knows the Rule Book by heart, and his catchphrase is "Do it right!" His insistence on doing everything absolutely according to the rules can annoy the other engines. However, he is a decent engine at heart and will not hesitate to help other engines who are in trouble.

His flywheel can be hooked up to machinery, and this feature is first seen in the Season 7 episode Salty's Stormy Tale, when he uses it to save a ship from crashing into the rocks by powering the lighthouse lamp generator.

Fergus made his debut in Season 7, but has not been seen or mentioned since this season.


Arthur TTTE 1

Arthur in The Spotless Record.

Arthur is a big maroon tank engine with 'LMS' on his side and the NWR number 83 featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. When he arrived on the Island of Sodor, he was as excited to work for The Fat Controller as he was proud of his spotless record. He was bought to shunt trucks and haul freight, but then was transferred to the Fishing Village line, on which he enjoys working.

Arthur is an LMS Ivatt Class 2 2-6-2T tank engine developed for the London Midland & Scottish Railway (hence the initials "LMS" on his tanks), but only really came properly into service with British Railways. These engines were equally capable of pulling goods and passenger trains, particularly on branch and secondary services. There are many engines of this class preserved all across England. They performed so well that they survived right to the end of steam on British Railways, and were one of the last classes to be sent for scrapping.


Murdoch TTTE 1

Murdoch in Peace and Quiet.

Murdoch is an orange tender engine with 10 drive wheels. He is Sodor's largest and strongest engine, and the NWR number 84; he is bigger and stronger than Gordon. He is one of the few engines on the Standard Gauge railway to have nameplates fitted.

Murdoch helps haul long goods trains on the Main Line, and is good friends with Salty and Harvey. But in spite of his size, Murdoch is a gentle giant, who is often shy and prefers some peace and quiet when the hustle and bustle of the city life becomes too much – and there is nothing better for him than a quiet run through the countryside.

Murdoch is based on the BR standard class 9F freight engines; the last steam engines to be built for British Railways in 1960. BR standard class 9F 92220 Evening Star is one of these.

First appearing in Season 7, Murdoch has also appeared in Season 8 and makes a cameo in Season 11.Murdoch also appeared in Season 12, but he had a Scottish accent instead of a british accent



Molly in Molly's Special Special.

Molly is a powerful, yellow mixed-traffic tender engine. She is based on a GE Claud Hamilton 4-4-0 tender engine. She carries the NWR number 86 on the sides of her tender. Aware of what the other engines think of her, she is rather sensitive and often hurt by the unkind things they say. This was proven when, on her first day, she was teased for pulling empty wagons. She felt inferior to the other engines, and wanted to feel just as useful as them. However, in the end, Molly saw sense (thanks to Thomas) that even empty wagons can be just as important as loaded ones. Molly made her debut appearance in Season 9 and had made frequent cameos since, with another speaking role in Season 11.




Neville in Thomas and the New Engine

Neville is based on a Bulleid "Q1" Engine, and is painted black with the number "33010" on the sides of his cab and the NWR number 87. When he first came to Sodor, the engines held a grudge against him. Neville is seen to be a kind and friendly engine, who had the misfortune of being a steam engine who looked like a diesel. Thomas misinterpreted him talking with 'Arry & Bert, and soon a rumour spread that he was planning to bump the steam engines. Luckily the rumour was rectified, and Thomas befriended with Neville.Neville is the fifth engine other than Thomas to pull Annie and Clarabel.

Neville made his debut appearance in the show's ninth season. He later appeared in Season 11.Neville also had a Speaking Role in the Season 12 episode Best Friends and is slately to appear in The Pride of Sodor.



Dennis in Thomas's Day Off.

Dennis is a lazy diesel, who used to do just about anything to get out of doing work until Thomas showed him how to be a really useful engine. He has a love/hate relationship with Diesel.

One of a number of characters to debut in Season 9, Dennis is painted grey, and is not as tall as many of his colleagues. He carries the number 11001 and later the NWR number D8.

Dennis is based on a prototype Southern Railway diesel shunter, No. 11001.


Main Article: Rosie

Rosie TTTE 1

Rosie in Thomas and the Birthday Mail.

Rosie is a dark red and yellow engine with red wheels and the NWR number 37 who came to the Island and idolises Thomas, whilst he's trying to deliver a special Birthday post train to Alice at Hill Farm. Thomas gets annoyed, as she continues to follow him. But after he has an accident and she helps him he starts to respect her. Her first appearance in the series was in the tenth season and made more appearances in the eleventh series and other seasons, and got a red repaint in the 21st series.

Rosie is based on a USA class 0-6-0 "Dock Tank" engine.



Whiff in Emily's Rubbish

Whiff is a grubby green 2-2-4 rubbish-collecting tank engine with dark green wheels, a NWR number 66 and glasses, the first engine character in the TV series to do so.

In Emily's Rubbish, Emily has to work with Whiff. She is quickly teased for spending time with a smelly engine. But Whiff is the only engine who doesn't mind moving trucks full of rubbish. He shows up and takes the rubbish trucks away for Emily when she can't move them by herself from the path of Spencer, and after this Emily is no longer afraid to call Whiff her friend. Whiff now works at his Waste Dump with Scruff the Scruncher. Whiff seems to have a two-tone whistle, and is the second steam engine in the TV Series to have no side-rods (The first being Fergus).

Whiff is based on the NER 66 Aerolite, found at the National Railway Museum.



Billy in Don't be Silly, Billy

Billy is an orange saddle tank engine with noticeably buckteeth. In Don't be Silly Billy when he first arrived, The Fat Controller asked Thomas to show him the right way to do things, but he thought Thomas was being bossy. He runs off and then runs out of coal and water, Thomas helps him to a station and after that, he doesn't think Thomas is bossy. He was intended to return in "Splish Splash Splosh!" but was replaced by his twin; Charlie.


Main Article: Stanley (TV Series)


Stanley in promo

Stanley is a silver saddle tank engine that was brought to The Fat Controller's Railway to help with the Sodor Day preparations.He Wears an odd chrome finish with red wheels.The other engines took to him because of his willingness to help or to find an engine who could and Thomas became jealous of him,and,to preserve his place in the spotlight,planned a trick to make Stanley look foolish,but when the plan went wrong, Thomas ran away out of shame and became stranded.Stanley came to the rescue, Thomas let go of his jealousy, however on the way, Stanley breaks down and Thomas has his turn to rescue him.They became good friends ever since. Stanley's firebox once went faulty at the crossing because he wouldn't be able to get to the children's winter party and Thomas shunted him to the Steamworks so that Victor could fix him.

He made 3 cameos in three season fourteen episodes "Thomas's Tall Friend", "Merry Winter Wish" and "Thomas and the Snowman Party" and made one in Misty Island Rescue. He also made many cameos in some episodes and specials too.



Hank in Heave Ho Thomas!

Hank resembles a KR Pensy 04.He is a big american engine and only appears at "Heave Ho Thomas". He was originally going to be a Pacific Union Tender Engine.


Flora is a yellow steam tram and she is able to travel on roads and tracks. She has a crush on Duck.


Hiro is an old and wise Japanese tender engine that is discovered by Thomas in Hero of the Rails, Hiro wants to be restored to his former glory, so Thomas and the engines help Hiro, while they are keeping their secret from Spencer and The Fat Controller.


Victor Is a Cuban Red Tank Engine Who Works With Kevin the Crane. He sailed to Sodor with a little Irish engine named Luke, who accidentally knocked him in the sea, but picked up by Cranky and sent to the Steamworks to start his new life.


Charlie Is a purple Saddle Tank Engine With Red Wheels And Number 14. He looks similar to Billy and Stanley. Slated to appear in the Thirteenth Season. He first appears in Playtime.


Scruff 'The scruncher' is a boxy steam engine that is to be introduced in Season 14. He will work at whiff's waste dump with Whiff, he loves been dirty and hates been clean. He is based on a sentinel steam shunter and is painted lime green.

Bash & Dash[]

Bash & Dash are mischievous twins. They finish each other's sentences and were sent to Misty Island because they were too naughty on the mainland.


Ferdinand is a big slow teal climax engine. He lives on Misty Island with Bash and Dash and always says "that's right".


Main Article: Nia (Thomas)

Nia is an orange Kenyan tank engine. She lived on the East African Railway with a Garrett engine named Kwaku until she was acquired by the Fat Controller. She first appeared in Big World! Big Adventures! She is NWR Number 18 and her boyfriend is Edward.


Main Article: Rebecca The Southern Engine

Rebecca is a Southern Railway Bullied Pacific. She became a member of the new Steam Team after promising to keep on time. She first appeared in Season 22 and is North Western Railway number 22 and her boyfriend is Gordon.



Gina is an Italian tank engine who once participated in the Great Railway Show. Sweet and stylish, Gina can match the boys pound for pound when it comes to shunting trucks in the yard. She is very proud of her Italian heritage, and loves working on archaeological digs to uncover more about the history of her cherished homeland. Gina does not suffer fools gladly, and will often grow irritable when someone acts like they know it all - particularly about her areas of expertise. She also doesn't like it when someone implies that she "huffs and puffs". Nonetheless, she is loyal and caring, and will always set grudges aside for the sake of helping others. She also shows that despite Thomas' antics and mishaps, she truly enjoys his visits to Italy since they are good friends. Due to working on archaeological jobs, Gina has devoloped a sense of annoyance towards superstitious beliefs, and often rolls eyes over topics such as luck as she prefers to follow common sense of doing things.

She first appeared in the movie The Great Race and later in the Twenty-Third series and her boyfriend is Percy.


Stepney TTTE 1

Stepney in Rusty to the Rescue

Stepney was saved from scrap by Rusty, and now he works on a distant branch line known as the Bluebell Railway. He wears the cheery yellow livery of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway.

Stepney loves long runs and even pulling trucks. This enthusiastic attitude, together with his friendliness, means that he is always a welcome visitor on the Fat Controller's railway. Although his main role was in the fourth season of the TV Series, he has occasionally visited since, working closely with Rusty and Edward, and occasional relief duties at the quarry.

Stepney is based on the real engine of the same name, an LB&SCR A1 Class 'Terrier' 0-6-0T tank locomotive.

Stepney also appears in Volume 18 of The Railway Series, Stepney The "Bluebell" Engine, as described here.

Stepney first appeared in season 4, but has not been seen since season 7.But he returned in season 12

The Diesel[]


The Diesel in "Bowled Out"

For the Railway Series character, see: D4711

The Diesel (also known as D261 and Class 40) came to Sodor to help out whilst Stepney was on the railway. He did not make a good impression on his arrival, as he told the engines that they should be scrapped and replaced by diesels like him. He soon got his comeuppance when he accidentally sucked in an Inspector's bowler hat during a maintenance check. He left soon afterwards, saying goodbye to no one but leaving two things behind, "a rather nasty smell and a battered bowler hat".

The Diesel only appeared in one Season 4 episode, 'Bowled Out'. He was also seen in the Railway Series, with a yellow face and the (entirely fictitious) number D4.

He is based on a Class 40 diesel locomotive.


Spencer TTTE 1

Spencer in Gordon and Spencer

Spencer is the sleekest and fastest engine ever to visit Sodor, and looks the part with his streamlined silver casing. He is the private engine of the wealthy Duke and Duchess of Boxford. He carries the NWR number 85 although he is a visting engine.

He is also one of the most arrogant engines to visit Sodor, which does not make him popular with the other engines - especially Gordon. However, his pride has been his downfall more than once. First he had to be rescued by Gordon when he ran out of water, then on his next visit he lost a race with Edward, and he lost to Thomas when his boiler was cold when an emergency trip was needed for the Duke. He does not seem to be humbled by his mistakes.

His distinctive shape is that of the LNER Class A4 express engine. Another of these, Mallard, holds the record for being the fastest steam locomotive in the world.

Spencer made his debut in the Season 7 episode "Gordon and Spencer", and made further appearances in Seasons 8, 10, 11, 13, 1415 and 16. He also appears in Hero of the Rails, Misty Island Rescue and King of the Railway.

Spencer should appear in the seventeenth season.

Diesel 10[]


Diesel 10 in Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Diesel 10 is a huge British Rail Class 2 diesel and has a big claw called Pinchy.As in the movie Thomas & the Magic Railroad,Diesel 10 said he had once tried to get Lady,a magical engine who gives The Magic Railroad its gold dust.He said he failed and once again tries to capture Lady-and Thomas too!HE chases them down the track with Pinchy biting at them.But Diesel 10 falls off a broken viaduct into a barge.His sidekicks are Splatter and Dodge but he calls them "Splodge" instead of saying both names.As he fell off the viaduct into the barge,he reappears mysteriously on a hill in the new movie for 2010 Misty Island Rescue.He starts laughing and says "You'll be laughing on the other side your boilers soon stinky steamies!"He starts laughing like an evil diesel would.But in Misty Island Rescue,Splatter and Dodge do not appear sadly.And the rumour has it that in 2011,a movie called Day of the Diesels will be made.Percy gives Thomas to the diesels and who else but Diesel 10 holds him captive in a new place,the Dieselworks,a diesel repair shed like the Sodor Steamworks but the Sodor Steamworks are obviously only for steam engines.Soon Percy and the others save Thomas finding out that the diesels only wanted the rusty old Dieselworks to be restored.



Lady in Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Lady is a tank engine. Lady holds the Magic Railroad together - she emits colorful shavings that turn into gold dust. Because of this, she is kept hidden in Burnett Stone's workshop in Muffle Mountain after Diesel 10 made her crash. Stone repaired her, but she would not run. Eventually, his granddaughter Lily suggested using Sodor coal, which finally allowed her to make steam and return to the Island of Sodor. Diesel 10 found Lady, and chased her and Thomas. Thomas and Lady outran him, however, leaving him to his fate. It was found that Lady was the source of Mr. Conductor's gold dust. She was voiced by Britt Allcroft. Lady later appeared in Calling All Engines! She appeared in Thomas' dream alongside Rusty, telling him how to get the airport finished. In the Calling All Engines DVD's Character Gallery, Lady is mentioned as "... a magical engine. When she moves along the rails, she spreads gold dust with her special powers. Lady has been known to help Thomas and his friends when there was no other engine to turn to..." Lady is a classical Quarry shunter similar to Captain Baxter but is more like an LSWR B4 Class one is preseved at the Bluebell Railway it's named Nomandy. And Henry is her boyfriend.

Splatter & Dodge[]


Splatter & Dodge In Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Splatter & Dodge (AKA Splodge) are the two bumbling sidekicks of Diesel 10. He collectively refers to them as "Splodge" claiming that saying both their names takes too long. Although the other engines do fear them, they do not have the intelligence or villainy to match Diesel 10. Splatter is purple and more talkative than Dodge. Dodge is olive and slightly more intelligent than Splatter but then who can tell? The two grow disdain for him at the end of the film, abandoning Diesel 10 to catch Lady on his own. The two are based on British Rail Class 08 shunters. They are the fourth and fifth members of the Diesel Team. Their whereabouts at the end of the film are unknown. Splatter was voiced by Neil Crone and Dodge by Kevin Frank. They both share the same models as Arry and Bert.