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Raceconflicts banner.jpg
Free MMORPG web browser-based game

Free, web-based, browser game

Welcome to the Race Conflicts universe! Join other adventurous players, in a tight, ever-evolving race to become the ruler of the realms within Raceconflict's world. But a few words on the game itself: Raceconflicts is a game with very few constraints, in which you can become a feared warrior, a highly developed city builder, or a seeker of knowledge as you please. The game has it's own time, seasons, weather, and a fully developed universe, still growing and expanding. By becoming an explorer of this world, you will start with few resources, but a wide range of possibilities. Your actions define your development, and the gameplay experience thus varies from one player to another. Other features include: 8 unique races, 3 different classes of military units, gods, religion, health, food production, mercs, spies, and various army and city upgrades.

Getting started

To play Race Conflicts you are required to create an account. You can create an account easily by clicking the Register Button on the main page.

Step 1

You are next required to enter a username, valid e-mail address, and a password. Your username is the name under which the players of the Race Conflicts will recognize you. The e-mail address is required for registering, and within the next 30 min after registering you will receive a message that will announce that your account was created. You will also recieve a link to activate your account before starting to play. The password is for securing your account so no one will access the account but you.

Step 2

Next you must fill the required fields with your name, gender, birth date and country, this information is for statistic purposes only.

Step 3

If you are to play the game you MUST agree to the Terms of Use and the Rules. Please read them before you start playing.

Activating your account

Your membership information will be mailed to your email address. Please check it and follow the directions.

Choosing your race and hero

Raceconflicts provides you with 8 types of races. The only thing that defers between races is the maximum STATS that your hero can have.

The Maximum Hero Stats of each race are as follows:

Raceconflicts human.jpg

Human : As one of the first races, humans decided to develop their skills in equal measure, not knowing what the future holds for them. Although overall balanced, humans developed instinctively very good communication skills, both between humans, as well as their neighbors. The human hero is a versatile opponent, or a good ally.
Maximum stats they can reach: ST:10 IN:10 AG:10 EN:10 PE:10 CH:10 LK:10

Raceconflicts dwarf.jpg

Dwarf : The dwarves, mocked by all races due to their nature, fled to the depths of ground, in caves they found or dug themselves. As ages passed by, they became aggressive, capricious and untrustworthy. Yet, forced by situation, became excellent craftsmen and are well-known for their forging skills.
Maximum stats they can reach: ST:15 IN:7 AG:5 EN:25 PE:8 CH:5 LK:5

Raceconflicts elf.jpg

Elf : It is said that elves are the embodiment of nature. Their philosophy, conduct, behavior are an extent of the everlasting forests. Kind to those that mind the life, they are ruthless to those who cross them, excellent warriors, sharpshooters, but mostly stealthy creatures, the guardians of green life are a breed onto themselves, and few lived to tale their combative spirit.
Maximum stats they can reach: ST:6 IN:12 AG:12 EN:6 PE:12 CH:12 LK:10

Raceconflicts nightelf.jpg

NightElf : The nightelves started out as banned warriors from among the Mighty Elves, but grew in number, as their thirst for battle is well-known. Some say that if they have no quarrel, they will make one. Warriors of the shadow, they strike silent and deep, with mystic weapons, imbued with, ones say, dark magic.
Maximum stats they can reach: ST:10 IN:12 AG:12 EN:8 PE:10 CH:10 LK:8

Raceconflicts orc.jpg

Orc : A race of immemorial times, they are sworn enemies of humanity, but will take up on anyone just as well. They are brutal beasts, and what they lack in more pacific skills, they compensate by raw strength, as they are said to live only for a worthy death in battle. Their most treasured prize is the skulls of their enemies, which they proudly wear and display.
Maximum stats they can reach: ST:17 IN:8 AG:6 EN:17 PE:7 CH:5 LK:10

Raceconflicts goblin.jpg

Goblin : If someone would be a great inventor and vicious merchant, you would be looking at a goblin. The goblins are as inventive as mean, as playful as competitive. They are no true warriors, as they hire others to fight their battles. But have no equal in number of skills, and if there is anything you desire, anything at all, you should see a goblin's shop.
Maximum stats they can reach: ST:5 IN:17 AG:17 EN:5 PE:9 CH:5 LK:12

Raceconflicts undead.jpg

Undead : It is said that great warriors are great even in death. Some are even after death. From beyond the grave, the dark armies arouse to end all life, and there is little you can do to stop them. How do you kill someone who is already dead?!?! Not to mention the horror countless walking bones bring to the hearts of even the bravest soldier.
Maximum stats they can reach: ST:15 IN:9 AG:7 EN:17 PE:9 CH:5 LK:9

Raceconflicts deamon.jpg

Demon : All chaos' might and power was not enough to hold within the burning legion of the demons. Bringing death and destruction, the demons scorch everything in their way, the perfect army, with sole purpose to conquer world after world at all costs. And they arrived in to this world as well. If they will be stopped or not, is a question nobody has an answer to.
Maximum stats they can reach: ST:19 IN:5 AG:9 EN:19 PE:5 CH:5 LK:5

Time, Years, Seasons & Weather


Time has a very important role.
4 in game-days means one real day so one in game day lasts 6 real hours.
One day has a day period and a night period.
The day and night duration varies with the seasons, so longer days are in the summer and shorter days are in the winter.

  • Below is a table with day - night duration:
    • winter: 7:00-17:00 (10h day - 14h night)
    • spring: 7:00-19:00 (12h day - 12h night)
    • summer: 6:00-20:00 (14h day - 10h night)
    • autumn: 6:00-18:00(12h day - 12h night)


One year has 12 months, from month 1 to month 12.
Each year gives various bonuses.

Year of the Snake - +50% spy offence
Year of the Boar - +50% food bonus
Year of the Rabbit - +50% population per turn
Year of the Horse - +50% wood bonus, +50% stone bonus
Year of the Rat - -30% health, +50% spy defence
Year of the Cat - +50% health
Year of the Ox - +50% income, +50% trade
Year of the Ant - -50% weapon price, -50% building cost
Year of the Tiger - +50% offence
Year of the Turtle - +50% defence
Year of the Fox - +50% more experience
Year of the Pig - -50% soldier price, -50% mercenary price, -30% mercenary payments


Each year has 4 seasons and they give smaller bonuses in various aspects:

spring - -10% offence, +20% population bonus, +20% stone mining
summer - +10% food, -10% health, +10% trade
autumn - +30% income, +30% food, +30% trade, +20% spy offence
winter - -20% offence, +20% defence, -10% income, -20% food, +30% health, -20% trade, -20% population per turn, +10% wood bonus, -10% stone mining, +10 spy offence, -10% spy defence


Each day can have different weather from calm days to windy days and even storms and blizzards.

  • clear day - It's a good day for battle (no penalties)
  • stormy day - Archers cannot aim properly because of the wind (-50% offence and defence of all archers, -30% to crossbowman)
  • windy - Archers cannot aim properly because of the wind (-20% to all archers)
  • cold - All soldiers except spearman, skirmisher, pikeman have reduced damage (-20% offence and defence)
  • blizzard - This is not a good day for battle. Mercenaries refuse to even go out on the battlefield (all soldiers -50% offence and defence, mercenaries -80% offence and defence)
  • hot day - Heavy armored soldiers can't even breathe in their tank armor (pikeman, two handed swordman, champion, knight cannot fight well because of the heat)

Nobility titles

The nobility of a person might be either inherited or earned. You can have one of these six titles: Knight, Baron, Duke, Lord, Count, Taioseach and gain permanent bonuses to offence, defence and/or other aspects of your kingdom.

These titles will be given only to the most worthy among rulers to offer prestige and as a sign of recognition of the ruler's deeds.


Knighthood is a recognition of achievements, for those who have proved themselves loyal to the kingdom, by their actions raising the kingdom's status and earning appreciation from it's realm.

income +10%, food +10%, stone +30%, wood +30%, pop per turn +10%, trade transactions +10%


Level 8 or above required
Have at least 3 hero skills above 50
Win 300 battles.
Slay at least 9 monsters.
Have at least 50 extra houses.
Have at least 5 researches of level 9


Barony is the first step raising from the crowds; passionate of kind and beauty, aspiring for better.

income +20%, food +10%, stone +40%, wood +40%, pop per turn +10%, trade transactions +10%, soldier price -10%


Level 22 or above required
Have at least 3 hero skills above 65
Have Sneak or Sentinel hero skill above 30
Have a spy commander level 6 or above
Win 1300 battles.
Win at least 50 battles against a Knight or above.
Win at least 10 battles against each 5 different Knights or above.
Slay at least 32 monsters.
Have at least 120 extra houses.
Have at least 7 researches of level 21


Consequent in actions, bold and intelligent, the duke is someone admired by local rulers, favored by priests and respected by military councils.

spy offence +10%, spy defence +10%, income +30%, food +20%, stone +50%, wood +50%, pop per turn +20%, trade transactions +20%, building price -10%, weapon price -10%, soldier price -10%, mercenary price -10%, mercenary maintainance -10%, number of spy missions +10%


Level 35 or above required.
Have at least 7 hero skills above 70.
Have Sneak or Sentinel hero skill above 50.
Have a spy commander level 10 or above.
Win 5000 battles.
Win at least 200 battles against a Baron or above.
Win at least 10 battles against each 4 different Barons or above.
Slay at least 60 monsters.
Have at least 210 extra houses.

Have at least 9 researches of level 35.

Have researches worth 5.574.600.000 research points or above.
Be undefeated in battle for at least 4 months.
Have 200 consecutive wins.
Have 300 consecutive wins in attack.

12 months without weakness.

18 months without plague.
10 months with health over 70%.
12 months without fires.
12 months without collapses.
8 months with life over 70%.


Lord is a title desired by those who prove outstanding valor, untainted judgement, and compassion for all living creatures, as well as their rights and possessions.

offence +10%, defence +10%, spy offence +15%, spy defence +15%, income +40%, food +30%, stone +60%, wood +60%, pop per turn +30%, trade transactions +20%, health +10%, building price -10%, weapon price -10%, soldier price -10%, mercenary price -10%, mercenary maintainance -10%, number of spy missions +20%


As years go by, one's actions and words become more and more appreciated, and power no longer is measured, in strength of body and possessions, but strength of mind.

offence +20%, defence +20%, spy offence +15%, spy defence +15%, income +50%, food +40%, stone +80%, wood +80%, pop per turn +40%, trade transactions +30%, health +15%, building price -15%, weapon price -15%, soldier price -15%, mercenary price -10%, mercenary maintainance -10%, number of spy missions +25%


It is said that the rulers of this world, and many others, left behind instructions and knowledge to a few wise men. since then, they are respected throughout the world, and only few of the elders become such governors.

offence +30%, defence +30%, spy offence +20%, spy defence +20%, income +60%, food +50%, stone +100%, wood +100%, pop per turn +50%, trade transactions +50%, health +20%, building price -20%, weapon price -20%, soldier price -20%, mercenary price -20%, mercenary maintainance -20%, number of spy missions +50%


IMPORTANT: You will have access to health screen only at level 5 to make your kingdom cleaner and healthier. Only at level 12 will your kingdom suffer because of low health so get prepared until then.

Low health can bring diseases to your kingdom. There are 2 diseases: weakness and plague.

  • Weakness - All soldiers will feel too weak to fight (-50% offence and defence).You need to have under 70% health to have a chance to get weakness.
  • Plague - Dead animals and corpses lie everywhere. People are dying in the streets. (20% of your population will die). You need to have under 35% health to have a chance of getting plague.
  • Getting Started:

First you need to build some buildings. There is no limit to how many buildings you can have but their cost will rise every time a new building of the same type is built.
To reduce their cost you need to increase your Build hero skill (this reduction is applied to the already increased price so the price will not necesary be lower but will certainly be lower then what it would have been without this skill).
You will notice "built:20/6": this means you have 20 buildings but only 6 are enough to reach maximum efficency so the other 14 have no point.
After your structures are built you need to hire some employees. Your goal is to have efficency:100% for each type of building. Even having efficency = 100% this doesn't mean that your overall health must be 100%. It will most likely be less then 100% because there are other factors that will influence health like seasons, years and not all of your population will have access to these facilities no matter how hard you try.

  • Buildings:
Raceconflicts apueduct.jpg Aqueduct

 Stone: 25             An aqueduct is an artificial channel through which water is conducted 
  Wood: 0               to the place where it is used. Most aqueducts of ancient times were built

  Gold: 15000           of stone and bricks. They are used for bringing fresh water to cities.

  employees: 8
Raceconflicts bath.jpg Bath   
  Stone: 40             Only rich people afford to have a private bath in their home but most   
  Wood: 0               people go to a public bath for cleaning.   
  Gold: 20000   
  employees: 4
Raceconflicts barber.jpg Barber's Shop   
  Stone: 15             People who want to have their hair cut or their beards trimmed or curled and    
  Wood: 15              scented with costly essences, come to this shops. And, incidentally, they come    
  Gold: 6000            to discuss the news of the day, because the barber shops are the headquarters    
  employees: 4                                            for social, political, and sporting news.
Raceconflicts fountain.jpg Fountain   
  Stone: 5              Clean water for drinking   
  Wood: 5   
  Gold: 3000   
  employees: 2
Raceconflicts hole.jpg Holes   
  Stone: 0              Dead rats, dirt, dead beggars must go somewhere and not laying in the streets   
  Wood: 15   
  Gold: 8000   
  employees: 4
Raceconflicts hospital.jpg Hospital   
  Stone: 50             Built mainly for soldiers but even the poor people can receive services at these    
  Wood: 50              hospitals. They receive free medical treatment.   
  Gold: 40000   
  employees: 30


Available at level 17.

There are 4 gods:

Raceconflicts god of war.jpg God of War

- Permanent bonus to offence and defence.

- Bless & Curse - Doesn't give any blesses or curses.

Raceconflicts god of love.jpg Goddess of Love

- Permanent bonus to population per turn.

- Bless & Curse - Gives or takes population or gives extra houses.

Raceconflicts god of craftsmen.jpg God of Craftsmen

- Permanent bonus to weapons price.

- Bless & Curse - Gives or takes weapons.

Raceconflicts god of wealth.jpg God of Wealth

- Permanent bonus to income.

- Bless & Curse - Gives or takes money or land. (the money goes directly in the bank)

The gods can be : angry( -10% ) , upset ( -5% ) , neglected ( -2% ), content ( 0% ) , pleased ( +2% ) , happy ( +5% ) , joyful ( +7% ), exalted ( +10% ) An exalted god will give a 10% bonus to his domain but an angry god will cripple you with -10%.

The gods give blesses only if they are exalted, and give curses only if they are angry. To get the gods exalted you can hold festivals or sacrifice people. A sacrifice of 120 people is equal to a grand festival.

You wil need 1 temple for every 4000 people . After you build some temples you need to hire some priests to serve your people. Depending on your temple efficiency the gods mood will deteriorate faster:

100% efficiency - A god will need 100 turns to change his mood and he will never get below content.

0% efficency - A god's mood will deteriorate quicker, only 10 turns will be needed.


Temple of War

Stone: 500             
Wood: 50      People pray here for death and destruction of their enemies
Gold: 30000
employees: 16
[../../../../../../../wiki/file:Templewar.gif ModifyDeletemove] Temple of Love        
 Stone: 500                     
 Wood: 50      People pray here to be happy and heatlhy                 
 Gold: 30000                   
 employees: 16
ModifyDeletemove Temple of Craftsmen        
 Stone: 500                     
 Wood: 50      Nothing is better than a good sword forged from a blessed iron                 
 Gold: 30000                   
 employees: 16
ModifyDeletemove Temple of Wealth        
 Stone: 500                     
 Wood: 50      Pray here you greedy ruler                 
 Gold: 30000                   
 employees: 16


IMPORTANT: Available at level 22 and above. Till then your people will always be happy no matter what you do.

A crowded kingdom, high unemployment, bad wages, misery, and furious gods will make your people very upset. Thieves and criminals will walk your streets doing anything for some coins. Riots may occur, with people mad about your leadership.
You can improve your kingdom's living conditions and make your people happier. But why to do that when you have your soldiers. You can always rule with an iron fist.

Unrest is influenced by a lot of factors:

1. Health
2. Religion
3. Your people(unemployed people especially, 
   but also employeed people depending on what type of job they have)
4. Soldiers in your city(more the better)

In perfect conditions(clean city, happy gods) you still need 20 elite soldiers at every 1000 people to maintain order.

Unrest won't get better instantly, it will get better or worse over time.


Spy commander
You can hire 3 spy commanders. Every comander has a specialization that gives an extra bonus in the spy missions. To execute a spy mission you need at least 1 spy commander. That commander must be at least the same level as the difficulty of the spy mission which you want to attempt.
To execute a spy mission you also need at least the number of spies that the mission requires (between 15 and 75). If you have more spies you have a higher chance of a successful mission. A mission can fail even if you have more spies than your enemies senteniels. To reduce the cost of spies you can improve your Hero's skill "Mercenary".

Spy missions
You can spy every enemy 10 times every 24 hours. Your spy missions per turn are equal to the number of players in your range X 0.10. To get more spy missions you can research "Spy Missions Research". Your maximum spy missions is equal to your spy missions per turn X 10. You can only spy on the players that are in your range (6 levels below or above you). At the spy menu you can find descriptions of all the spy missions.

The success of your mission is influenced by many factors. It is influenced directly by the difference between your Spy Offense Research and the enemy Spy Defense Research, the difference between your hero skills (Sneak) and the enemy hero skills (Sentinel) and difference between your commander's experience and the enemy's best commander's experience. Of course you still need to have higher Spy Offense then the enemy Spy Defense.

Having a spy offense higher then the enemy spy defense isn't enough to win (You can still win but it's harder) You also need to have higher Spy Offense Research than the Spy Defense Research of the enemy, a higher hero skill than the enemy and a better commander.

Having thousands of spies will provide a high spy offense, maybe higher than the enemy's but the quality of your spies matters too. If enemy senteniels are of better quality(High level of Spy Defense Research, High Sentinel hero skill) and yours sucks, your brute high number of spies won't help you much even though your spy offense is higher than your enemy spy defense.

Tech raid
You can steal a technology from somebody only if that person has that technology at a higher level than yours. (this kind of information can be seen with Tech Agent). To steal a part of that technology you must first complete that research. Then you do a Tech Raid mission and you will (hopefully) steal a part of that technology.


Getting started
First you need to hire some scientists. Each scientist will cost 1000 gp. Each scientist will bring you research points every turn. The higher your level, the more efficent the scientists will be. You can have only a limited amount of scientists (a percentage of your current maximum population) To increase this limit buy the next level of your research center. Your reasearch center's maximum level is 3.

Raceconflicts research center.jpg Reasearch center
- there are 3 levels available - each one will increase the upper limit of your scientists (how many scientists can work for you):

level 0 - 10% of your maximum population can be hired as scientists

level 1 - 20% of your maximum population can be hired as scientists

level 2 - 30% of your maximum population can be hired as scientists

level 3 - 40% of your maximum population can be hired as scientists

- each scientist will cost you 1000gp to hire and will provide research points according to your hero level. Every scientest must be payed with a certain amount of gold per turn. The scientests will be paid every turn with 5 gold X your hero level. You don't have to pay them the sum they ask but they will work less efficently. To pay with the maximum amount of money you can afford click the SET MAX button.

- the more scientists you have, the more research points per turn you will get and faster the reasearch will be completed

- you need to have unworking people available to hire them

-To begin the research of the next level of a technology, click buy

-each research costs gold, wood, stone, and research points. This cost has a direct connection to your research level and NOT with your hero level, so no matter what hero level you are all researches will cost the same

- if you are level 1 it is theoretically posible to have a research level 60 but it will take you years to research one yourself

- if you are level 50, you will probably need only one turn to get a research level 1 but many days to get to research level 30 and maybe even more to research level 50.

Types of researches

  • Weapon Improvments

- bow training , sword training , pike training . Every research level will give you a +1% offence and defence bonus to the soldiers that are using that weapon .

  • Phisical Training :

- Soldiers offence ( Strenght training , agility training ) . Every research level will give +1% to the offence of soldiers

- Soldiers deffence ( Agility training , endurance training ) . Every research level will give +1% deffence to the defence of soldiers .

- Mercenary - every reasearch level will give +1% offence and defence to mercenaries. maximum level : 60

- Monster slayer - every reasearch level will give +1% to your power in the battles with monsters.

  • Spy research :

- Spy offence : every research level will give +1% to spy offence bonus .

- Spy defence : every research level will give +1% to spy deffence bonus .

- Spy missions research : every research level will give +2% to the nr of spy missions per turn .

- Monster Scouting : every research level will give +2% to the precision of scouting informations about the monster . A monster scouting with a low reasearch level isn't very acurate .

  • Economy Improvements

Mining - every research will give you +1 to all mines. maximum level : 3

Agriculture- every research will give you +1 to productivity of your worker per turn . maximum level : 3 .

Trading - every research will give you +2% more transactions per turn , what means you can sell and buy more .

Coins - every research will give you -1% to the comission of evry bank transaction . maximum level : 3

Landowner - every research will give you +2% to the land seling price and will make the land you buy to be cheaper . maximum level : 50

Woodsman - at every reasearch you can extract with +2% more wood every turn .

Masoning - at every reasearch you can extract with +2% more stone every turn .

  • City Improvements

- Man at Arms : evry reasearch will give you a +1% to the deffence of unarmead population .

- House Construction : evry reasearch will bring you +1 residents in evry house you got . maximum level : 30

- Health : evry reasearch will give you +1% health . maximum level : 30

Research Queue

You can put a max of 2 researches in the research queue. You must pay the money in advance for the researches in the moment you put them in the queue. If you want to cancel a research from the queue that hasn't started yet, you wil get all your money back and it will be put directly into the bank.

Spy missions that influence reasearch

Tech Sabotage- will destroy a part of the target's curent reasearch. If the enemy isn't doing any reasearch, then you won't have anything to destroy

Tech Agent - Aquire top secret information about enemy research. It will tell you what technology your enemy is researching in that moment, and what reasearches he already has.

Tech Raid - You can steal a tehnology from somebody only if that person has that technology at a higher level then yours. (You can see this information with the "Tech Agent" spy mission). To steal a part of that tehnology you must first begin that reasearch. Then you do the Tech Raid mission and you might steal a part of that technology. You can also steal an entire technology, but it is very hard, and depends on the specialization and level of your commander.


Attack Kingdoms

  • To attack a kingdom you need at least 6 soldiers.

  • You can attack any kingdom that is in your range (maximum of 6 levels above or below you)

  • From every attack you can win money, land and experience. The money you win in a fight is influenced by the difference between your offence and your enemies defence. For example, if your offence is 5 times bigger then your enemy's defence is very probable that after the attack that you will steal 80% of his gold. But if the difference between you and your enemy is very little then you will win only a small sum of money.

Fatigue and Morale

  • Your maximum number of attacks are influenced by your fatigue. When you reach a fatigue of -100 your soldiers will be to tired to attack. Also, you can't attack when you have less then -75 fatigue and less then -50 morale.

  • Your fatigue and your morale are influenced only by the results of the battles in this way:

- If you win when attacking you will gain 2 morale and lose 2 fatigue

- If you lose when attacking you will lose 3 morale and 3 fatigue

- If you win when defending you will gain 1 morale and lose 1 fatigue

- If you lose when defending you will lose 1 morale and 1 fatigue
- Also, your fatigue and morale have a big influence on the bonus to your attack and defense. If you have a fatigue of 100 (fresh), then you will have a +20% bonus, but if your soldiers have a fatigue of -100 then you will have a -20% bonus. In the same way, if you have a morale of 100 (perfect), then you will have a +20% bonus, but if your morale is 0 you will have a -20% bonus.


  • There are 2 methods to gain experience:

1. Attacking kingdoms - You will gain experience for every attack. The experience you win in a fight is influenced by the number the soldiers you have, for instance you will win more experience if you have more soldiers. This is no longer true for mercenaries.

2. Experience per turn - If you have a small army, a big economy and many reasearches, you will have a high experience per turn. A large number of mercenaries will drastically reduce your experience per turn. You can't advance a level with the experience per turn, however. When you reach 1 experience to level up, then you will have to attack somebody to advance to the next level. Also you can't advance a level with a defensive victory.

  • Advantages of gaining experience:

With the experience you gained, you can advance levels. Any level you advanced gives you:

- The ability to build 3 more houses, some population upgrades, and 2 Woodcutters and Quarries

- 15 hero points

- Access to new offensive buildings, defensive buildings, and various other upgrades (like mines)

Attacking Monsters

  • Monsters will spawn every day.
  • You can attack only 3 monsters per level.
  • You can't attack a monster more then once because your soldiers will be too afraid to attack him again.
  • You can't attack a monster that is already dead. (duh)
  • You can only attack the monsters that are at the same level as you.
  • You will attack with your offence + defence.
  • In a victorious attack against the monster you will win money, experience, weapons, and hero skill points.
  • If in a attack you don't kill the monster, you will still wound him. However, he will regenerate slowly over time.
  • To see your chances of defeating a monster you can scout and look at the Scout Report. However, this is only 60% accurate , so the information that the scouts are giving you could be false. To make the scouting more correct, you can research the Monster Scouting technology. At level 50, your Monster Scouting will be perfect, and will give you a perfect report.
  • To be more powerful in the fights with monsters you can research the Monster Slayer technology. With this technology you will get a random bonus to your attack power vs monsters depending on your research level.