Improvised Weapons

Damage: Unlike real weapons, improvised weapons are not designed to absorb damage. They tend to shatter, bend, crumple, or fall apart after a few blows. An improvised weapon has a 50% chance of breaking each time it deals damage or, in the case of thrown objects, strikes a surface (such as a wall) or an object larger than itself.

Big Club (Baseball Bat, etc.) 1d8
Bottle 1d6
Burning Torch 1d6
Chain 1d4
Chair 1d6+1
Chair Leg 1d6
Cricket Bat 1d8
Crowbar 1d6+1
Fireplace Poker 1d8
Frying Pan 1d6+1
Hammer/Wrench 1d6
Hatchet 1d6+1
Heavy Epee 1d6+2
Heavy Iron Pipe 1d8
Hedge Clippers 1d6+1
Ice Pick 1d4
Live Wire (110 volts.) 1d8+ Stuns
Mace (Spray) Stuns 5d6 rounds
Machete 1d8
Meat Cleaver 1d6+1
Molotov Cocktail 2d6
Pickaxe 1d8+2
Pitchfork 1d8+1
Plank 1d8
Nightstick 1d6+1
Rapier 1d6+1
Scissors 1d6
Shovel 1d8
Sickle 1d6+1
Scythe 2d6+1
Slingshot 1d6+1
Small Club 1d6
Spear/Pike 1d10+2
Taser (contact) 1d3 + Stun
Thrown Rock 1d4
Wood Axe 1d8+2

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