The pubwan movement is currently in its infancy. It has not yet developed any technologies. For the purpose of this discussion, "pubwan technology" should be taken to mean "technology of interest to the pubwan movement." The notion of technology developed within the pubwan movement, while probably improbable, probably shouldn't be ruled out just yet.

(begin first person singular mode)

Until the pubwan movement is a movement of more than one I will have an annoying tendency toward use of the second person plural in a royal sense. I realize that this practice is a royal pain. For this reason, I have decided to introduce the notational convention parenthesized above.

For the record, I am lorraine lee, mother of pubwan. pub wan is not really a movement, but a personal ideology. pubwan wiki is not really a wiki, but the result of my getting a round tuit and downloading a copy of emacs wiki.

I'm too much of a cheapskate to get internet access, let alone CGI access. This yahoo geo cities® property is maintained by sneakernet. For this opportunity I wish to thank not only Yahoo!, but also Macomb Community College. Unlike arch-rival Oakland Community College, their library system makes the internet available not only to people formerly affiliated with the college, but with the undifferentiated public. Unlike most public libraries in the Detroit area, they even offer the public access to the internet on non-diskless workstations.

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What kind of technology, you might ask, is of interest to the pubwan mooovement? The short answer is...appropriate technology. In the previous paragraph we identify a specific technology (sneakernet) as appropriate, and applaud one of our favorite organizations for implementing it.

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Some technologies that I have identified as being of interest to the pubwan movement include the following:

  • data capture
  • data entry
  • data mining
  • decision support
  • humyn nutrition
  • tekram research

(Tekram research is to vendor as market research is to consumer)

  • architecture and urban planning

Nutrition and architecture are seen as of especial interest as food and housing are economic necessities. It is my belief that development of advanced decision support research capability outside the for-profit sector is most urgently needed in the area of necessity goods.

This could be advantageous for public relations as well as conscientious reasons. It might be easier to persuade some blue or brown faction people of the possibility of there being such a thing as too proprietary an informational social contract if large numbers of people see classified/proprietary knowledge as a barrier to something as basic as feeding or sheltering oneself.

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