Programmes from Alton Towers is a fan fiction imagining of a UK DVD release


  1. Make Way for Noddy - Goblins Above
  2. Kipper - Tiger's Rocket
  3. Teletubbies - Larette Tap Dancing
  4. Brum - Brum and the Airport Adventure
  5. Pingu - Pingu in the Ice Cave
  6. Tweenies - Milo's Sweets
  7. Postman Pat - Postman Pat In a Muddle
  8. Thomas and Friends - Rusty and the Boulder
  9. Peppa Pig - Captain Daddy Pig
  10. Fireman Sam - Lost in the Fog


  • Thomas episode narrated by Michael Angelis
  • This DVD will be released in 10th February 2015 by Abbey Home Media

Front Cover

  • Noddy, Kipper, Dipsy, Brum, Pingu, Milo, Bella, Max, Pat, Thomas, Rusty, Peppa and Sam at Alton Towers

Back Cover

  • Rusty from "Rusty and The Boulder"
  • Milo in Candyland from "Milo's Sweets"
  • Kipper on The Phone from "Tiger's Rocket"

Main Menu

  • Play All
  • Episode Selection
  • Interactive Map - Rides with Character Profiles in them.
  • Subtitles (On/Off)

Episode Selection

  • Each episode has still images.


  1. Goblins Above - Goblins in Noddy's Plane
  2. Tiger's Rocket - Kipper, Pig, Arnold and Tiger
  3. Larette Tap Dancing - Teletubbies
  4. Brum and The Airport Adventure - Brum
  5. Pingu in the Ice Cave - Pingu and Pingo in the Ice Cave
  6. Milo's Sweets - Milo in Candyland
  7. Postman Pat in a Muddle - Postman Pat
  8. Rusty and The Boulder - Thumper
  9. Captain Daddy Pig - Peppa and her Family on Grandpa Pig's Boat
  10. Lost in the Fog - Norman and Dilys