There are no known causes for Desmoplastic small round cell tumor. It is not known if the disease is genetic or environmental or a combination of each.

The disease is thought to be a chimeric (a cross between two other cancers, ie, shares characteristics with both)disease between Wilm's Tumor and Ewing's Sarcoma. At the moment there has not been any research done to determine the importance of this relationship.

The following is all speculative and taken from the DSRCT Yahoo groups conversations

Speculative Causes or Triggers

1. Virus that all patients had in common?

2. Radiation/nuclear plant/nuclear emissions/waste?

3. Prozac, drugs?

4. Industrial pollution, paper mills, cement plant within 5 miles, living downwind from industrial polluters?

5. Mother had amniocentesis during pregnancy. Mother over the age of 35 at conception and birth of patient?

6. Allergy trigger cancer?

7. Genetic?

8. Asbestos related?

9. Environmental related?

10. Testosterone - too much or too little? Connection?

11. Develops from nerve tissue

12. Thyroid related?

13. Hormone related?

14. Genetic? A common ancester?

15. Growth related - growth spurts in adolesencents.

16. An accident or a trauma to the body?

17. Common vaccinations?

Odd Connections

1. Jay Daunoras, Chris Carfi , and Jeff Adomanis all lived 5 miles from each other. Landfill in same area.


2. William Klopper, Matt Berra, Marc Briscoe and Patrick McGill all live within 40 miles of Rancho Seco, a Nuclear Generating Station that closed down in 1989.

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