General workflow of faq.php

  • Initialize
  • Determine mode based on passed variable(from url) and add corresponding language item
  • Grab data from language pack and fit them into an array
  • Output data to template class
  • Output the page

Detailed anaylsis of the code

Line 1 to 21 : These are the common task done in a frontend file.

Line 23 : Get variable 'mode' that was passed by GET method.

Line 25 to 37 : Load the corresponding language files into the user object.

First, switch according to the mode variable that we just get. In case of 'bbcode', we load language file bbcode, and set the page title accrodingly, in all other cases we load the default faq language file and set the title as language item 'FAQ'.

Line 40 to 44 : Initialize some loop index and the array to hold the data.

(Stub, feel free to edit)