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phpBB functions quick reference

This page will contain an exhaustive list of functions that appear in phpBB2.1/3 , and each entry consists of the usage, a short description, and simple examples. Feel free to add, correct, and edit things!


Usage : gen_rand_string($num_chars)

Description : Return a random alphanumeric(Limitation: there are no small letters) string of length $num_chars, using time as seed for the random number generator.

Example :

$suggested_password = gen_rand_string(14);
echo $suggested_password; // sample output 'EKS973NVOS0EQ1'


Usage : get_userdata($user)

Description : Return the row with user_id $user or username $user in table phpbb_users. Return false if failed.

Example :

$data = get_userdata(4); // $data will contain the row with user_id 4
$data = get_userdata(John); // $data will contain the row with username John


Usage : request_var($var_name, $default [, $multibyte = false])

Description : Return $var_name that is passed through GET or POST. Return $default if the requested variable does not exist or the type of $var_name(not the type of the variable's name, but type of the content of variable) conflict with that of $default(array versus non-array). Also notice the result will get converted to be the same type as $default.

Example :

Suppose the url called is test.php?id=2654001&name=Jimmy

echo request_var('id', "0"); // output '2654001'
echo request_var('password', "nothing"); // output 'nothing'


Usage : set_config($config_name, $config_value [, $is_dynamic = false])

Description : In table phpbb_config, update the row with config_name $config_name to have config_value as $config_value. It will create this row if it doesn't exist.

Example :

set_config(allow_bbcode, 1); // set the row with config_name "allow_bbcode" to have config_value as 1


Usage : set_var(&$result, $var, $type [,$multibyte = false])

Description : Set $result to be $var of type $type. If type is string, it will replace linebreaks, special characters, backslashes, and remove excess space at the start or the end.

Example :

set_var($score, 36.1, "int");
echo $score; // outputs '36'
set_var($message, '   Hello \r, world', "string");
echo $message; // output 'Hello \n, world'


Usage : unique_id()

Description : Return a more random unique id, using time as seed.

Example : (Help needed in determining the length of output)

$id = unique_id();
echo $id; // sample output