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This page is for information regarding the Pentax K10D firmware and its execution. Anyone may contribute but please do check that the item you are adding hasn't been posted already. Wading through the disassembly of an 8MB file is quite enough fun without duplicated information.

If you have corrected information, by all means modify what is here. Please try to avoid posting any actual code or data as this may be a violation of copyright. Post addresses and their descriptions only, or any other hardware information as it is found.



Much of the information in this section is speculation. Little has been found about the actual components of the K10D, but based on components from the GX10 and various web searches, this is what has been pieced together:

  1. Main processor: Fujitsu Milbeaut MB91683 Fujitsu 32bit FR series processor.
    1. Hardware reference
    2. MB91683/MB91686 Overview
  2. ADC: Proprietary: PRiME. (Likely to be a licensed, possibly modified NuCore NDX-2240


  1. Firmware image layout
  2. Vector table (TBR)
  3. Memory layout
  4. Rule 34's Current .MAP (11/13/2007)


  1. A Fujitsu FR disassembler in ANSI C