The P5 is currently compatible with PC Windows 98 and higher and MAC 9 and below although no current MAC software is available.


Finger Sensor Specs

   * 5 independent finger measurements
   * 0.5 degree resolution (0-90 degree range)

Tracking System Specs

   * Patent pending optical tracking system
   * 3-4 foot range from receptor that allows unlimited range from monitor/game console
   * 60Hz refresh rate
   * 6 degrees of freedom (yaw/pitch/roll/x/y/z)

XYZ Specs

   * 0.125 inch resolution @ 3 foot range from receptor and unlimited range from monitor/game console
   * 0.5 inch accuracy @ 3 foot range from receptor that allows unlimited range from monitor/game console

Yaw/Pitch/Roll Specs

   * 1 degree resolution
   * 1 degree accuracy

Unique Desk Mounted Receptor

   * No power cord required
   * Easy on / off removal systems

USB System Specs:

   * USB 1.1 compliant
   * HID Specification compliant
   * 2 USB Interfaces provided - Native P5 Mode, and Standard

Weight: 4.5 oz

Scratch resistant receptor covering

P5 USB Packet Format (technical documentation). (by Essential Reality and Nytric) archived link

  • Doc describing all of the USB packets between the P5 and PC

P5 Worldwide Patent. (by Nytric and Essential Reality) link

  • 40 pages of detailed info
  • Diagrams incl

LED Unwarping Explanation Documents. (by Carl Kenner) Download Unwarping.doc from P5 Yahoo Group (username: p5glovefiles password: blahblah)

  • Unwarping.doc: Unwarping the LED co-ordinates, with pictures.
  • same, but with html formatting for those who can't read DOC files.

P5 3D Blender model. (by Gerwin de Haan) P5 model link, site

  • A 3D model (made with the Blender modeling program) of the P5 glove has been made to assist in the refinement of the Absolute mode code (see open source projects below).