Official P5 Developer SDK. broken link, working link

  • Seperate Windows and Linux downloads
  • The Windows SDK does not provide Absolute Mode Movement, since Absolute Mode is commonly wanted by developers i recommend grabbing [DualModeDrivers|Carl Kenner's Dual Mode Drivers] and using that to enable Absolute Mode.
    • YPRModeTest source code. source code. (afaik this is the exact same code that is already included in the SDK, but i'll host it here just in case it's got something extra in it)

P5osc (for Mac OSX). (by Tim Kreger) link

  • Converts glove data into OSC (Open Sound Control) messages.

P5 Python wrapper. (by d0pamine aka tdyar)

  • This allows you to program for the P5 glove in the Python programming language
  • I don't have a link for this, and i don't have it on my HDD.

P5 Delphi component. (by Andreas Ralf Schwarz) archived page, archived download 11/07/2004 ver1.25, Sourceforge project

  • This allows you to program for the P5 glove in the Delphi programming language

P5 BlitzBasic dll. (by Beeps) broken link, working link

  • This allows you to program for the P5 glove in the [BlitzBasic] programming language.
  • The working link is not the original userlib, i can no longer find it (if anyone has it, please contact me, the original filename was i scrounged this together from bits and pieces of things i'd got from from Beeps, hope it works.
  • Note that you CANNOT use external librarys (like this one) in the demo version of Blitzbasic, you must have the full version. This is because the blitzbasic demo version is based on a very old version of blitzbasic.

Virtools P5 interface dll component. (by Matthew) link, (you will also need to install the Virtools web plugin)

  • This allows you to interface the P5 glove with the Virtools web physics engine.
  • At time of writing i havn't been able to use this to get the P5 working in Virtools. but i've not had any Virtools

P5DLL.LIB for Borland. (Source by ???, Compiled by kevinchugh) Download from P5 Yahoo Group (username: p5glovefiles password: blahblah)

  • Borland version of P5DLL.lib
  • Source is available