P5 Glove (use [1] to translate) - 3rd May 2003 French Canadian review. Has many user comments

P5 Virtual Reality-hanske (English Translation - 26th Sept 2003 Norwegian Review

Играющая десница (onsite translation included) - 15 Feb 2004 Russian review from a VR website. They have an interesting list of relevant links to other VR hardware at the bottom.

神奇的滑手... (use babelfish to translate) - 29th October 2004 Taiwanese (Chinese Language) Review of the P5 glove. He didn't seem too impressed with it unfortunately. It includes a movie of him attempting to play a FPS game with the glove. In this movie i notice he sometimes has trouble with glove drifting and i never see him once "pause" the glove to recenter it, therefore i assume he hasn't read the glove's directions and does not know howto use it properly.

Rękawica P5 Glove - Czy VR wkracza pod strzechy? English Translation - 07 March 2005 Polish review and/or documentation of a P5 dissasembly. Seems to be very thorough as they are a Virtual Reality website, they likely compare it to other Virtual Reality hardware. On the bottom of the page is a link to the article's accompanying onsite forum thread.

Essential Reality P5 Glove (use babelfish to translate) - date unknown Italian review