If you find a P5 for sale in a place of the world not already mentioned below, please add it in with a link!


Ebay-Search for P5 Glove - P5 Gloves for sale that will ship to your location (does not include Gloves for sale that will NOT ship to your location). Completed Listings (last 15 days) - Completed listings of P5 Gloves anywhere in the world, all locations regardless of whether they will sell to your country or not (note: sellers will not nessesarily ship to your country).

There's always some for sale somewhere, if you're lucky you'll grab one for less than $20USD.

Also see below for companies over the world who will ship anywhere marked as: ships international

North America

CWonline $59.00USD (OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR, ships international)

SensoryResearch - $69.00USD (ships international)

Virtual Realities - $79.00USD

Yobango - $18.99CDN (Southern Ontario, Canada) - $59.99

EBAY - A "Search title and description" search on Ebay shows up results.


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Middle East

As of 29/03/10 - Jacob Zigelboim. or 972-50-8818833. (ships worldwide)

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mpcclub (Multimedia Club) - 4770 RUB, 159€ (very expensive)

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If you are lucky you may see one for sale locally on Ebay, but they are very rare in Australia. Your best bet is to purchase from an international Ebay seller (USA and Canada are common sellers) who is friendly to the idea of shipping internationally, make sure you know how their position on international shipping first as many refuse to ship internationally. Shipping 4 gloves from USA (they all fit into one larger shipping box) cost me about $50AUD iirc.

15th March 2005 $77.99AUD shipping-incl UNSOLD <-- the only result i could find in google's cache of Ebay, note the date. I think i have only seen a total of 2 or 3 P5's advertised on ebay from within Australia, they seem to go for over $70AUD (- roid)

i know of no-one officially importing them. To buy mine i bought them online from Compugeeks USA when they had a sale on them, i ordered 4 of them because 4 P5 boxes fit perfectly into a shipping box, making the shipping as cost efficient as possible - the shipping was still more expensive than the purchase price i payed for the 4 Gloves (i got them for a bargin at $10-$15 (USD) each) (- roid).