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note: find out what this wiki is all about. it could perhaps be about music, they have a lot of mentions of the P5 including a pages seemingly dedicatd to it, so they must heavily use it. try to help them update their information by telling them about the P5wiki (and PIE etc) <- unimportant These guys have a P5 mentioned on the page, but i havn't seen them use it yet. DISSERTATION: Geometry Education with Augmented Reality. Recommends and illustrates the P5 glove as part of a cheap VR system to be used in schools.


Ok, P5 glove and VRML users here goes...

As far as I know, there are two major ways for using P5 GLOVE within a VRML world. 1)AS AN INPUT DEVISE INSTEAD OF A MOUSE (SIMPLE OR 3D MOUSE ) This provides us a way to navigate in the virtual space. In this way VR applications could be made easily enough. (please see

2)AS A MEANS OF VIRTUAL PRESENCE OF THE USER. This provides us a way to manipulate a virtual object in the scene. This case refers to Humanoid animation (please see The user in such a system could be virtually present as a a)virtual human: (please see It is apparent that an application using P5 glove could (and should) be made in this direction. b)virtual hand: the virtual hand is being treated as a virtual human. No matter how hard I have searched,the only example I have found (please see 14/VirtualTraining_LET-WEB3D04.pdf) makes use of 5DT glove and not P5 glove.

These are in short my results. I will post any further findings in the future.


--update-- Anthony now has a website which has some interesting ODE physics interactions with a hand and a car.

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