Ok, so you've bought the P5 Glove

This is what you need to do:

  • Download the Dual Mode Drivers from the "Drivers etc" section, and follow the instructions included.
  • Download PIE from the "Control" section.

Howto get the best performance out of the Glove

Chafing on the Knuckles


The P5 Glove can be pretty exciting, but how much pain are you willing to suffer in the name of cool technology? If you have soft hands, after some hours of constant P5 use you will likely notice some sore red spots on your knuckles. This is caused by the rubber chaffing as you bend your fingers. I've found bandaids can temporarily help, but there are better ideas... behold:

Use All the Rings

The P5 comes with only one ring on each finger, plus a packet of extra oversized rings if you have fat fingers. What you should do is put these extra rings onto the P5, so that you have ALL of the rings on at once. To do this, first take all of the rings off of the P5, then collect them together with the extra oversized rings. Sort the rings into their relative sizes. We will aim to have 2 rings on each finger, except for one finger (unfortunately there are only 9 total rings, not 10). The largest rings will be used for the "middle-knuckle" rings and for the thumb, while the smaller rings will be used for the finger-tips and the little finger. It can be difficult to work the rings up and down the glove's rubber finger sensors, but twisting and wiggling them left and right should do it. [b](insert picture)[/b]

Using a Ski Glove

Some people find it easier to put the P5 Glove on over the top of a Ski Glove, then they can much more comfortably take off the Ski glove with the P5 glove. Some have even sewed the P5 glove permanently to a Ski Glove.


Beware mirror surfaces

Surfaces which reflect light can also reflect the LEDs. This can confuse the receptor, so be wary of the reflecting directions of polished surfaces, glass tables, windows, mirrors or moniters.

Lights and sunlight

Sources of bright light and infra red (IR) can confuse the reciever and comprimise it's ability to accurately see the LEDs on the glove. Sunlight also

Receiver orientation (+Advanced)

Your receiver should be oriented smartly so that it has the best view of the full range of possible glove positions. To not let your table get in the way - it's best to have the receiver close to the front edge of the table so it can see downwards beyond the table. You should angle the receiver towards your hand, and then tweak the PIE settings accordingly.

  • Advanced orientation

You can also put the receiver laying down on it's side on top of your monitor. If you angle it downwards somewhat by proping the back of it up - this allows it a good view of almost your entire desk. Angle it enough downwards and it will be able to still keep track of the glove while you touch the surface of the monitor with your finger. To put the P5 down on it's side like this you must tweak PIE accordingly.

Use a fist

The fingers get in the way of the receiver's view of the LEDs, so you are encouraged to favour gestures that make use of the FIST, as this pulls the fingers outof the way.

Advanced P5 Styles

Noose Style

P5 cord goes from the receiver, then wraps around your neck, then extends off your shoulder, wrapping around your arm, until it gets to your hand. This style stops the cord from swinging around while you perform large sweeping gestures. But you must be aware that this significantly shortens your available cord length, you must be careful not to pull your receiver off the table!

Left Handed Glove

See Hardware Hacks

Two Gloves at once

Yes, you can use two gloves at once, you can even use more than two at once. The limit of the amount of concurrent P5s in use has as yet not been discovered. Do note that gloves will interfere with each other slightly - it will be noticed by a slight shifting of the orientation of the center points.

Gloves on Feet

The glove can be put on a foot. Be careful not to tread on it. Even more important, be careful not to kink the bend sensors! The bend sensors must have smooth curves. Sharp bends will permanently leave the bend sensor bent like that! It can never be unkinked. It will still work if kinked, but it isn't so good.

Glove on Head

You can put the glove on your head. You may find it easier if you attach it to a baseball cap via the P5's rubber strap.

Beyond the desk

The P5 Glove can technically be used for almost anything. If you have any novel uses - strange places to put the P5 glove - then please tell us how it's done.