( <-- note: somehow this company fits into all of this but it seems fishy. they say they developed both the powerglove and P5 glove)

Tech Parents

VPL Research

in 1986 VPL released the VPL Dataglove - the first commercial data glove. Retail cost approx $9000US.


The VPL trademark was acquired by Mattel and in 1989 they released the Nintendo PowerGlove, created using the Abrams Gentile Entertainment bend sensor tech. Retail cost approx $100US

The Development of the P5

Abrams Gentile Entertainment

Originally Abrams Gentile Entertainment had the P5 Glove codenamed the "Gauntlet" (note the website has not been updated since Nov 2002 -*/ )


The Design company who designed the P5 Glove. link Design team for the P5 won the Solidworks 2001 Grand Prize for the P5 Essential Reality Glove device. team prize link

Hardware Designed by:

Jonathan Clarke - Nytric Ltd.

Leigh Boyd -[1]

Essential Reality

The Sales and marketing company created specificly for the P5 Glove. Work started in 2000, and the company eventually released the Glove in 2002 for approx $200US, targetting a game market.

The Commercial Failure of the P5 Glove

Alliance Distributors

Due to the poor market performance of the P5 Glove, Essential Reality was eventually aquired in a reverse merger with Alliance Distributers, who took over as primary distributers of the P5 Glove. It could be purchased via their public outlet sistercompany: Video Game Alliance for $50US. Unfortunately they no longer stock or distribute the product and a rival company 'Cyberworld' has taken over that role.


After Alliance Distributers stopped distributing the product, Cyberworld became the OFFICIAL distributer. They currently sell the glove for $59US, and provide a wholesale discount for lots of 100x.

They are not the only seller though. Check the Purchase page for sellers.

Business History

(from )

HISTORICAL BUSINESS INFORMATION: Essential Reality, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Nevada on March 31, 1999 under the name JPAL, Inc. to operate as an Internet based provider of vacation rental properties and services. JPAL was originally formed to provide vacation rental properties and services for the Year 2000 New Year's Eve celebration in Las Vegas.

On July 2, 2001, JPAL, Inc. approved a 5 for 1 forward stock split of its common stock.
On June 20, 2002, Essential Reality, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company, completed a business combination with JPAL, Inc., a Nevada corporation and an SEC registrant pursuant to an Amended Contribution Agreement between Essential Reality and JPAL, whereby all of the members of Essential Reality contributed their membership interests in Essential Reality to JPAL in exchange for an aggregate of 16,874,784 shares of JPAL's common stock. Concurrent with the Transaction, the shareholders of JPAL canceled 7,564,326 of their shares of JPAL's common stock and were left with 1,080,934 shares of common stock representing 6.02% of JPAL. Following the Transaction, JPAL changed its name to Essential Reality, Inc. and Essential Reality, a wholly owned subsidiary of Essential Reality, Inc., was merged into Essential Reality, Inc. The Transaction was accounted for as a reverse acquisition in which Essential Reality was the accounting acquirer and JPAL was the legal acquirer. Essential, LLC was formed as Freedom Multimedia, L.L.C. in the State of Delaware in July, 1998 and began active operations in June 1999. Its name was changed to Essential Reality, LLC on December 29, 1999. Essential, LLC was founded with the goal of developing, manufacturing and distributing next-generation 3D peripherals for the gaming, PC and professional user communities.
July 8, 2002, GameStop Corp.,a video game and entertainment software specialty retailer, began accepting pre-orders at selected stores nationwide for Essential Reality, Inc.'s new peripheral product, the P5(TM) computer glove.
July 19, 2002, Essential Reality, Inc. filed an SB-2 registering 8,214,239 shares of common stock. 6,764,870 shares that they issued in connection with its business combination with Essential Reality LLC; 855,000 shares underlying certain warrants issued in connection with the business combination to holders of certain bridge notes; 331,211 shares underlying certain additional warrants issued in connection with the business combination; and 263,158 shares underlying outstanding convertible promissory notes.
September 17, 2002, Essential Reality, Inc.'s highly anticipated P5(TM) glove is set to debut nationwide during the week of October 21, 2002.
September 26, 2002, the computer game titles that will be featured with Essential Reality's P5(TM) glove product set to debut nationwide during the week of October 21, 2002 are "Hitman 2," a 1st and 3rd person shooter game published by Eidos Interactive, "Tiger Hunt," a tank-driving warfare game and "Beachhead 2002," an arcade-style war game, both from Infogrames Inc.
December 12, 2002, Essential Reality, Inc. completed the integration of its P5 technology into the PC game, "Serious Sam: The Second Encounter," developed by Croteam and published by Take 2 Interactive.
In November 2004, the Company changed its name to Alliance Distributors Holding Inc.