These are some other mostly internal Programs and Documents made officially and un-officially by Essential Reality and Nytric:


Dual Mode Drivers (Absolute Mode and Relative Mode), and new APIs. (by Carl Kenner). Download from the yahoogroup or Use the P5DLL.DLL file from GlovePIE

  • Using the official P5 driver source code, Carl has made a complete new version of the Drivers that allows you to use Relative Mode and Absolute Mode, among other things.
  • Features:
    • Compatible with existing relative or absolute mode P5 software
    • New APIs which can be called from Delphi, Visual Basic 6, Java, C, or Visual C++ 6.
    • Relative or Absolute mode
    • More accurate position and rotations
    • Filters: Averaging and Dead-band
    • Access to raw LED positions and other low-level data
    • Receptor tower can be moved and rotated
    • Prediction for when the glove is out of range
    • Initial glove orientation can be set
    • Velocities and Accelerations
    • LED errors can be measured
    • Absolute finger bend values
    • Gloves can be worn on the left hand
    • Sensitivity setting
    • Choice of units
    • Glove hot-spot can be set
    • Location of LEDs on the glove can be moved
    • INI files can be used to configure the driver for different applications
    • Left or Right handed coordinate space
    • Euler angles in different orders
    • Can tell when the glove is in range or not
    • Can retrieve previous frame data
    • Data is time stamped
    • Anything the original driver could do

Official P5 Drivers ver2.0. archived link,

  • The original Drivers were tweaked and re-released.

P5 driver source and sample apps source. (by Essential Reality and Nytric) link

    • The full source for the version 2 P5 driver
    • The source for some inhouse P5 sample applications that have not yet been released.
  • I recommend [DualModeDrivers|Carl Kenner's Dual Mode Drivers] over the official drivers

P5 Linux Absolute Mode and Drivers. (by Jason Mcmullan) jason's site, download link

  • These initial Linux drivers included a program much like 10LEDTEST that used absolute mode and tracked the individual LEDs. this is the source for it all.
  • The code is being improved as part of the community absolute mode project (see below), so the most recent code would be found in the SVN repository (see below).

P5 Windows & Mac Absolute Mode and Drivers. (by Jason Mcmullan, Ross Bencina, Tim Kreger, and more) [1] First version / Latest Compile + Source

  • The linux absolute mode code was tweaked and recompiled for windows, this is the compiled exe.
  • This is very important, because it also includes the source code, this is the first P5 windows absolute mode source code.
  • There is a source code repository (subversion code versioning system) here svn:// that anyone can access to see the latest absolute mode source code (and maybe help out if so inclined). A windows subversion client (needed to access the repository in windows) can be found here.
  • Questions about this ongoing project are often asked and answered in the P5 Yahoo Group.
  • P5_Glove:Eric Lundquist seems to have done a similar project, in that he also has made a windows port of Jason's original linux absolute mode code.