Control Tweaks, Remapping and Emulation

PIE (Programmable Input Emulator) version 0.20. (by Carl Kenner) link

  • This is the more feature rich replacement to the DirectInput Emulator. Using a simple unique text programming language this program can be set to convert complex inputs from P5s, keyboards, mice, joysticks, voice, etc into outputs to keyboards, joysticks(via PPJoy), mice (yes multiple mice at once), MIDI, voice etc. New input and output options are often added in updates.
  • A common thing to do is assign complex P5 gestures to keystrokes, thereby allowing any program to use P5 gestures.
  • It comes with PIE files for a few games and programs. You can load and save these yourself, you can also download PIE files for some programs and games from the yahoo group. If you have made some PIE files yourself that other people may find useful please upload them.

Kalman filtering for P5 (by Richard Hachem) link

  • A demo of a Kalman filter implimented onto P5 movement. A Kalman filter is a kindof filter to stop the P5 glove from jittering while moving.
  • Using the Kalman filter to reduce rotation jitter will hopefully be implimented as well in time.
  • It is hoped that in time Kalman filtering will be successfully implimented into the Dualmode drivers and/or Open-Source drivers/GPL Library.
  • Source code is also available for download

Strokeit. link

  • Not a P5 specific program, but with P5 mousemode you can use this program to perform 2D gestures to control windows. Quite programmable.

P5POC (3D gestures - proof of concept). archived download

  • This is a proof of concept showing how 3D gestures work with the P5. you can design, train and test various gestures. But you cannot actually control anything outside of the program.
  • This program was once covered by NDA, but has since been released.

Girder P5 plugin (windows automation). (by Zeger Knops) plugin link. Girder link

  • A plugin for the free Girder windows automation program, allowing the P5 to completely control and trigger many automated and macroed tasks through Girder.

VVVV P5 plugin (toolkit for video synthesis) via GlovePIE link

  • VVVV is a toolkit that allows you to synthesize, control and otherwise manipulate video in realtime. This plugin integrates the P5 into VVVV as a controller.