P5 Modeling & Drawing

Softimage|XSI P5 Glove Device Driver (by Kai Wolter) link alternate link

  • This device driver allows you to use your P5 Glove (Essential Reality) to animate or deform objects in the high end 3D graphics application Softimage|XSI 4.

Virtual sculptor. (by Alexander Ivanov) link

  • A 3D modeling program that primarily uses the P5 glove as input. A first.

Yasara (3D DNA modeling). (by Yasara Sciences and The What If Foundation). link

  • Yasara: (Yet Another Science Artificial Reality Simulation).
  • YASARA is a molecular -graphics, -modeling and -simulation package for Linux and Windows. allowing you to model and simulate things like 3D molecules, protiens and DNA.
  • The program has inbuilt P5 support, a tutorial explaining howto calibrate and use the P5 in Yasara can be found on this page.

VRED (Virtual Reality Editor). (manufactured and marketed by AMZ GmbH) link

  • A Virtual Reality System for visualization of complex 3d Scenes.

Quest3D™ VR Edition (by Act-3D™) link

  • A very high end Virtual Reality software system that supports among other things the P5 Glove.

Quest3D™ VR edition allows users to connect virtual reality hardware and control the environment. Data gloves can be used to simulate hand movement and trackers can be used for motion tracking and in addition multi-screen synchronization.


VRaim. (by Jack) link

  • A visualisation program for clouds of points in 3D space.


ThoughtConduit (by links are below

  • "ThoughtConduit is a network for people who like to create and perform interactively. ThoughtConduit provides an environment on the internet where users have access to tools for articulating, organizing, and distributing multimedia as well as tools for live performance."
  • Using Open Sound Control, users can use the P5 Glove to control various sound and even interact with Quicktime Videos and Panoramas.

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