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This wiki is for the Essential Reality P5 Glove. For the unrelated Project5 see P5 Wiki.


I hope this Wiki can be a growing repository of information. If there's something you think might be good to add - please add it.

Operating Systems

How to use the glove on various platforms:


Introduction to the Glove / Getting started

the History behind the Glove

The P5 Glove and Tower's Specifications

P5 Glove:Hardware Hacks

P5 Glove:TroubleShooting


Software for the Glove

Programming and Code

Other Stuff

Defunct Software

Other P5 related Projects

The P5 Glove in the Media

How or Where to get a P5 Glove

Videos of the P5 in action

Ideas for P5 Glove uses

P5 Glove:Links


Maintained by everyone in the P5 Community (especially those at the P5 Yahoo-Group). For problems or questions using the P5wiki contact roid [1] or the P5 Community (which will probabaly get back to roid anyway).

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