1. To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar Trailer
  2. National Lampoon's Senior Trip Trailer
  3. It Takes Two, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
    Clockers Trailer
  4. Angus Trailer
  5. Hackers Trailer
  6. Seven Trailer
  7. Showgirls Trailer
  8. To Die For Trailer
  9. The Big Green Trailer
  10. Devil in a Blue Dress Trailer
  11. How to Make an American Quilt Trailer
  12. Assassins Trailer
  13. Jade Trailer
  14. The Scarlet Trailer
  15. Strange Days Trailer
  16. Get Shorty Trailer
  17. Mallrats Trailer
  18. Now and Then Trailer
  19. Empire Records Trailer
  20. Never Talk to Strangers Trailer
  21. Leaving Las Vegas Trailer
  22. Copycat Trailer
  23. Powder Trailer
  24. Vampire in Brooklyn Trailer
  25. Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain Trailer
  26. Home for the Holidays Trailer
  27. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Trailer
  28. Reckless Trailer
  29. Goldeneye Trailer
  30. It Takes Two Trailer
  31. The American Presdient Trailer
  32. Toy Story Trailer
  33. Casino Trailer
  34. Money Train Trailer
  35. Nick of Time Trailer
  36. Wild Bill Trailer
  37. Father of the Bride Part II Trailer
  38. Heat Trailer
  39. Sense and Sensibility Trailer
  40. Sabrina Trailer
  41. Jumanji Trailer
  42. Balto Trailer
  43. Tom and Huck Trailer
  44. Nixon Trailer
  45. Grumpier Old Men Trailer
  46. Magic Island Trailer
  47. Dracula Dead and Loving it Trailer
  48. Cutthroat Island Trailer
  49. Sudden Death Trailer
  50. Waiting to Exhale Trailer
  51. Four Rooms Trailer
  52. 12 Monkeys Trailer
  53. Mr Holland Opus Trailer
  54. Dead Man Walking Trailer
  55. Dunston Checks In Teaser Trailer
  56. Black Sheep Teaser Trailer
  57. Happy Gilmore Teaser Trailer
  58. Down Periscope Teaser Trailer
  59. Ed Teaser Trailer
  60. Fargo Teaser Trailer
  61. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie Teaser Trailer
  62. Flipper Teaser Trailer
  63. Twister Teaser Trailer
  64. Heaven's Prisoners Teaser Trailer
  65. Mission Impossible Teaser Trailer
  66. Dragonheart Teaser Trailer
  67. Eraser Teaser Trailer
  68. The Nutty Professor Teaser Trailer
  69. Harriet the Spy Teaser Trailer
  70. The Frighteners Teaser Trailer
  71. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1996 Re-Release Teaser Trailer
  72. The Adventures of Pinocchio Teaser Trailer
  73. Matilda Teaser Trailer
  74. Alaska Teaser Trailer
  75. House Arrest Teaser Trailer
  76. Tin Cup Teaser Trailer
  77. A Very Brady Sequel Teaser Trailer
  78. The Island of Dr Moreau Teaser Trailer
  79. Fly Away Home Teaser Trailer
  80. The First Wives Club Teaser Trailer
  81. Space Jam Teaser Trailer
  82. Beavis and Butt-Head Do America Teaser Trailer
  83. Muppet Treasure Island Teaser Traier
  84. Up Close and Personal Teaser Trailer
  85. Oliver and Company 1996 Re-Release Teaser Trailer
  86. James and the Giant Peach Teaser Trailer
  87. The Hunchback of Notre Dame Teaser Trailer
  88. Kazaam Teaser Trailer
  89. First Kid Teaser Trailer
  90. Regal Cinemas Policy Trailer (Rollercoaster)
  91. Walt Disney Pictures logo
  92. Bunea Vista logo (Sleeping Beauty variant)
  93. Opening credits (Once Upon a Dream by Studio Chrous)
  94. Start of film