1. AMC "Previews" bumper
  2. Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie Theatrical Trailer
  3. Spirited Away Theatrical Trailer
  4. Tuck Everlasting Theatrical Trailer
  5. The Wild Thornberrys Movie Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  6. The Lion King 2002 Re-Release Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  7. Maid in Manhattan Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  8. Pokemon 4Ever Theatrical Trailer
  9. The Santa Clause 2 Theatrical Trailer
  10. Eight Crazy Nights Theatrical Trailer
  11. I Spy Theatrical Trailer
    The Wild Thornberrys Movie VHS Preview
  12. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Theatrical Trailer
  13. Chicago Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  14. AMC Theaters "Silence is Golden"
  15. AMC "Feature Presentation" bumper
  16. Dimension Pictures logo
  17. Troublemaker Pictures logo (Spy Kids 2 The Island of Lost Dreams variant)
  18. Opening credits
  19. Start of film
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