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Open Turbostation

This mini-wiki is designed to provide additional technical information for the Qnap Turbostation range of NAS devices. These little boxes contain SATA drives and small Linux kernels enabling the contents to be served across a local area network. Recent additions, such as UPnP provide opportunities to stream music and video data to your local devices.

More general information can be found on the Wikipedia site [1]. This mini wiki is designed for those who want to Open up the functionality of their Turbostation; in particular making use of the type III mini PCI socket, and upgraded memory. Thus it is similar in concept to the nslu2-linux website.

Firefox and Port 6000

Within Firefox the port 6000 (used by the TS series administrator menu) is disabled. To enable it browse to the following page


Then add a new key

Right click within the list window, and select 'New'->'String'

Enter the string name


Enter the port number (use a comma seperated list for more than one port)


Newer firmwares

Newer firmwares uses port 8080 for web administration pages instead of the old choise of port 6000. This makes Firefox work out of the box with the QNAP NS series.

Mailing List

An OpenTurbostation mailing list has been created at Yahoo!. Please use this to ask specific questions rather than adding lines to the Wiki. We suggest subscribing on a daily digest basis in order to minimise traffic to your mail boxes.

Slimserver and Squeezebox / Transporter

The Turbostation is commonly used for serving files to the Squeezebox / Transporter range of audio devices. Firmware upgrades to enable the Slimserver are available from Progressive Audio in the UK. Further information is readily found on the Slimdevices forums.

How to Install SlimServer in QNAP TS-109/TS-209 (Marvell platform)

[Before you install]

Upgrade TS firmware to V1.1.0 first !!!

Please disable UPnP media server, due to TwonkyMedia uses port 9000


1. Upload attached files(slimserver-arm-unicode-1.0.0.tar.gz, slimserver.sh, K01slimserver.sh) to the "Public" share on your TS

2. Use SSH login to your TS (or use telnet to your TS via port 13131)

3. Enter the following command: "cd /share/Public"

4. Make sure the upload script can be executed or enter the following command: "chmod 755 slimserver.sh K01slimserver.sh"

5. Install SlimServer, enter the following command: "./slimserver.sh install"

6. After install finish, reboot system

7. Use port 9000 to do the configuration (see below image)


PS: If you want to unistall SlimServer, enter the following command: "./slimserver.sh uninstall"

[Change port number]

How to change the port number of SlimServer service?

1. Use http://IP:9000/ to login SlimServer web administration page

2. Go to Home/Server Settings/Network

3. You can change the Web Server Port Number. (then you can have the SlimServer and TwonkyMedia to serve concurrently.)

[File download]

1. TS-109's new firmware: ftp://telecomkid.dyndns.org/test/TS-109/

2. SlimServer package for TS-109/TS-209 series (slimserver-arm-unicode-1.0.0.tar.gz, slimserver.sh, K01slimserver.sh) ftp://telecomkid.dyndns.org/test/ss/

Systems and Configurations

  1. TS101 System
  2. TS109 System
  3. TS201 System
  4. TS209 System
  5. TS401 System

Serial Connections

Creating a Serial port

User Software Packages

It should be possible to create new software packages for the Turbostation family of NAS systems. Further information can be found on the software page


These mini-wiki set of pages were set up by Roamingstudio in order to serve as a central repository of information relating to the QNAP Turbostation range. Anyone is welcome to add information relating to expanding the potential of their QNAP.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.