• Big Bird's Yellow Book as Rabbit


Big Bird's Yellow Book: (Oh. How will I ever fit two days into one? I'll have to everything...double time!)

Well, I guess I just have to work faster and faster
And faster and faster
With my whisk, whisk, zip, zap lightning kind of speed
My helter-skelter, hurry-scurry high velocity
With dual double-barreled ambidextrous intent
I must up my productivity to 200%

Yes, I'll hoe like the wind
And plant pell-mell
There's twice as many nuts and eggs to shell
An extra lot of mops and sponges to ring
Another round to sing

My pace must hasten
On the double, double
My schedule's been scuttled
The bubble of my calendar has burst
And so I'm baffled and befuddled, befuddled
And so I'm baffled
And oh so very troubled
So I've got to knuckle down
And figure out the way to juggle
And to muddle through this multitude of gardening and chores
By peeling twice as many beans
And sweeping down the floors
There's carrots two-by-two
And a double load of leaves
From every kind of lettuce
And the twin oak trees

I'm a rabbit who's inhabited a hotfoot haste
Like a shotput race
No double time to waste
I'll replicate my efforts and will compensate
For that missing date
Oh my, it's getting late
So on the double, the double
My Saturday's been scuttled
My schedule's been bungled, I'm disgruntled

Yes, I'm baffled and befuddled, befuddled
And oh so very troubled
I'm surely in a pickle
Till I buckle up and barrel down
And hightail it faster on the double!

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