Om is a former Brotherhood of Makuta member, and he hated being in it. He was ignored, and not trusted. Here in the Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An, he is a respected fellow Captian. His ship is the Meridellian. Om is a Gerdyt, he has three legs and is nine feet tall. The last of his species, and seeks out the artifacts known as the Orbs of power.

Basic life story

He first grew up as a scribe for the Helos community. And studied in litereature and mathamatics, but then was called into the army when the War of Thunder came. During that time, he learned to master the mental abilities of the Gyert's, through physic abilities and lighting. After the 500 year long war ended Om returned to Helos. But the Gyert's enemies still had one last thing left, they pridected a meteor crashing down on Sadowa, the Gyert's homeland where they all where, every single one. The meteor crashed down and killed billions, and out of the meteor came a disease that finished off the rest of the Gyert's, all except Om.

After the meteor

Om is the sole survivor of a meteor in Sadowa, and he has searched for the sorce of the disease that came out of the meteor and kiiled off his species, that was 500 years ago. He fought in many wars and was part of the BoM once, and fought in The War of Thunder. He traveled the land for a few decades and wound up joining the BoM. He regrets joining, but he did anyway. He worked as the general of Makuta's army's in Mearidell. And worked with the creature called Kyried.


Om just left Mearidell and came to Terros-nui, and joined up with the BoA after Makuta's defeat. He now enjoys being part of the BoA, he has a grudge agaisnt the Mercenary group on Terros-nui, mostly the one called Riek.

Om can mentally shock someome, has the power to control electricity and can create solid protodermis. His weapons are a mace that sends shock on contact,the sword of Shadow, it has spikes running up it and is dark purple, and he has grenades. He is a master hand-to-hand fighter, three legs help him out alot.

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