Noodle Nozzle is a fictional supervillain in the Belch Dimension Comics universe. He is a member of the Cobra Clan, the primary adversaries of the Treehouse Warriors .


Noodle Nozzle is one of the few villains artist Jonathan M. Sweet did not base on a She-Ra, Princess of Power character. One possible inspiration is the sketches of the titular character in Carlo Collodi's Pinnochio, who was round-headed, gawky, and had a long nose. There was also a Batman coloring book that featured a thug called "Benny the Buzzard", who operated a taxi that served a gambling casino owned by The Penguin. He would drive the victims where they asked to go, then rob the winners of all their newfound money at gunpoint. He resembled a bird of prey, with a balding head and a cruel face topped off by a long beaky nose. Indeed, its noted in Demi-Jon that as a boy, Noodle Nozzle was called "Buzzard Beak" by his classmates, as a likely nod to Benny the Buzzard.


Bill Munston was teased a lot growing up, called "Ned Nostril" and "Buzzard Beak" by the other children, for a long deformed nose that he had been born with, as well as an unhealthy orange complexion. At age ten he committed his first murder, killing a fourth-grader over a playground dispute about a baseball cap. He later became a petty thief, and eventually became a hired gun for the Clan, code-named "Nose".

It was upon meeting with The Warriors that he recieved the name "Noodle Nozzle".

Noodle Nozzle/Nose is often seen with Slobber Face, frequently in panels with the two firing their pistols at Jon and his friends. In "Home Alien" he and Slobber Face were defeated by The Flungarian Triplets' clever traps, which they set all about the house, when they broke into Jon's home to steal Josh's latest formula.


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