• Clarissa Saunders as Zoe
  • Jefferson Smith as Elmo
  • Senator Joseph Harrison "Joe" Paine as Big Bird
  • Jim Taylor as Telly Monster
  • Governor Hubert "Happy" Hopper as Ernie
  • "Diz" Moore as Bert
  • Chick McGann as Guy Smiley
  • Ma Smith as Susan
  • Senate Majority Leader as Bob
  • President of the Senate as Oscar the Grouch
  • Susan Paine as Meryl Sheep
  • Mrs. Hopper as Maria
  • Senator MacPherson as Cookie Monster
  • Senator Monroe as Thomas Twiddlebug
  • Senate Minority Leader as Count Von Count
  • "Nosey" as Murray Monster
  • Bill Griffith as Chicago the Lion
  • Carl Cook as Kermit the Frog
  • and more
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