The following are a list of fictional one-shot or minor villains in the comic book, The Belch Dimension. The list contains villains who only faced off a single time with The Treehouse Warriors, either as a whole or as individual members, or were the focus of only one short story or story arc. It does not count nameless thugs, minions, henchmen, goons, lackeys, bootlicks, or villainous pets.

Abdul Ahmani Sobah

First appearance: Persian Goof (Oct 2005)
A diminutive Saudi Arabian dressed in the customary long robe and turban of the region, the militant Abdul Ahamani Sobah first encountered the Trio of Trouble when they took a wrong turn on the way to Miami and popped up in the middle of the desert. Jon, Ben, and Josh hid out in an abandoned fortress, whereupon Sobah launched bombs at them; they retaliated in kind. Since Sobah wouldn't relent until President Hussein announced the end of the first Persian Gulf War (which was in 1992, 15 years before this issue's release), Jon used his morphing power to turn into the Iraqi dictator and fool Sobah into marching into a dry well. Sobah has a long-suffering camel named Clyde (a reference to Ray Stevens' song "Ahab the Arab"), who leaves willingly with the Trio in the last panel.

Sobah is seen as one of the "mistakes of the past" in the musical number  "Villainy" along with Adolf Hitler and Bill Clinton.

In a deleted scene from "Belching Jon Malcontent", while doing his radio show, Jon discusses how easy it would be for a terrorist to invade a college campus if security can't even keep out lust-crazed townie girls. The scene cuts to Sobah and Clyde, dressed in women's clothing, standing outside the school's front gate. Upon hearing the broadcast Abdul sadly tells the camel, "The American swine have found us out. The plan is called off." 

Sobah's character model is recycled in "Dipshit Diplomats", which uses a heavy amount of stock footage from "Persian Goof". There he is renamed Mahmoud Hassan Bin-Well.  

Adolf Hitler

First appearance: Nutzi Nazis (Jun 2006)
A man who perhaps needs no introduction, The Trio of Trouble and Angela encountered Adolf Hitler during a trip back in time to Germany, 1942. Tony Moneran, who is a huge fan of Der Fuhrer, accidentally stowed along for the ride, and after attempting to get Hitler's autograph during a public rally, was jailed. Hitler's men confisgated the Time Couch, and the gang had to get it back before the Nazis learned to time-travel and destroyed the universe. Josh started a fight with cream-cakes, pelting Hitler and his lieutenants, and bashed together Martin Bormann and Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger's heads (a nod to the Three Stooges, whom the three men are drawn to resemble). Der Fuhrer began cursing in German, whereupon Ben gave him an atomic wedgie.

Hitler also makes cameo appearance in "Uniform Inconsistency" (Oct 2009) and the musical number "Villainy" (Jul 2011).

Bulk Logan

First appearance: Squared Circle Jerks (Nov 2009)
An aging, arrogant professional wrestler for the JJWF. Jon competed against him in the ring for a $5000 cash prize. After losing the match, Bulk Logan retired from fighting and tried his hand at acting. Jon was even generous enough to use his winnings to fund Logan's first film, The Hills Have Eyes 4: The Hills Now Have Butts. He is essentially a parody of Hulk Hogan, with the voice and personality of Macho Man Randy Savage. Bulk's good friends are fellow wrestler Jambalaya Jake and his bulldog Deathmonger.

Logan appears as King Vortigern in a stanza of the song "Oh, Changing Language" and as a party guest at Rombold's wax museum in the "Oh-Shit Eleven" arc.

Logan's daughter Ponde appears in "Strange Bedfellows". She works as a division commissioner and promoter for F.L.O.W. (Fierce Ladies of Wrestling) and represents fighters such as Polly the Preacher's Kid and Imelda the Mind. Knowing the Warriors' reputation via her dad, Ponde agrees to allow SweetTart to fight in a show at B.J. Gold's to provide a distraction while Chance cases the club.


First appearance: Whacky Dracky (Apr 2006)
Count Dracula is a fictional vampire from literature, film, televison, and video games. Also known as Vlad Tepes, Vlad the Impaler, Alucard, Nosferatu, and many other names. He first appeared in the titular hero in Bram Stoker's famous gothic novel. He has been portrayed in movies by Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Jr. and Gary Oldman, among others.

Dracula met the Trio of Trouble (with Gort sitting in for Ben) when they knocked on the door to his castle in Transylvania looking to get out of a raging storm. He took them in, but secretly planned to feed off them that evening as they slept. After several ill-fated attempts to bite them, including a garlic-covered pizza (the vampire's legendary weakness),  being sneezed on while in bat form, being grossed out at the boys' talk of bathroom habits, and accidentally biting a hot-water bottle that had been left under a bedsheet rather than a neck, Dracula decided to give up. Unfortunately he caught the boys sucking up his bed of earth with a portable vacuum cleaner, Dracula was angered at such desecration, but was then caught off-guard when the sun rose, disintegrating him.

Dracula appears again in "Full Moon Fever" (Jan 2013),where he attempts to bite a lady jogger, but is stopped by Jon, who has become a werewolf after being possessed by the malevolent Lycan of Thrope. After a brief, violent struggle, Jon-Wolf slashes across Dracula's heart with his claws, causing him to crumble into dust

This version of the count is modeled after the Gary Oldman film version from 1990, with the pale skin, aged face, and butt-shaped hairdo.

Duke X. Machina

First appearance: What A Drag! (Feb 2007)
A local crime lord and a hideous half-man, half-metal monstrosity, Duke Machina has two prosthetic limbs, a plastic, hip, facial disfiguration, and part of his skull exposed following a grisly assault on him by a rival gang. He met with fellow crime lord Reggie Montenegro to discuss working together to combine their holdings into a criminal juggernaut. Montenegro expressed mild interest until Gort and Ben, dressed as cocktail waitresses and taping their talk, messed things up. Machina's artificial leg fell off when Gort kicked him in the knee, then his cybernetic arm accidentally got wet and burst into flame. He and Montenegro were arrested at the end.

Machina is seen in issue #29 as one of the inmates in Apex Asylum. His prosthetic arm has been removed and his empty sleeve is pinned up.

He later appears as the leader of the Terran Warlords in "Strange Bedfellows" (Nov  2011). His prothetic arm has been upgraded and can now transform into a high-powered proton cannon. During a heated battle with Chance Hoskins, Machina fired his cannon wildly, striking several weakened support pillars. This caused the ceiling to fall in and several cars from the upper two levels to land squarely on top of him. His severely damaged limb is seen twitching under several tons of wreckage.

His name is a pun on deus ex machina, or "god in the machine".

Dupont Sandburg

First appearance: Junk Bonds (Dec 2007)
A junk dealer from Watts, California, whom the Trio met on their way to Knott's Berry Farm. His father and business partner is Jed Sandberg. The boys purchased Sandburg and Son's entire stock, and paid generously--unfortunately, a misunderstanding caused them to not just take the shop stock, but the furniture, TV, personal knickknacks, and all the money in the house! Sandburg's elderly father clutched his heart and announced he was having "the big one"; though the old man was prone to faking, this one turned out to be quite real. Sandburg, now broke--having spent all the money on his Pop's funeral--vowed revenge....

He is modeled after Demond Wilson's character Lamont Sanford from Sanford and Son.

Forsythe J. Montague

First appearance: Un-Civil Warriors (Nov 2005)
The great-great grandfather of Tony Moneran, whom Jon and Josh met on a time-travel adventure while doing research on the Civil War for a school assignment. Forsythe Montague (pronounced mon-TAH-gwuh), resembles his descendant in face, height and temperment, though has bright red hair rather than blonde. He mistakes Jon and Josh for a pair of "dang Yankee" soldiers and keeps trying to take them in. Jon disguises himself as President Lincoln, and Josh as a black slave boy, and accuse Montague of beating his slaves, whereupon he is arrested by the MP's. This alters history, as Montague is no longer a decorated war hero, but a pariah who dies poor. Monty fails the assignment, as he seems unaware of the altered timestream, and presumably wrote his paper on his hero ancestor. It's also quite possible that Jon and Josh, by virtue of their actions in 1863, are ironically responsible for the poverty-stricken fate of the whole Moneran family today.

Hester Sanderson

First appearance: Junk Bonds (Dec 2007)
Homely sister-in-law to Jed Sandberg; aunt to Dupont Sandberg. Prone to striking folks with her handbag when she gets angry. Ben got her back for hitting him by slipping live TNT in her Bible and setting it off.

She is modeled after La Wanda Page's character Esther Anderson from Sanford and Son.

Jambalaya Jake

First appearance: Squared Circle Jerks (Nov 2009)
A professional wrestler for the JJWF. When Jon competed against Bulk Logan in the ring for a $5000 cash prize, Jake was to waylay Jon in the locker room between matches and hold him there until he was disqualified for failure to show. While the other stalled for time--and Ben even wrestled in Jon's place for a while--Jon was able to get past Jake and not only get back to the ring on time, but win the match. Jake is presumably still active in the JJWF, though his aging friend Logan has officially retired. His schticks include hillbilly dress, including overalls but no shirt, speaking in a thick Cajun patois, and keeping a live snake (and, in a deleted scene that later appeared in "Untitled Clip Show", an alligator) for a pet. He is essentially a parody of wrestler "Hillbilly Jim" Morris. The character's name came from a minor Darkwing Duck foe who also had a Cajun accent and used swamp creatures in his crimes.

Jake appears as a Viking in a stanza of the song "Oh, Changing Language" (#49).

In a deleted scene from "Belch Dimensional Lampoon's Cross-Country Vacation" (Aug 2011), Jon and company run across him and Outback Jack running a moonshine still somewhere in the rural backwoods.  Jon uses his morphing ability to scare the pair off and borrow their pickup truck.

Jed T. Sandburg

First appearance: Junk Bonds (Dec 2007)
The father of Dupont Sandberg and proud owner of an "empire" and a "dynasty", which he calls his junk shop. He likes to say the T in his name stands for all manner of things, like "total package" or tolerant". He calls his son a "dummy", threatens violence against everyone, and argues with his ugly sister-in-law Hester. He planned to cheat the boys by overcharging them with a severe 300% markup (perhaps his only real wicked act). He died of a massive heart attack after the shock of seeing their house cleaned out by the Trio, who thought the furniture and personal effects were on sale too.

He is modeled after Redd Foxx's character Fred Sanford from Sanford and Son. His death scene parallels Foxx's real-life fatal heart attack in 1991.

Little Yellow Buttercup

First appearance: Once Upon a Time Warp  (Jan 2007)
After Sitting Bull captured the Warriors at Custer's Last Stand, he ordered little Josh, Jon, and Angela be executed at the stake--which caused the older versions of Jon, Josh and Angela to fade from existance (a la Marty McFly in Back to the Future). Billy challenged him, and the chief agreed to let them go if they defeated Little Yellow Buttercup in hand-to-hand combat. From his effeminate name Billy expected a pushover, but was surprised to see a large and impressive Indian step forth. Billy got beaten severely, but Ben--who had escaped earlier into the temporal stream on the Time Couch--reappeared in the nick of time to save the children from the flames.

Buttercup is modeled after Injun Joe the Superchief from Wagon Heels (Clampett, 1945).Malice Nathaniel Jiggs

First appearance: Jiggawatt! (Sep 2007)
See Jiggawatt.

Marvin Horn

First appearance: The Foul Stench of Doom! (Nov 2006)

The FartKnocker
PublisherSmoking Cat Productions
First appearanceThe Belch Dimension Comics #19 (Nov 2006)
Created byJonathan M. Sweet
Alter egoMarvin Horn
SpeciesHuman Male
Notable aliasesFatblocker, Heartbreaker
Abilitiesnone, athough suffers irritable bowel syndrome

Albert Marvin Horn, a.k.a. The FartKnocker, is a fictional supervillain in The Belch Dimension Comics. His real name is Marvin Horn, and he is a resident of the Jigaboo Junction area. He first appeared in the Nov 2006 issue of Belch Dimension, in a filler story written by Jonathan M. Sweet and drawn by Sweet under the pen name "M.S. 'Nat' Cohen". FartKnocker is a joke villain similar to Batman's Killer Moth. His bizarre appearance and schtick refers to a joke superhero called "Fartman", as well as to the Frank Gorshin Riddler from the sixties-era Batman series. FartKnocker, unlike any other character in the series, is animated with a split photorealistic head, similar to Saddam Hussein on South Park. The photograph is that of a former business partner of Sweet's with whom he had a dispute. "Fartknocker" is a term of derision which originated with Beavis and Butt-Head. Its meaning is uncertain, but it has been variously defined as a homosexual, an excessively flatulent person, and the sound a fart makes when it strikes a wooden chair seat, similar to someone knocking on a door.

WANTED Marvin Dale Cornett

The real-life model for The FartKnocker, a former friend and business partner of Jonathan Sweet.

Marvin Horn was a truck driver who retired and opened a small store, presumably in the town the series is set in, Jigaboo Junction. When his business folded, he adopted a criminal persona out of need for quick cash. Because Horn suffered from IBS and flatulated a lot, he took the name "FartKnocker" and donned a costume consisting of a green mask, skintight brown leotard decorated with a fart cloud and the initials "F.K.", grey shorts, and loafers. His first appearance was a full-color five-page lead story in November 2006 titled "The Foul Stench of Doom!". The title was inspired by a He-Man minicomic called "The Stench of Evil!". Another working title early in the scripting stage was "It's a Fart-Knock Life". The story was unrelated to the main story, "Demi-Jon".

Horn's headquarters was an abandoned bean cannery. He expressed a desire to fight the leader of the Treehouse Warriors, but was sorely disappointed to find that only Chance, Jimmo, and Jason the gibbon came to call on him. The "second-stringers" explained that if FartKnocker could impress them with his scheme, they would put him on a list to fight Jon in a future story. FartKnocker ranted and raved and then finally explained his plan. He was going to use a sound wave amplifier to make one of his farts loud enough to cause a massive earthquake inside the New Madrid Fault. When the city fell into the ocean, FartKnocker would take over. (The plan bears a striking resemblance to the plot of a short story Sweet wrote a few years earlier, "La Corneta del Juicio".) The heroes laughed and picked apart his plan as having several major flaws, the worst of one was that the city would be underwater and everyone would be dead, so who would he rule over? They were constantly rude and condescending towards FartKnocker. Chance mispronounced his name twice, and Jason thought part of his plan--one involving putting a hose up his rectum--sounded " know". They eventually grew bored of ridiculing him and left, deeming him not even worth a "fight montage".

A lot of FartKnocker's backstory is based on that of Sweet's ex-business partner, who owned a small engine repair shop that the author managed. Arguments about how to run the business and a vicious power struggle eventually dissolved their friendship and closed the shop's doors for good, and Sweet despises him to this day. The FartKnocker's appearance was based on a photo of his partner that Sweet recolored the clothing on using MS Paint and adding a mask. In the comic the body is hand-drawn, and the head, often shown in bizarre poses and expressions or even wildly out of scale with the body to add absurdity, was simply Photoshopped in later. Although The FartKnocker never starred in another script, he can sometimes be seen in brief cameos throughout the series. He is an inmate in Apex Asylum in issue #31 ("Little Romeoh-no"). In "The Superhero Roundtable" (#32) he is shown in a new costume resembling a giant red hot dog and now going by the name "The Gaseous Weiner". He frequently is visible as an extra in crowd scenes--oddly enough, in full costume, even in public. FartKnocker is shown to have a preteen daughter (or possibly granddaughter) in "Booting Out Bobcat" (#38). In issue #50, it's revealed he has his own Defacebook page. Horn may currently be homeless, as he is shown living inside a storage locker in "I Swing The Body Electric"! (Sep 2011). In the "The Tart and The Fart!" wraparound to issue #98, he is caught robbing an art museum and pursued across the city by SweetTart.

Powers and abilities

The FartKnocker has no powers, unless one counts his excessive farting. He seems to have a sketchy knowledge of science and some small mechanical genius, devising a sound wave amplifier using rubber bands, a funnel, a shoebox, and a garden hose, and a "lead helmet". He claims it is a "prototype" and that he will buy real parts at Radio Shack. To his credit he has done a little research and learned Jon's weakness is toxic lead; however, a helmet he has constructed to weaken him is largely composed of tinfoil. Though ambitious enough, he appears to lack the money or resources to be a threatening or even competent foe.

Sweet has said that FartKnocker is "an allegory for the unrecognized creative genius struggling to be seen by his peers as worthy, but ultimately mocked and spurned".

Nicholas Gregory

First appearance: Family Ties (March 2007)
See Rasputin.

Outback Jack

First appearance: Down Under Blunder (Apr 2008)
Jack Inhoff was an unscrupulous trapper who spent much of his life in the Australian outback. He used illegal traps to procure animals for clients and sold their hides on the black market. The Trio of Trouble and Angela encountered him on a stopover in Australia and, realizing his disgusting activities, vowed to put a stop to them. They recruited a large army of local wildlife to frighten Jack and make him run away.

Despite it being strongly sugested he would never return to the series, a scripted but unused scene in "Belch Dimensional Lampoon's Cross-Country Vacation" (Aug 2011) shows he is found to be illegally running a moonshine still, along with his partner Jambalaya Jake, somewhere in the rural backwoods. Jon uses his morphing ability to scare the pair off so as to borrow their pickup truck to make their escape.                

Percival de Bourbon/Penelope Graves-de Bourbon

First appearance: Hate Thy Neighbor (Oct 2008)
Lord Percival de Bourbon and Penelope Graves-de Bourbon were a wealthy couple who briefly lived next door to Jon. They made his life miserable with their constant demands and general snootiness. Lord de Bourbon was given over to letting everyone know that he was a decendant of Louis XIV of France, and his wife hailed from the line of Elizabeth I of England (claims both suspect, as Elizabeth had no children, and Louis' line having long deteriorated).

In actuality the couple were Harry Scruggs and Janet Forbes, a pair of con artists who sought to remap the voting district and expand the bloc held by Apex Courts by bringing more wealthy into the neighborhood, thus jacking up housing prices. This would have put many homeowners on the street. Jon overheard the plan and turned the pair over to authorities.

Scruggs is a talented makeup artist who once worked in local commercials He designed the latex masks and wigs he and Forbes wore for their scheme. Not much is known of Forbes except she was once a small-time grifter. They work for a mysterious figure known only as "The Boss".

Prof. Blud

An unseen character in Belch Dimension. Prof. Blud is a mad scientist with whom Jon and the Warriors have presumably faced off, though their battles are never chroncled. He owns a blog that dispenses information to the general public--criminals included--on how to build evil devices and the vulnerabilities of various local heroes. [1]. He also freely sells off pieces of his evil technology, such as toxic lead-dust grenades, at yard sales.[2].

In "Single Right Female " it is revealed Blud is Jewish, and his real full last name is "Bludgarten".

Reginald Montenegro

First appearance: What A Drag! (Feb 2007)
A local crime lord, Reggie Montenegro is a powerfully-built black man with a luxurious, greying beard. He met with fellow crime lord Duke Machina, who suggested they pool their resources. Montenegro expressed mild interest until Gort and Ben, dressed as cocktail waitresses and taping their talk, messed things up. He grabs Ben's wrist, who used his teeth to crush a grapefruit's burning juice into his eyes and escape--or try to; he tripped on the hem of his dress and knocked a pitcher of ice water into Machina, causing his cybernetic arm to short out and burst into flame. He and Machina were arrested at the end.

His name is Spanish for "black mountain".

Rhea Borstein

First appearance: SweetTart (May 2007)
Rhea Nell Borstein is the corpulent, corrupt faculty adviser of the Sonny Tufts Junior High Harbinger, who has arranged the deaths of at least four staffers (including one of Jon's former girlfriends). Despite this tenebrous connection, she is one of the few foes in the series to not actually have any direct confrontation with Jon or any of his team, being primarily the enemy of SweetTart and the employer of her alter-ego Kathryn "Kitty" Tartakoff.

Borstein ordered the murders of former managing editor Mack Burke, former Harbinger columnist Johnny Tewes, and Megan Nyce, photo editor. It is revealed she also had Johanna Ralston, Jon's old junior-high crush, killed by planting explosives under her car two years earlier. She had doctored photographs in her desk of the school principal having sex with an eight-year-old girl, with the intent of ruining his reputation so that he will be fired and she will be voted in as principal by the school board.

Bonnie Thrasher

Herald advisor Bonnie Thrasher, the model for Rhea Borstein.

The sycophantic and sadistic Tom Little, Harbinger copy editor, is her 14-year-old lover. He is responsible for executing at least two of the murders.

When SweetTart confronts Borstein--over Little's unconcious, bleeding body--she bolts from the Harbinger office and tries to escape. SweetTart gives chase, but finds her crumpled at the foot of the stairs, alive but out cold (thanks to Jon).

Borstein is charged with numerous counts, including sex with a minor, and incarcerated.

In "Try A Little Tenderness", after Tom Little is given a clean bill of mental health and returns to Sonny Tufts Jr. High, Kitty visits Borstein in prison. She reveals that Little isn't as reformed as he'd like everyone to think he is, and tries to justify her reprehensible actions, including murdering Jimmy Tewes and faking the photographs, by saying Tewes was too "naive" and unstable to make it as a journalist, and what she did to him was a "mercy".

Her nickname, given to her by Burke and often privately used among the staff to refer to her, is "Diarrhea". This--and the fact that he promoted the hated Tewes--is to her backwards and diseased mind ample justification for having him beaten, killed and dumped in the river.

Borstein is modeled after the late Bonnie L. Thrasher, the faculty adviser of the Arkansas State University Herald. Her name comes from both Family Guy writer, producer, and voice actress Alex Borstein and from anagramming the name "Bonnie Thrasher", with h and n left over.

Future issues would have had Borstein form an alliance with Dr. Leo Greer, the associate dean of Judicial affairs at Fulkes University, who was operating secretly as the subversive "Dr. Wurdichlebeneinhassliebe" in order to target Jon and his friends; however, the planned storyline was dropped after Thrasher's real-life death of a heart attack in 2015. The character was officially retired the following year, with Borstein's death revealed by Demi-Jon to have happened while her young lover Tom Little was still an inmate at Apex Asylum ("Two Broken Girls").

Sidney "The Weasel" Schlenker

First appearance: Fishy Business (Mar 2008)
Sidney Schlenker appears for one brief scene in #35. He was the man left in charge of managing the land-based portion of Corsair Canning Co., Captain Maggot's fishing operation, which was revealed to be at the very least shady and likely illegal. His job seemed to be checking in on the canners (all automated) and dealing with any paperwork, duties which he admits he performs on bimonthly visits. Most of the work, Schlenker notes, is done aboard Maggot's ship. A scene cut for space constraints showed Schlenker being arrested at the Corsair offices shortly after Jon called the Coast Guard to pick up Maggot and his crew. The dialogue hints that The Warriors have had dealings with Schlenker before, but no specifics are given. Schlenker seems to change jobs frequently owing to incompetence or crookedness, being seen also as the head counselor of Camp Runamok in "Campy Camp" and a film producer in "Son of the Return of the Serpent II".

Sidney Schlenkler is a tall skinny man with a ponytail, a cheap polyester suit, and a severely bad combover. His look and mannerisms are based partly on Vic the Slick from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, and he takes his name from Sidney Shlenker, an eclectic and flamboyant conman whose name became synonymous with bad Memphis land deals during the early nineties. The real Shlenker died of a heart attack in Apr 2003.

Sitting Bull

First appearance: Once Upon a Time Warp (Jan 2007)
The great leader and respected medicine man of the Sioux tribe. The Warriors encountered him on an unforeseen detour on the Time Couch, when they were trying to rescue Jon, Josh, and Angela's younger selves from Hiss Hole. Sitting Bull captured them and ordered little Jon, Josh and Angela burned at the stake to appease their gods. This almost erased the older Jon, Josh and Angela out of existance. Bully attempted to win their freedom by fighting Sitting Bull's most powerful warrior Little Yellow Buttercup but failed. Benjamin--who had escaped into the time stream earlier--reappeared and saved them all, and everything was put back to rights.

Sitting Bull is not especially portrayed as villianous, but simply old, tired, and sick of war. Though, ironically, he perhaps has come closest to killing Jon and his friends than any of their regular rogues, hence his inclusion here.

Tom Little

First appearance: SweetTart (May 2007)
Richard Thomas Little is one of the few foes in the series to not actually have any direct confrontation with Jon or any of his team, being primarily the enemy of SweetTart and the coworker of her alter-ego Kathryn "Kitty" Tartakoff.

Tom edited copy for the Sonny Tufts Jr. High Harbinger. He was Rhea Borstein's underage lover and accomplice in her scheme to take over the school. She promised him a promotion to editor-in-chief in exchange for filing fake plagiarism charges against staff writer Johnny Tewes. His childhood friend and unwitting accomplice to one of the murders, editorial editor Lyle Turncoate, describes Little as "schitzo" and says he was that way since childhood, though being mixed up with Borstein has only exacerbated it.

A sociopath who seems to enjoy inflicting pain on others, Tom killed Johnny--of whose success he was jealous--by dropping a trash can on him from a fourth-floor window, under Rhea's orders. He later injected photo editor Megan Nyce with a lethal dose of sodium pentathol while attempting to force her to tell him where a photo of him at Tewes' apartment was (Kitty had it). Lyle was present when Nyce's heart gave out from the strain, and freaked out. Little pulled a pistol and threatened to kill him if he talked.

WANTED Scott Mitchell

Phillip Scott Mitchell, who served as the model for Tom Little.

When SweetTart confronted him with Nyce and Tewes's murders, he struck her in the face, inadvertently unmasking her. They fought briefly, and Kitty managed to flip Tom into a glass light table, shattering it and cutting him quite badly. When paramedics took him away, he was doped up and babbling about a "new world order" he and "Ree" wished to create. Kitty is understandably afraid because not only is he very disturbed, but he knows her alter-ego.

Tom is seen in issue #31 as one of the inmates in Apex Asylum. In "I Swing The Body Electric!", when an accidental breach frees one of the inmates, the whole facility immediately goes on lockdown; Little is seen dozing on his bunk when gas is released from the vents to prevent further escapes.

He plays a Viking in the musical number "Oh, Changing Language" (#49), and appears in the "Desolation Row" musical number in issue #52.

Tom returns to Sonny Tufts Jr. High in "Try A Little Tenderness", after being given a clean bill of health from the asylum. His exemplary behavior is shown to be a ruse, however, which ends in Tom kidnapping Aren Loy and holding her hostage on the roof of the school. A confrontation with SweetTart leaves him badly injured once again, and he is returned to the mental hospital for recuperation and a hope at rehabilitation.

Tom gets into an altercation with Demi-Jon in "Two Broken Girls", who cruelly taunts him about his lover having died while he was locked up, upon which he is tasered by a guard and returned unconscious to his cell.

Tom Little is modeled after Philip Scott Mitchell, the onetime copy editor of the Arkansas State University Herald who accused Sweet of plagiarism and cost him his job. His name comes from anagramming "Scott Mitchell", with c, c, h and s left over.

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