The following are a list of fictional one-shot or minor characters in the comic book, The Belch Dimension. The list contains characters who appear briefly in or the focus of only one short story or story arc. It does not count pets, nameless or nonspeaking background characters, villains both major and minor, Carbuncle High or Sonny Tufts Jr. High administration, staff, or classmates, or celebrity cameos.

A. Null

First appearance: K-9 C.R.U.D, Aug 2007
A. Null is is the Jigaboo Junction head of animal control. A short, fastiduous little man, he bears a striking resemblance to an obscure cartoon character named Inspector Willoughby from Lantz Studios, down to the diminutive height and prominent mustache. He terminated Will I. Ketchum for gross incompetence and introduced a robotic dogcatching prototype, the Canine Capture and Restraint Unit Droid (K-9 C.R.U.D for short). However, Buddy tampered with the internal circutry and the robot went haywire, capturing a number of things that were in no way canine--including Null himself. Null rehired Ketchum on the spot.

In later issues Null works at a different job in his every appearance, usually as a clerk or other low-paying position, such as in "Double Trouble" when he works behind the shoe counter at Bub's Bowling Center, or his turn as a news kiosk operator in "Feminazi". In this he is similar to Pimple Faced Teen, another minor character used in many capacities.  Null was the first mate on a cruise ship in "Fishy Business". In "Squared Circle Jerks" he is the ringside referee at a wrestling match. He is also seen frequently as an extra in crowd scenes.

His name puns on both the words "annull" and "anal".

Adler and Walledoff

First appearance: Up the Demi-Jon Staircase, Jan 2009
Also known as Gangsta Statler and Gangsta Waldorf. Two wisecracking black students at Carbuncle High. Walledoff is dark-complected with a mustache and a frosted afro. Adler is a mulatto and bald.

In their first appearance they were seen in a theater balcony, much like their namesakes, musing that if the school were taken over by Demi-Jon, it would mean not having to buy any more lousy fund-raiser candy, which they seemed pleased about. In "Ice, Ice Baby", while seated outside the principal's office. Adler overhears Principal Stonehart talking about an eight-track and asks his companion what that is. They also make several appearances as Wheddahelaweh campers in "Campy Camp". The pair returns to their theater box in "Belch Dimensional Lampoon's Cross County Vacation" (Jul 2011), frequently heckling characters and interrupting the story with rude remarks. They turn up now and again in the series, usually as interstitial material between stories and, more rarely, appearing as part of the story itself. 

They share the duties of making wiseacre asides with another pair of characters in the franchise, Sam and Lucas.

Alvin Cole

First appearance: Jiggawatt!, Sep 2007
Dr. Alvin Cole is the head of the Apex Asylum. A middle-aged man who speaks with a heavy Midwest twang, Cole is in charge of admitting, containing and rehabilitating some of the worst and most severely-disturbed criminals in town.

Cole appreciates Jon's invaluable help in seeing to it the mentally ill criminals of the city recieve help, though he doesn't quite approve of his methods. Owing to budget woes and Cole's own perhaps naive belief that anyone can be rehabilitated with enough effort, the asylum has an extremely high recidivism rate, with many offenders released only to wreak havoc and shortly end up back in.

Cole was the one who did research on Malice Jiggs' background and revealed to a surprised Jon, Josh and Molina that his claims of growing up poor in the South and facing racism and violence was all a lie. He also arranged for Demi-Jon's enrollment at Carbuncle High School as "Damian Jones", believing it would be a good experience for him to be around fellow teenagers in an academic environment.

Sweet says Cole was modeled after the principal of his hometown high school.

DeWayne "Scragg" Scraggins

First appearance: Soul Feud, May 2006
Scragg is Marcie Sweet's boyfriend, a somewhat grungy-looking fellow with dark Lennon glasses, close-cropped blonde hair, and a thin beard. He is first mentioned in "Chinese Fortune Kooky" (#7), though isn't actually seen until #13, and then only briefly. It is implied many times the two have a physical relationship, and are trying to cover it up, but no one is fooled. Jon doesn't seem to care for Scragg much, as in "Chinese Fortune Kooky" he wonders aloud what his sister sees in the guy.

Scragg rides a motorcycle, which he calls his "hog". It was made in a European country that no longer exists, and its gauges are printed in Cyrillic. In "Home Alien II", his second appearance, he comes to pick Marcie up for a date at the house because she doesn't wish for him to take his bike in the rain. However, the Flungarian Triplets mistook him for a crook trying to break in, and rigged up a series of traps about the perimeter that injured him severely.

Their relationship seems to have been going on for some time, according to a short in #22, in which Marcie tells him she worries they're are "drifting apart" and wants a "commitment". She seems to have trouble getting Scragg to sit down and define what they have, suggesting that he sees it as casual and her as a "good-time girl".

Scragg lives with his elderly grandmother, Mama Scagleone, who claims her late husband urinated on Benito Mussolini's corpse during the war and has a secret family recipe for pizza sauce. In "Mr. and Mrs. Sweet", it is revealed he was once very ambitious and career-oriented, decided to embrace a free and easy lifestyle after meeting Marcie (who was quite wild in her youth, but has since straightened up) at a college fraternity party. Scragg doesn't have a job and lives on a small legal settlement he got from a bottling company after finding a severed human penis in a bottle of fruit punch.

Dink Flapdoodle

First appearance: Truth...or Else!, Jun 2005
A typically narcissistic and pretty-boy game-show host distinguishable by his deeply-tanned skin, greasy black pompadour, and his extremely large white teeth, Dink Flapdoodle is the emcee for "Truth...or Else!", a cable game show that seems to be part Truth or Consequences (the title) and part Double Dare (as part of the gameplay involves extreme penalties for a wrong answer, such as having slime or water or even an anvil dropped on you).

Flapdoodle appears in issue #46, hosting a new game show,"Jigaboo Junction Squares". Here his famous hair is shown to be a toupee.

His first name may be a nod to Wink Martindale. His surname is another word for "nonsense".

Drunken Scotsman

First appearance: Son of the Return of the Serpent II, Sep 2008
The Drunken Scotsman (or "Exposition Scotsman", as he is sometimes called in scripts; real name Thomas Duncan MacTavish) is the sexton at the local cemetery. He appeared in one of Jon's dreams to tell the story of a "dark soul" buried there and how all who came in contact with the corpse suffered horrible fates. He then named Jon as the dead man's murderer. Jon, shocked, tried to question the fellow about how he came by this information. However, the Scotsman vanished, but not before issuing a cryptic warning for Jon to confess his crime and accept whatever the curse saw fit to give.

Drunken/Exposition Scotsman appeared again in "Kitty-Cat Cassanova" (Oct 2009), where it was revealed he has a pathological hatred of cats.

He refuses to pay full price to clean his hearse at a student car wash in "The Challenge" (a reference to the purported thriftiness of Scots). He owns a St. Bernard dog, Buxton , which he has trained to bring him kegs of booze ("An Ice-Cold Bud").

He has been arrested twice, once for discharging a firearm within city limits ("Full Moon Fever" ) and once following a succession of charges--burning trash without a permit, public intoxication, and public indecency ("Fifty Shades of Gravedirt").

McTavish is fiercely patriotic, sporting fiery red hair and a beard, wearing a kilt rather than trousers, and a tam o'shanter. He drinks strong Scotch continually and seems to be in a state of perpetual inebriation. He has a habit of laughing maniacally in nearly every appearance, suggesting he may be mentally unstable as well as a drunk.  His look and thick brogue accent are nods to both Groundskeeper Willy and Fat Bastard from the second and third Austin Powers films.

Although editor Jonathan Sweet says McTavish was originally intended as only a one-shot character, he proved to be "so fun to write for" that he was given more and larger appearances, and once was even the focus of his own episode.

Glass Houser

First appearance: Vexed Vets, Feb 2008
Dr. Glass Houser
is Buddy and Brandy's veterinarian. His office is the animal hospital located on E. Cinder Street. Houser is modeled after the titular character on House, Dr. Gregory House. Like House, he walks with a cane and is an extremely knowledgeable man in his field, often to the point where he seems cold, clinical and esoteric. Buddy and Brandy don't seem to like him much.

Houser has two other people on his staff: Dr. Dudley "Dud" Lackteen, a black intern, and Renee Bent, his receptionist. Dr. Lackteen is drawn to look like a young Dr. Eric Foreman, played by Omar Epps. Miss Bent is modeled after the secretary who appears in issue #2 of The AJM Studios Comic . In fact, "Renee Bent" is an anagram of "Treenbeen", her message board handle and character's name.

His name plays on the old saying, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones".

H. Boss Payroll

First appearance: Booting Out Bobcat (Jun 2008)
A perennial but unsuccessful candidate for the Presidential seat, Boss Payroll's ambition is balanced and exceeded only by his extremely large ears. He frequently refers to "the crazy old aunt in the basement that nobody wants to talk about" in his nasally Texas twang. The diminutive, folksy billionaire businessman, in his spare time (which he has much of between election cycles), breeds and sells miniature Chihuahuas, which he calls "NAFTA dogs", out of the basement of his condominium. In a deleted scene from "Mystic Pizza" he served as the Warriors' attorney for the defense.

He is based on Ross Perot. The name comes from a similar caricature of the billionaire failed two-time Presidential nominee in Jim Meddick's Robotman strip.

Habib the Convenience Store Guy

First appearance: Soda Jerk (or "All Shook Up), Jul 2005
Habib Ali Baber Al-Jazzef Sheikh Bhutta Tareen Al-Omary manages The Red Cap, a neighborhood convenience store. He speaks with a very thick, near-incomprehensible, Middle Eastern dialect. Habib has only appeared sporadically through the series, usually in short filler cartoons or single-panel cameos. Most of his steady customers are the neighborhood teenagers and elementary-school kids. Habib graciously accepts deposit bottles in lieu of cash for purchases, as long as they are store brands and not damaged or dirty. His establishment is robbed frequently; on one occassion he was tied naked to a chair by the thieves. in "Jigaboo Junction Squares" he claims to have been a lawyer back in his native Pakistan.

In Jiggawatt! the power blew out during a heat wave, and all the ice cream he had in stock melted. He lamented, "Where is a cold-based supervillian when you are needing one?"

Habib's shop is based on Philbrook's Market, a convenience store that was located a couple blocks from creator Jonathan Sweet's childhood home. Habib himself is loosely based on Apu from The Simpsons, though Sweet adds there is a marked difference: Apu is a Hindu from India; Habib is a Pakistani Muslim.


A similar character appears in #4, in a story called "Small Medium at Large". He has the same blue uniform and skin tone as Habib, but has a larger nose and a markedly receding hairline. This nameless character sells Josh a hot dog from a street-cart, not a store, and doesn't speak, indicating that he was originally intended only to be a one-shot. Sweet later dubbed him "proto-Habib". Owing to some last-minute lineup changes, he debuts an issue after the more modern incarnation in "Soda Jerk", though chronologically "Small Medium" was produced first.

Irwin R. Schicklegruber

First appearance: All That Jazz, Dec 2006
Irwin Schicklegruber, or "Shicky", is the elderly, anal, penny-pinching station manager at KSSA radio, and the boss of Will B. Caustic and Professor Bobcat. His last name comes from both wrestler Irwin R. Shyster and Adolf Hitler's real family name. He is very attentive to polling data, ratings, and the bottom line. Schickelgruber is often depicted as terminally unhip and frequently coming up with crackbrained schemes to boost listenership, such as hiring a woman on Caustic and Bobcat's morning show, or letting people audition live on the air to replace Bob during a brief period when he was fired from the station. He butts heads frequently with employees, in particular Caustic and Bobcat. He dislikes their crudity, often calls them "peons" and threatens them constantly with termination.

Jacques Cruz

First appearance: Missed Manners, Apr 2007
A stereotypical French waiter, complete with a snooty accent, a thin mustache, and an odd mincing walk. He also has a somewhat large posterior, which Josh and Ben made fun of. Angela took the boys to dine at Pouissant's, where Jacques works as the maitre'd hotel, in an attempt to teach them etiquette. However, between poor service, a terrible seat near the bathroom, and the boys' awful table manners, Angela was miserable. To top things off, her credit card was declined. When Jacques' cologne caused Ben to sneeze, blowing the unfortunate waiter into a tuba, they were promptly kicked out.

Originally Jacques was supposed to recognize the group from an earlier encounter in an unpublished story, where they started a massive pie fight; this was dropped, though a vestigal hint of this old animosity remains when Jacques seats them near the bathrooms (likely as revenge). The restaurant's name was changed, too, from "Chez Snobere" to "Pouissant's", this name itself borrowed from another unpublished piece.

Angela, disguised as "Cindy Crawdad", takes Tony Moneran to Pouissant's in "Stoopid!" (#27). A waiter who is likely Jacques appears; though only his arm is shown, the dark skin tone and accent are the same.

Jacques seems to have been demoted to performing the restaurant's food deliveries in "Buddy Meets Bernie the Wonder Beagle" (Dec 2011), a job he bitterly complains about, citing early training as a brilliant chef in France. He and The Pimple-Faced Teen are accidentally flattened by Will I. Ketchum, who falls from a second story window and lands atop them.

In "The Old Man and the Seeress" it's revealed that Jacques has been faking his French accent for years and actually hails from Trenton, New Jersey.  His real first name is apparently "Danny".

His name is taken from the French expression j'accuse" (I blame you).

Jessica "Jazz" Jennings

First appearance: All That Jazz, Dec 2006
Irwin Schicklegruber hired Jazz Jennings as the third member of the Caustic and Bobcat morning show, saying the morning show needed a woman's voice to attract more female listeners. This upset the boys and caused them to clean up their act--until they happily found she was just as raunchy as they. After a week's trial, she was hired at WGGR to do drive-time traffic reports. This would imply that her new job would take her out-of-state, as K radio stations serve states on the west side of the Mississippi, and W stations serve those on the east bank (suggesting also that Jigaboo Junction cannot lie in many of the states it has been suggested to, like Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, or Mississippi).

Jazz has short red hair cut in a bob. She wears several rings and bright red polish on her fingers. Her earrings are large blue stars. She wears a leather jacket and rides a 1986 BMW K100RS motorcycle to work.

Jigaboo Street Mime

A black mime who wears whiteface makeup, sports a crimson afro, a red rubber nose, oversized white gloves, and a black-and-white striped shirt under black overalls. In the grand mime tradition, he seldom speaks. His schtick is to do typical pantomime, such as walking against the wind or boxing with an imaginary opponent, which invariably ends in a physical sight gag at his expense. Based on the "Mime Time" segments on Animaniacs.

The Just-Us League of America

First appearance: The Superhero Roundtable, Dec 2007
A Justice League parody composed of misfits and incompetents, all of which spoof actual DC Comics superheroes:

  • Bluperman, a muscular blue-skinned man. He bears a slight resemblance to actor Patrick Warburton , who coincidentally voiced Superman in a Family Guy episode, and in a commercial for American Express. His blue skin and blonde hair may also be a reference to Bizarro Superman, and to Faker, an evil blue-skinned He-Man clone. In "Superhero Round Table" he recently lost his powers and, when the group attempts to skip out of a restaurant without paying, is caught and made to wash dishes to pay the tab, however, in his second appearance he seems to have recovered his abilities. He has been arrested at least once for public intoxication and resisting arrest. He has, or claims to, a vulnerability to red kryptonite . Under his civilian identity of Kent Clark, he works as an accountant.
  • The Flasher, a man in a red body stocking, dark trench coat and floppy hat. He is frequently arrested for opening his coat in public, implying his outfit underneath is extremely and indecently revealing. He has two bits of decoration on the sides of his head (where Flash's hood has lightning bolts) that look suspiciously phallic. He also bears a slight resemblance to The Noid, a onetime Domino's ad mascot.
  • The Green Lamp, a black man in a tight green and black body suit; is supposed to be a reference to John Stewart. He also looks a bit like The Brown Hornet, a black superhero from Fat Albert.
  • The Human Martianhunter, a short man in a blue cape and shorts, who resembles and speaks like the guy in Rain Man. He carries a zap gun about that says "APEX MARTIAN ZAPPER".
  • Blunder Woman, a skimpily-dressed Amazon with a Lasso of Truth that sometimes she accidentally tangles herself in. She gets terribly upset when someone brings up the story about her, Bluperman, and the Invisible Man.

"The Just-Us League Meets the Silly-Ass Mariner!" introduces or lends a backstory to several new members on the roster.

  • Catmandu. A Batman parody; also bears a striking resemblance to Cat-Man , a minor comic book superhero from the fifties. Is shown to be somewhat of a braggart and extremely cowardly, esp. around water. His real name is Barry and he is a waiter at the Olive Garden. He may not actually have superabilities but just likes to dress and act like a housecat.
  • Erinye the Jungle Goddess. Based on Marvel's Shanna the She-Devil. She is beautiful, extremely strong and agile, and clad in a revealing leopard-skin. She can talk to animals. In her civilian identity she is Irene Ford, Kent Clark's superior at Po' Bunny Taxes, using a suit, severe businesslike hairstyle and horn-rims to disguise herself. In both their identities Erinye and Bluperman enjoy a somewhat antagonistic relationship.
  • Kestrel-Man. A Hawkman parody. Muscular, agressive, and wields a 6 7/8ths-Metal mace in battle, though often ends up accidentally striking himself with it.

The Just-Us League operates out of a neighboring/sister city, Popadoplis. Its headquarters looks very similar to Titan Tower. At one point the team was strapped for cash and faced losing their base of operations, however, in their later appearance their cash woes seems to have been dealt with, and they still operate from JUL Towers.


  • Prince Gabor. The vain, effete ruler of the undersea kingdom of Aquatica. An obvious parody of Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner, he is voiced similarly to Paul Lynde. He spends most of his time scheming to conquer the surface world. In "The Just-Us League Meets the Silly-Ass Mariner!", he used an earthquake ray to cause the city of Popadopolis to break free and sink into the ocean. He is able to telepathically control marine life, such as great fish and giant squids, to do his bidding. If he is out of the sea too long he dries out and becomes weak and shriveled.
  • Dr. Ernesto Nuttingham Buttinsky. A usually mild-mannered scientist who suffers a nervous condition that, upon being startled by loud noises, causes him to undergo a drastic personality change. While assuming his maniacal alter-ego, "Nutt Butt", he builds bizarre but quite dangerous devices to torment the city and the JUL. In the cold open to "Jon Writes His Own Ticket", he is seen operating "Al-Kimmie" a giant robotic girl that eats base metal and turns it into gold bars. Nutt Butt's sad affliction and odd behavior recall King Tut, a foe from the 1966 Batman series .

Lotta Cashenbank

First appearance: Inferior Decorators, Dec 2006
Mrs. Cashenbank is a prototypical rich dowager. She lives in a large house in Apex Courts, the wealthy part of town. She once hired the Trio of Trouble to redecorate her posh estate--which they did badly, utterly wrecking the house in a Stoogelike fashion. She appears frequently in minor cameos throughout the series.

Luigi Libido

First appearance: Little Romeoh-no, Nov 2007
Luigi Libido, the proprietor and head chef of an Italian restaurant called Libido's International Pizza (the name being rather ironic, as they only serve Italian food), is an obvious parody of the “Italian pasta/pizza chef” stereotype. In fact, with his portly belly, red shirt, and prominent handlebar mustache, he bears a rather striking resemblance to the video-game character Mario. (In another irony, a rival Italian restaurant in the series is named Mario's, playing on the names of the two plumber brothers, Luigi and Mario.)

Luigi is fat and genial, often appearing in a chef's toque and sauce-stained apron, greeting his customers warmly, and even serving them drinks and food personally. He also doesn't mind preparing pizzas with odd toppings for his favorite customers The Warriors, though his waitresses often look visibly nauseous as they serve them.

However, Luigi became a rival to the Warriors when their new pizza delivery venture cut in on his business. Angry, he convinced several winners of a contest tour of their operation to steal their secrets, becoming indirectly responsible for the children's resulting injuries.

In "The Superhero Roundtable" (#32) he is called "Charlie" and is the owner of the Superhero's Bar and Grill. He is also markedly less nice here, using profanity, and at one point physically manhandling a deadbeat customer. Sweet says this owes to the script being written by another author, and the fact that instead of creating a new character just for one story, he simply recycled the Luigi model sheet. Charlie later appears in "Mystic Pizza", and it's revealed the two are identical twin brothers. Charlie tells the story of how, 20 yeas ago, he and his brother had a falling-out on how to run the restaurant they planned to open together, and have not spoken since.

His surname comes from "libido", meaning the sex drive; Sweet notes that when he first heard the word in the rap song "Bust A Move", he erroneously thought it meant an Italian sports car.

Melody Moneran

First appearance: Little Romeoh-no, Nov 2007 
Melody "Mel" Moneran is the 9-year-old sister of Tony Moneran. She resembles a smaller female version of her older brother, though seems to be much more polite and tolerant. The Warriors first met her when Monty and his men ambushed them one day near the railroad tracks and began throwing rocks. Owing to her wearing boy's clothes and a baseball cap, the Warriors failed to realize their new kid was a girl; however, an errant rock knocked her hat off and caused her long blonde hair to spill out. Ben instantly fell for her hard. However, Monty dragged Mel away before they could get to know each other.

Ben later took Mel on a date, with Monty, Scarface, Jon, Angela, and Josh as chaperones. However, the older brothers started arguing, and Jon struck Monty, thus unceremoniously ending what had been a nice evening. Late that night Ben and Mel secretly met up and ran away together. Monty, Jon, and Josh found their beds unslept in and searched the neighborhood for them. Eventually they found the two in Strohler Park, where they had fallen asleep on a bench. They were upset because they thought them being together would make their big brothers fight too much, and decided if they weren't around maybe they would stop. Jon and Monty began arguing about whose fault it was the kids ran away. Josh realized how much this whole thing was like a play they'd read in school, and played the voice of reason, calming the two down. He told Melody it wasn't hers or anyone's else's fault that Jon and Monty argue, it's something that's been going on for years and just "human nature". Ben and Mel decided maybe they were too young to be together just yet, but maybe they could try again "someday", when they are older. She then kissed Ben, to his great delight.

Mel was a guest at Ben's birthday party in "I Swing the Body Electric!"

Mike Rotch

First appearance: Hair-um Scarum, Feb 2008
Mike Rotch is the proprietor and head stylist at Jigaboo Junction's swankiest hair salon, The One-Stop Style Shop. He is modeled and voiced similarly to Wilberforce Claybourne Humphries on the British sitcom Are You Being Served?, right down to his English accent and the high, trilling delivery of his catchphrase "I'm free!" It is implied through his effete mannerisms, mincing walk and speech, which is loaded with double entendre, that he is gay, although this is never directly stated. In a deleted scene from "Mr. And Mrs. Sweet", while covering a pro-gay marriage rally at the town hall, Dom Brokejaw repeatedly prompts Rotch (who is only there to renew his business license, not to protest) to admit right out that he is a homosexual, though Rotch appears not to know what he means.

Mr. Rotch wears a bright pink double-breasted suit and a pocketwatch on a chain about his waist. He has three assistants, Gaylord, Quincy, and Fagala, who may also all be homosexuals. Sweet says they were originally intended to be modeled after the stars of Queer Eye, but he couldn't decide which three looked "the gayest". Thus, their faces are never seen, always concealed behind a prop or a speech bubble. One, though it is never specified which, is black.

Rotch is a talented stylist, although somewhat tempermental; when the Trio of Trouble made problems for him during their visit, he ordered Gaylord, Quincy, and Fagala to give them outlandish haircuts as a punishment. Rotch's shop not only caters to a large local clientele of (mostly) women, but is also patronized by celebrity clients such as Michael Jackson.

Rotch is once of the few recurring British characters in the series. His name was taken from the Simpsons episode Blood Feud , where Bart calls Moe's Tavern asking for a "Mr. Rotch, first name Mike". In fact, in a scene from "Hair-um Scarum", a slight variation on the gag is actually played out, with Josh becoming extremely offended by Michael Jackson asking him "Have you seen Mike Rotch?". In the fifteen years since that episode aired, the gag name "Mike Rotch" has become a very popular Internet handle with webpage owners and message board contributors.

Pimple-Faced Teen

First appearance: Whacky Dracky, Apr 2006
Pimple-Faced Teen, also known as Nate Stockman in the credits to "Gross-ery Shopping", is perpetually trapped in a series of dead-end jobs that don't lead him anywhere. He is seen working in many establishments before, it is implied, being fired or quitting. The poor fellow has a faceful of zits, thick glasses, a prominent overbite that is covered in braces, and according to Sweet his voice, in the process of breaking, sounds similar to Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. He bears a striking resemblance to a couple of minor Simpsons characters, namely Prof. John Frink and Squeaky-Voiced Teen, essentially filling the selfsame role as the latter. Pimple-Faced Teen, or PFT, first appeared as a delivery boy for Libido's International Pizza, delivering pizzas to Dracula's castle; when he asked for a tip, Gort stiffed him with a terse "Don't smoke in bed". In "Little Romeoh-no", he is an usher at the local movie house. In "Gross-ery Shopping" he is a stockboy (hence the pun on his surname) at the local Wal-Mart-esque superstore. He has also gone by the first names "Leif" ("The Unsung Zero") and "Jack" ("Up the Demi-Jon Staircase"). His dental work has been shown to be able to set off a metal detector ("Belch Blanket Bingo")

In "Jon's Halfiversary" he has a twin sister named Carla, the only female PFT known, which suggests they both may be part of a large and homely family of lookalike siblings and/or cousins.

Sam and Lucas

First appearance: Up the Demi-Jon Staircase, Jan 2009
A pair of cynical college students, they are perpetually seen in silhouette in front of an oversized television in a dorm lounge at Jigaboo Junction State University. Sam and Lucas observe the action of the story on-screen from the comfort of their couch and comment about or offer complaints on writing or the series in general. In "Freely's Flim-Flam Film Scam" , they pointed out that Marcie's ambition to become a singer was never mentioned before that point. Sweet describes them as a "sort of Gen-X Edgar and Chauncey " .

They share the duties of making wiseacre asides with another pair of characters in the franchise, Adler and Walledoff.

Tiffany Diamond

First appearance: Soup to Mutts, Oct 2005
Tiffany Diamond, or "Tiffy", is Marcie's best friend. She seems to be only a couple or three years younger than Marcie. She dresses stylishly and wears her blonde hair in a ponytail. Though she is not often seen in the series, Marcie frequently mentions her; it's often implied that when she says she's going to see Tiffy, she is actually going to meet Scragg somewhere to hook up. She speaks with a pronounced "Valley Girl" accent and seems to be somewhat airheaded. In her first appearance, when the girls leave together to go attend a play, Buddy refers to her as "two cats short of a smorgasbord". Despite her dippiness she's quite savvy about fashion and keeping up with the latest trends, more so, often, than Marcie. Tiffy is frequently seen or heard on the phone with Marcie, usually when the latter is supposed to be focusing her attention on a task presently at hand.

Tiffy disappeared entirely from the series for five years until reappearing in "Jon's Halfiversary" (Apr 2011), when she was needed for an in-world analogue for Stacy Hirano in a Phineas and Ferb parody. Since then her appearances and role as "bestie" have increased substantially, and she even has her own series of strips that appear periodically as issue filler. Tiffy's self-titled back-up feature, always subtitled "A Gem of A Girl", usually feature her comically failing to properly follow instructions or misinterpreting simple figures of speech.

A flashback in "Mr. and Mrs. Sweet", reveals that before consuming a suspicious alcoholic drink at a college frat party, she was once much smarter and did not speak with a Valley accent. "Vaper Trails", though, partly contradicts this by saying her nasally voice comes from a deviated septum that was poorly repaired by cut-rate plastic surgery.

According to the first Belch Dimension omnibus, Secrets of a Teenage Superhero, her name was originally Hazel, and she was Jon's adoptive other sister. Her name is a pun on Tiffany's, the upscale New York jewelry procurer and distributor.

Zigmund Fraud

First appearance: Fishy Business, Mar 2008
Dr. Zigmund Fraud is a stereotypical Viennese psychoanalyst. He first appeared in a single-panel cutaway gag in issue #35, in which he advises Timmy to kill himself. He later stars in his own stories in which he treats Will I. Ketchum for job-related stress and Ben and Tim for an obsession with wrestling. Fraud also hosts a late-night radio show on KSSA where he dispenses relationship advice to callers.Dr. Fraud is shown to employ questionable methods, such as hypnosis, and has even frightened, insulted, or even outright lost his temper with patients. Despite this he seems to be very well-respected and maintain a healthy practice.

Fraud is the author of the self-help book "I'm Okay, You're a Stupid Fartknocker".